Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Tips

Non Water Walker
It seems to me like the couple of times I have tried this it hasn't been pulled off more than 20% of the total tries. However, it is something that most people I have talked to here on Neo didn't know about. Throughout the randomly generated dungeons in this game you'll notice there are some with small patches of water that Water Type Pokemon can walk through. Other types of Pokemon are unable to do so without the use of this glitch. All you have to do is pal up with a water type Pokemon, and your type doesn't matter. Stand one square away from the patch of shallow water and work it so that you remain one square away while your partner Pokemon actually stands in the water. [Note: your partner will have to be a water type for this to work] Then open up your item screen. Select a Gravel Rock item [You may need 20 or so to pull this off] and start lobbing them at your partner Pokemon. [Some positioning may be required to be shifted if you don't seem to be hitting the square your partner is on] After a random amount of tries [depending on your ability to hit your partner while the game doesn't catch the fact that it isn't an enemy] you'll see your partner get hit [fade out and draw back] like a wild Pokemon would do, but the text showing damage etc won't appear. Congrats, now all you have to do is switch places with your partner and throughout the rest of the dungeon you'll be able to walk over the shallows or pools with any type of Pokemon in tow. This can drastically help you speed through a long dungeon without a ton of hassle.