Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Tips

Getting the Legendary Birds Easily
In order to get the legendary birds easier, your Pokemon has to meet the following criteria:
1. You must have only one Pokemon, preferably over Lv. 60, with a size of one and able to withstand the birds' attacks.
2. Your Pokemon cannot have the ability to walk on magma or water(otherwise it will 100% not work I tried lots of times)
3. It also shouldn't be a flying type(it kind of lowers the possibilities)
Okay now you take a Pokemon, say a Lv. 79 EEVEE, and you go into the Articuno's dungeon. After you listen to him jabber on and on about crushing you or something, you start the battle. NOW, make the bird follow you and take a walk around the wall, keeping close to the side( I think it's okay to skip corners) and ignoring the bird completely, even if it uses repeated attacks on you with Agility. After a full circle, defeat the bird. It should have a 95% chance of joining you.

NOTE: It may also work on Groudon except with him you would have to take around three walks around the room, again no lava water walkers and flyers.