Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Tips

Eay Way to Beat Meteor Cave.
Bring huge apple x ray specs friend bow and make sure ur pokemon is holding a stamina band. ps requires lvl 100
1.giv urself xray specs
2.find mirage deoxys
3.kill deoxys
4.giv urself stamina band
5.find stairs
6.when u go down the stairs switch 2 xray specs and repeat

hen u are losing health because ur hungry go as far as you can thru the dungeon i.e when u hav 1 health eat the huge apple. when u get 2 floor 19 giv urself friend bow beware of its counter and it has a base minus 10 percent chance of recruitment rayquaza and groudon hav that but i caught rayquaza the 2nd time i fought it but goudon was harder and i still havent caught deoxys