Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Tips

Tip: Recruiting Legendaries!
First let me say this. LUCARIO RANK DOES NOT HELP YOU RECRUIT STUFF! It is based on Levels and the Friend Bow.

These Legendaries will remain if you defeat them, but do not recruit them. They can only be recruited after you defeat Rayquaza first time, and only if your leader strikes the final blow (you can change leaders, for example, I used my Pikachu when recruiting Kyogre, but he was the partner during main storyline.)


At the end of Frosty Forest, you'll find Articuno. You cannot recruit Articuno until you defeat Rayquaza. He has a fairly high base recruit rate. You'll probably not need a Friend Bow. Whale on him with a Rock-type attack. Fire and Electric also work well.

A nice trick is to save at the Frosty Forest Mid, then continue to Articuno. If you recruit him, SAVE. If not, reset the game and go back. This can be used for Zapdos, Moltres, Groudon, and Rayquaza. I will call it the "Mid Method".


At Mt. Thunder's peak is the legendary bird Zapdos. He has a similarly high base recruit rate, and cannot be recruited till you beat Rayquaza. Use the "Mid Method" on Zapdos. He is in my opinion the best of the three birds, because he has the fewest weaknesses.


At the tip top of Mt. Blaze lies Moltres. He can't be recruited till after beating Rayquaza, high base recruit, use the Mid Method, blah blah blah. Rock is ultra effective, so try those attacks!


Ah, Western Cave. Full of tough Starter pokemon. At the bottom rests Mewtwo. He is a powerful Psychic-type pokemon with a base recruit of 99.9%. You need to buy the Friend area CRYPTIC CAVE to get Mewtwo.


Aww, isn't it cute? In floors 36 through 99 of Buried Relic, carry around the Music Box. Mew will appear occasionally. If you hear "Mew used TRANSFORM!", Mew is there, but sometimes he won't use Transform. He will take you out of the dungeon soon as you recruit him, so make sure you finish missions first!


They appear at the 35th floors of Fiery Field (Entei), Lightning Field (Raikou), and Northwind Field (Suicune). Be sure to bring that friend bow! You must get the Friend Area SACRED FIELD to recruit them.


Despite him being "Guardian of the Sea," Lugia is Flying/Psychic type. In other words, a REALLY TOUGH XATU. Get to the bottom of Silver Trench (beware the Walreins and Dewgongs!) to find him.


At the peak of Mt. Faraway rests Ho-oh. You will need to buy RAINBOW PEAK from WIgglytuff. Ho-oh is easy to recruit, but you might as well get the Friend Bow on floor 30 (hidden behind a locked box) to up your chances.\


Get to the bottom of Purity Forest, and you got a Celebi. Simple as that-not even a battle. Except Purity Forest is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hard to get through. (If you heard Whiscash talk about the Ultimate Dungeon, this is the said dungeon right here. No Items or Money allowed, and you are temporarily set back to level one. It is a true test of skill.)


The Regis will be on the 15th, 25th, and 35th floors of Buried Relic, respectively. They have a base recruit rate of 0.1%. In other words, BRING FRIEND BOW. Also, they will not join you unless you have a Music Box in your inventory. You also need the friend area ANCIENT RELIC (if you filled it up with Aerodactyl, you'll regret it) from Wigglytuff.


Kyogre is at floor 40 of Stormy Sea. He has a 50% base recruit rate, but bring the Friend Bow just in case. You will want an Electric or Grass pokemon here. Trust me.


Groudon cannot be recruited till you defeat Rayquaza. He is a powerful ground-type pokemon with a -10% recruit rate. Use the Friend Bow and the Mid Method to get this big guy.


You can't recruit him till you beat him once. His Dragon/Flying combo opens him up to Ice. His-10% recruit does NOT help, but you can use the Mid Method here!


MAN! I REALLY WANT JIRACHI ON DIAMOND! It's times like these when you wish Mystery Dungeon could trade with Diamond. But I digress... on the 99th floor of Wish Cave, the Wish Maker will battle you. I suggest training inside the dungeon, because he is level 40, and Wish Cave temporarily sets you back to Level 1. You will need the Friend Area MT. MOONVIEW. He has a base recruit of 99.9%, so he will most likely join. Don't forget your Wish Stone!


Deoxys has a tricky dungeon. ON the 1st 19 floors of Meteor Cave, defeat the Mirage Deoxys to unlock the stairs (A Pitfall trap will be great). Deoxys will be in his regular form. He has a base recruit rate of -10%. (He can change form inside dungeons once you recruit him.)


Kecleon is not legendary, but he is worth listing because he is REALLY HARD TO RECRUIT! He has a base recruitment rate of -33.9%. The MAXIMUM recruitment bonus you can get (Lvl90 through 100+Friend Bow) is +34%. That adds up to 0.1% per Kecleon! And he is REALLY tough. If you can recruit him, you are a master at this game. Either that, or you used an Action Replay.

Happy recruiting