Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Tips

Get to the end of a dungeon quickly
For dungeons which are very long for you(For me it was Wish Cave and Silver Trench)Take a Warp Scarf and a few Cleanse Orbs(Just in case there are a few sticky Traps!)Also take a few eat items just in case your belly goes really low do not take any partner pokemon with you!
First save before you go to that dungeon!
Then go to the dungeon and give the warp scarf to your pokemon!
Then walk around a bit and you will warp(there are no signs of when you will warp)
If you go to the room which has the stiar in it then take the wrp scarf off your pokemon and walk up to the next floor
Keep on doing this until you have reached the end1
Note:Do not use this method when you have Partner Pokemon with you,when you have to escort some one!