Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky Unlockables

Since Explorers of Sky is different to Explorers of Darkness & Time. There is something a little different.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Normal PokemonFinish the game by defeating Primal Dialga, then defeat Wigglytuff. Go to Lumionous Spring
Starter/PartnerDefeat Darkrai, recruit Manaphy and unlock Marine Resort. Do a couple a missions and the two Usarings will tell you that you can evolve now
Any pokemon apart from you and your partnerOnce you have beat Primal Dialga and Wigglytuff you will be able to go to Luminous Springs.
You and your partnerDefeat Darkrai, recruit Palkia ( you don't need to get Dialga) and unlock Marine resort. (To do this once you've defeated Darkrai, do a few missions for a few nights and Manaphy should appear and join your team. Then after a few MORE nights it will tell you about Marine Resort) Do a few missions and then the two Ursarings should tell you that you can evolve now!