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Based off he long-running series of Mysterious Dungeon games by Chunsoft, this multi-title release (Red Rescue Force for the GBA, Blue Rescue Force for the DS) is an adventure game with semi-turnbased exploration of dungeons featuring characters from the Pokemon universe. It's up to the Rescue Force (Red in the GBA version, Blue in the DS version) to save Pokemon who've found themselves in trouble. While one of your goals is to figure out what exactly turned you into a Pokemon, you've also got to help Pokemon as part of the Rescue Force. You start off serving your duties with your original partner Pokemon at your side, but as you progress, more Pokemon join the Rescue Force and become selectable.

This game is also known as:

  • Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon Ao no Kyuujotai in Japan
  • Pokémon Mysterious Dungeon: Blue Rescue Force in North America

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Latest Activity

Nov 8, 14 2:07am
Not the best game... PokemonMysteryDungeonBlueRescueTeam
Jul 3, 14 4:42am
I need help at sky tower around the 20F section PokemonMysteryDungeonBlueRescueTeam
Sep 28, 13 4:24pm
Mar 23, 13 5:20am
this is the link to the working blue rescue team wonder mail generator www.upokecenter.com PokemonMysteryDungeonBlueRescueTeam
Dec 27, 12 5:04am
Whoever thought of the Mystery Dungeon formula with Pokemon is a genius. PokemonMysteryDungeonBlueRescueTeam
Dec 6, 12 12:31pm
Hard Dungeons PokemonMysteryDungeonBlueRescueTeam
Oh yeah im cool
Jul 20, 12 2:11pm
It's great, but 1 problem: I lost HM Dive!! PokemonMysteryDungeonBlueRescueTeam
Nov 11, 11 9:17pm
deoxys is such a hard b**** PokemonMysteryDungeonBlueRescueTeam
Treyfus The Elephant
Jul 16, 11 4:51pm
This game lasted me FOREVER. I played the crap outta it. PokemonMysteryDungeonBlueRescueTeam
Lone Drifter
Aug 10, 09 5:08pm
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Release Dates
  • North America: Sep 18, 2006
  • Japan: Nov 17, 2005
  • Europe: Nov 10, 2006
  • Australia: Sep 28, 2006
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