Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Tips

Groundon joins
Mats u need. 2-3 reviver seeds 2x. Red gummies 2-4 apples 2-6 Oran berries And 1 friend bow a water or grass type between 30-45 mostly water type with rain dance grass is good against groundon since he's part ground and that none of attacks are fire moves ( mud shot,scary face, ancientpower, slash) he's lvl 37 & he's comes with his own friend area once u get past the 23fl save at the stone statue and go up one fl and that where u would see one of alakazams partners on the 2fl right before groudon of u didn't beat the game but if u did they'll be gone when u get the 3fl groundon well apologizes for his rage when u first meet him and says it won't happen again time for battle he's got 500 hp drop a reviver seed
And back up he'll pick up the seed and throw the gummie at him if he dodges it throw the second one then use rain dance start wailing on him with water type attacks you'll do 230-500 or grass type attacks don't throw another reviver seed at him he'll just dodge it make sure to use rain dance again if it wears off then start wailing on him again he should ask to join say yes then he'll come with volcanic pit if u don't get him shut off the game right when disappear really at that moment don't shut off when it says dungon done and u go back to base do it right he disappears or youll lose all of ur items it took me one time with my baltoise with a friend bow I beat him it took two shots on one life send me a wondermail if u need help no reward needed put all numbers lie 999999