Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Tips

Easy EXP
There's a couple of easy ways to level up, if you are having trouble finding easy ways to get Experience Points.

If you are a lower level, you can head to the dungeon with Pokemon of a decent level, and that you can easily defeat. If you are a Water or Ground type, Magma Cavern works excellently. You might want to bring a Max Elixir or something, to help you stay longer. Go all the way through the dungeon, but stop on the last floor. Stand right next to the stairs, in case you run low on HP. Hold the B button and and the A button until some Pokemon come towards you. Defeat them, and repeat until you are satisfied, or until you run out of PP.

For the higher leveled people out there, there's another way, if the above is too boring and tedious for you. Most of you should know of the famous one-room Monster Houses of the Silver Trench. Bring someone with a move that hits all Pokemon in the room (Earthquake and Heat Wave come to mind) and find one of these one-room Monster Houses. When you encounter the Monster house, Earthquake and Heat Wave should do the trick, reaping you loads of EXP. For the especially higher leveled, Western Cave will work even better.

Note: If you encounter a Monster House in a regular room, a One-Room Orb will have the same effect as the above, creating the one-room Monster House.