Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Tips

Legendary Friend Areas
Don`t know what to use your money on?
The first priority would be Friend Areas.
These are needed for certain legendaries.
Also, if you are going to recruit legendaries, you should save in the mids (like in mt. blaze and Frosty Forest), as there wont be a log way, just 1 to 10 floors to the legendary, so you can turn the game off and try from the mid (This won`t do in like Buried Relic for the Regi`s or Stormy Sea for Kyogre).
If a friend area has one, two or three different pokemon it`s legedaries to recruit!
Which can be easy to guess in their names.
(Rainbow Peak for Ho-oh, etc.)
Some might be gotten by simply battling the areas legendary for the second time, others must be bought from wigglytuff, and even others must be gotten by missions.
Get yourself some wonder mails to grab all of these friend areas.
Get a lot of money and go in dungeons and do missions a lot to get the bought.
For the last, never give up!
Battle them on and on to finally get them.
(I had to battle Articuno like 10 times before I got him. They`ll rematch you forever until you recruit them)
Remember to make your team fit for the pokemon.
You can have a maximum 4 size stars.
To recruit the Legendary birds, dogs and robots, only have 2 normal size pokemon in your team (NOT another legendary!) so that the new legendary can get in as they are size **.
For Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Ho-oh, Lugia and Mewtwo, come alone as they`re size ***.
(Skarmory and OnixSteelix are also size **, not only legendaries.)