Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Tips

Easy way to beat Rayquaza!
There is a way to beat the final story mode boss easily! Use the wonder mail code for Bolder Cave, and then, when you can go into Magma Cavern go with just your partner. Once you get to the deepest parts of the cavern (around BF20) Onix will start coming. Try to recrut one (this may require a friend bow and for you to be level 30 or higher) and get it safely out of the cavern. Then, before you go to sky tower, go to bolder cave and tell onix to come with you. The onix will be around level 30, and have dragon breath. Having him on your team should make the fight against Rayquaza easy, especally sence Rayquaza is only level 33. GOOD LUCK