Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky Tips

Changing Shaymin's form from Land Forme to Sky Forme
If you want to know how to change Shaymin's forme here is how. A couple of days after you recruit Shaymin (go back to the summit of Sky Peak after clearing first time) go to Shaymin's village and talk to the shaymin that is by what looks like a fence in the top right corner of the village (directly below Kangaskhan Rock) and it will ask if you want a gracidea, say yes and you will get one. (You do not have to have Shaymin in your current team to get the Gracidea.) Once you have it, and you have Shaymin in your current team, go to any dungeon and use the Gracidea on Shaymin, it will change form. When you leave a dungeon, it will change back into Land Forme. In order to change it back, you have to talk to the same Shaymin in Shaymin's Village and get another Gracidea. You can do this lots of times but you can only have 1 Gracidea in your bag and it dissapears after you use it.