Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Tips

Annoyed with meteor cave?
Discouraged about having to search for the freak Deoxys through meteor cave just to unlock the stairs? Well here's a tip that may help you and ease your frustration a bit:

Bring a tight belt, X-ray specs, and a reviver seed (the seed is crucial DO NOT FORGET IT!) . Your next objective is to find the stairs. This is the part where people say 'Why? They're locked until you kill the mirage Deoxys!' Well just hold on a minute. When you reach the room with the stairs and they are locked, just hold down the A and B button and let time pass rapidly. Deoxy's will eventually come to you and your belly will not go down thanks to the tight belt.

Now to get Deoxy's, make sure you have a friend bow nd put it on floor 19 (just before the boss room.)Thn enter and after he shuts his mouth drop the reviver seed. Move back and let him pick it up, now kill him. He'll come back again and then kill him again. After you kill him the second time he should want to join your team.

Hope this helps,