Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Glitches

blue rescue team keckleon joins u/ fifth group member
u know how Keckleon is usially in dungions selling stuff? find him (X-ray specs help) and get a wild pokemon to follow u. go to his shop and get him to come out. get him between u and the wild pokemon (just walk into him) and have the wild pokemon attack him. then, keckleon will usially do hidden power and defeat the pokemon. after that, he will follow u. it works best if ur alone, but if u have friends with u, go to team, tactics, and select "wait here". come back with keckleon and turn them to "let's go together". this is also helpful if u want his items but don't want to pay. give him some of ur items and sell them. then, have wild pokemon attack him until he dies. then, take everything! if u take it when he's alive, the'll be, like, 20 superspeed keckleons after u! if u have a friend bow, u can make a friend!

P.S. wild pokemon can't step on keckleon's tiles!
P.P.S. google friend bow wondermail to get a code!