Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Tips

All Legendaries in the game!
Zapdos: Mt. Thunder Peak 3F
Moltres: Mt. Blaze Peak 3F
Articuno: Frosty Grotto 5F
Groudon: Magma Cavern Pit 3F
Rayguaza: Sky Tower Summit 9F
Kyogre: Stormy Sea 40F
Regirock: Buried Relic 15F
Regice: Buried Relic 25F
Registeel: Buried Relic 35F
Mew: Buried Relic 36 to 98F (need a Music Box)
Entei: Fiery Field 30F
Raikou: Lightning Field 30F
Suicune: Northwind Field 30F
Ho-Oh: Mt. Faraway 40F
Mewtwo: Western Cave 99F
Lugia: Silver Trench 99F
Jirachi: Wish Cave 99F
Celebi: Purity Forest 99F
Deoxys: Meteor Cave 20F