Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Tips

Be prepaired before you go to a long journey!
Here are few hints and tips before you go out for a long journey.

Be prepaired with useful items:
- 2x Reviver seed
- 2x Oran berries
- Escape orb
- 2x Max elixir
- 2x apple (big, huge)

Add more if needed. Be sure to give your team members a useful item before you go to the dungeon, examply joy band (gives the holder exp. points when other pokemon attack it, examply if it takes 20 damage, it gets 20 exp. points)

If you enter a monster room, do either ways:
- go back and battle them one by one
- use attacks (examply Thunderbolt) that attack all foes around the user
- if you're excorting a pokemon, protect it by going back and fighting the foes one by one

Before entering the dungeon, prepair with a small team with powerful members, no members should be weak against the pokemon you're against at in the dungeon. NEVER take money with you in the dungeon or any rare items, because IF you accidentally faint, you will loose ALL your money and half of your items (beware, even those that you're holding might be lost). Collect money in the dungeon if you like.

And that's about it then. You should save before you enter the dungeon, so you can restart if you fail and loose items.

If you have any questions or you need help, send me e-mail. Thanks!