Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Tips

Raise your Rescue Rank FAST
It can take a long time to get to Lucario rank if you're always waiting in the mail for more long, painful missions that could cost a fortune in items. So if you want to raise your rank QUICK and EASY, use some of these codes, or use the Wonder Mail Generator to get 80-150 points on just ONE FLOOR! And you can get a nice reward for it too.

Purity Forest; Rescue Points: 150

Please help Feebas!
Feebas hasn't come back!
I'm pleading for help!
Client: Milotic
Objective: Find Feebas.
Place: Purity Forest 1F
Difficulty: A
Reward: 1000 POKe + ? [Joy Ribbon]
Wonder Mail:
??8% %M0? 48?C

Oddity Cave; Rescue Points: 80-100

Please save my love!
I can't live without Plusle!
My heart is breaking! Please! Help!
Client: Minun
Objective: Find Plusle.
Place: Oddity Cave B1F
Difficulty: B
Reward: 800 POKe + ? [Vacuum-Cut]
Wonder Mail:
F?-Y F20? 18?N
0R?H 6JNR F4?W

Remains Island; Rescue Points: 80-100

Please save my friend!
I'm sad without Roselia's company.
We showed flowers to each other...
Client: Bellossom
Objective: Find Roselia.
Place: Remains Island B1F
Difficulty: B
Reward: 800 POKe + ? [Tight Belt]
Wonder Mail:
4?-C %4X? F8?W
17?J 6J?R .4?W

Silver Trench; Rescue Points 100-?

Save my child!
Please find Igglybuff! Oh, where did that
child roll off to?! Oh!
Client: Wigglytuff
Objective: Find Igglybuff.
Place: Silver Trench B1F
Difficulty: B
Reward: 800 POKe + ? [Friend Bow]
Wonder Mail:
1?8C HWX? 9R?F
.4?. 6M?R KY?