Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Tips

almost invincible
you already noticed, your attacks have PP. but if you reach a level above arround 95. you don\'t need your attacks anymore. stand face to face against your enemy and press the A button. and the damage is arround 200. only legendaries are a problem. your HP is now somewhere to 160 till 200. but pokemon like ho-oh, articuno and rayquaza. still do more than 1 HP. ho-oh: has fire blast: the damage is somewhere to 80 HP
articuno: has powder snow: the damage is somewhere to 20 HP. rayquaza: has dragon claw: the damage is somewhere to 13 HP. normal pokemon still have defense. some pokemon know schreech. thats a dangerous one. your defense will go so low that attacks will do you 30 or more. and the silver trench has dewgongs: they have sheer cold. and thats a one hit KO attack. and lapras and politoed have perish song. in 3 steps you die. last but not least delibird: present. first one will do 40 HP, and after that 80 HP.
now you know, a high level is only strong. but there are still attacks that can finish your adventure in that dungeon.

good luck, rayquaza