Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Tips

Trapped HM's
Have you noticed the HM's that are surrounded by a wall in Buried Relic? Normally you can't get around them, but here are a few methods you can use:

1. In Solar Cave there are key holes as well as keys,(I suggest you buy the friend area and just go through the Desert Region to find keys). In one of the blocks there is the HM Rock Smash! When you teach it to a Pokemon outside a dungeon(I used my Marshtomp) take them into a dungeon and use it to go through walls!

2. Pokemon like Gastly and Shedinja can go through walls. Try taking one of them in!

3. Give ONE Pokemon gummi's, LOTS OF THEM!!! You have to give them all the gummi's you find from like the start of the game. After you have 11 IQ stars you're almost there. The LAST IQ tactic you can get is called "Super Mobile" and it lets you

A) Walk on water and lava(*NOTE*: If you aren't a fire type or resistant to burns you WILL get burnt when you walk on lava!!!)

B) BREAK THROUGH WALLS!!!!(*NOTE*: This doesn't work with LOCKED HM's! Only HM's that are trapped in a wall.

(I suggest you buy the friend area Furnace Desert and just go through the Desert Region to find keys).

I hope these tips help you to get everything you need!


Your friendly neighborhood