Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Tips

Recovering HP in Buried Relic
Ok, the A+B thingy works, but for some unknown reason it tends to draw out wild pokemon and you have to fight them again AND lose yr HP...if u're in Buried Relic and u reach one of those floors that have the regi pokemon, just use tht key combo you've got there-no pokemon will attack you as u're recovering yr HP.

Also, if you're dangerously low on resources such as Max Elixirs and whatnot- make your leader faint on purpose but equip it with reviver seeds first. This will restore its PP and HP when it gets revived back.

PS If you got a Skitty as your starter, don't waste yr time on using pecha, cheri, sitrius berries or berries that restore its poisoned, confused or burned stat to normal-just use the move Heal Bell and it will restore your team back to normal. It saves space for those stuff you're gonna get from the dungeons ( Apples, seeds, orbs, TMs, Bows and Scarves)

Also if you're gonna go to one of those dungeons that have those darned Kecleon shops, bring along an X-Ray Specs to see if there's one of those shops there..you could end up getting killed by those darned pokemon if you use your trawl orb and your team level is low.