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Skyexplorer's Explorers of Sky Reveiw

The good:

-New Starter Pokemon
-Lots of helpful items
-Can make you think at times
-Dungeons are just the right difficulty
-Variety of bosses
-Game is not too tough but not a walk in the park either
-Strong storyline
-Added Sidequests (Like Bidoof's Wish)
-NO HM'S required!

The bad:

-Dungeons can get repetitive
-If leader dies or your partner, you all die
-Amount of time to get to Guildmaster rank is ridiculous
-IT IS a remake of time and darkness with a few exceptions


I have alot to say about this game so lets get started.

This is a spin off Pokemon game and a remake of the previous, Explorers Of Time and Darkness. Being a remake of Explorers of Time and Darkness I don't find it worth it to get this game if you played the others. Unless you want to play as new starters and have a few more side quests.

The gameplay is just like the other games. And if you haven't played any of the other games before it is easy to grasp. If you hate how slow they walk there are settings to make it faster and pressing B makes your pokemon walk extra f...


The ups and downs of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

The good:

Well, I really liked the basic Ideas of the game, the whole being a Pokemon thing, but it still can't beat the classic Pokemon games. I also liked how they added new starter Pokemon, and Partner Pokemon. There are several scenes in the game where they make a rather beautiful picture, and I liked that. Also, I loved the ending, since I'm a sap for that kind of ending. The gameplay itself was nothing truly special, mostly the stuff fromt he previos games, but it's still fun to play. I also liked how they changed several of the less important Pokemon of the Previous Two Explorer games, into different Pokemon. Also, after you've done most of the stuff in the game, or even during, you can go and play Special Missions that were added, were you play as different Pokemon for that part of the story. I also liked the Sky Jukebox, which allows you to go back and listen to any music you've heard before from there.

The bad:

Well, I can't really see all that much bad in this game, except that there were a few points in the game which were too easy, and then they jumped to being very hard. Also, a little more Wifi Activity would be nice, but I'm glad to see what they did add in that part.


Overall, the good outways the bad in my opinion. The game can be picked up and put down fairly easy, with the Quick Save feature, but you don't always get that chance. Also, the adding of several new moves, is a good thing, but I had problems with some of them, such as Vacuum Cut, which only always did 17 to 20 damage. However, it is still relatively helpful, since it hits all enemies in the same room, but bad if you're out of attacks except for it. One thing that they could have improved, was that Meowth and Munchlaw were only for Partners. Meaning, that you couldn't be those Pokemon,...

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