Pokémon HeartGold Version review
Better then Pokemon Platinum version. Probably the best Pokemon game ever made.

The good:

There's a lot more to the story and a lot more Legendary Pokemon to catch in HeartGold version then there was in Platinum version. Not to mention that your not only in the Johto Region. But you are also in the Kanto region. How great is that! It's more like a remake of red, blue, Gold,and Silver versions.

The graphics in this game are also a lot better then that of Pokemon Platinum Version. This game has above all proven to be the best Pokemon Game ever made when you compare it to Red, Blue, Pikachu, Gold, Silver, Fire red, Leaf Green, Ruby, Saphire, Emerald, or even Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

Anyone who is a real big fan and I mean just straight out loves Pokemon will love and enjoy this game.

The bad:

It's too much fields of nothingness and the fact that they threw traveling pokemon at you too soon. Also another thing is that ice path in Johto is bit to hard and would take a little too much time to figure out.

Also Team Rocket. Their a bit too weak. I personally think that team Rocket should a bit tougher. The rival is also very enoying because he is always appearing in the worst places and he dosen't even battle you in all the places he appears at. What is the whole point of your rival appear in those places if he's not even going to fight you or even call you names. I always thought that was stupid when he would just pop up out of no ware and not do anything but talk about how he's gonna be the best trainer in the would or how he can't beat you or the Champion.


They really did a good job in putting most of the older Pokemon (like Ho-oh and lugia) in the game. It sucks because they put Mewtwo in the game but not Mew. It would have bin a lot better if they had tried to at least put Mew in.

Another thing that is cool about this game is that your leading Pokemon is following you around and in most of the other Pokemon versions neither the Pokemon can't follow you around or only Pikachu is allowed to follow you around.

Just because I feel like I should, I'll name some Legendary Pokemon in HeartGold and SoleSilver: There's Lugia,Ho-oh, Dailga, Giratina, Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, Latias, Latios, Raikou, Suicune, Entei, Groudon, Kyogre, Celebi, Mewtwo, and many other Legendary Pokemon Found Throughout the whole Series of pokemon.

They have also managed to put in all the Gym leaders of the Johto Region and Kanto Region. Which I personally like Bugsy and Misty. Also not only do they have almost all of the original Legendary Pokemon, they also have almost all of the pokemon that you could catch in Gold and Silver. That's really good if I say so myself.

The turn based combat in the game is much the same as the combat in Gold and Silver or Platinum just with different music. The 1on1 and 2on2 battles are the same as in any other Pokemon game. You just keep fighting until your opponent's Pokemon faints or your Pokemon faints. As far as game goes there are no new type of Pokemon that you can catch. It's all basically the same Pokemon that you can catch in Gold and Silver and Red and Blue.

Most of the moves, of which only four can be learned by each pokemon at any time, that can be used in Diamond, Pearl,and Platinum you can use in HeartGold and SoulSilver. Just the way the moves look have been change. The stats that are used in HeartGold are the same as the stats that are used are all of the Pokemon games and will determine damage and turn order: At,Def,Sp At,Sp Def, and Speed.

Just like in all the other Pokemon games. Your Pokemon can hold items that can be used to power them up and if you give them a berry. They will use them. But they can't use man made items like Potion or Antidote.

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supamariorpg Mar 27, 10
I really think you're an idiot
Why would you give this a 3.0 with all the good things you said about it? The bad things you said are that "they threw in traveling pokemon too early" (which doesn't even make sense) and ONE part of the game being frustrating? Also, Team Rocket is SUPPOSED to be relatively easy as the grunts are normal trainers. Do you know anything about the original Pokemon Gold+Silver? It's nothing new that you go back to Kanto! How is it such a new thing that they put in 16 gyms? Also, you commend them for putting in "old Pokemon" when they were in the original game to begin with! Another thing: why would you complain about Mew not being in the game? Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys, Arceus, Shaymin, and Darkrai are all Event Pokemon that aren't SUPPOSED to be in the base game! Reading further down on your review just made me even more mad at your lack of knowledge of the game. The turn-based fighting isn't supposed to be different. The games aren't SUPPOSED to be different from the original ones. Don't buy a remake of a game if you're expecting something new! If you buy a remake of an old game and expect something new, don't complain about it not meeting your expectations of having something new! People have been waiting for a long time for a Pokemon Gold+Silver remake and you come along and complain about it having too few pokemon when really it has the same amount of Pokemon as Diamond and Pearl! I'm going to say it again: REMAKES ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE SOMETHING NEW! I really think you're probably eight years old and have no real experience with Pokemon GSC.
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Spaf289 Mar 28, 10
First of all I'm way older then eight years. Second I did play the original Gold. I just really didn't get into it. Another thing Remakes are suppost to have a few new things in it. You just don't see them I suppose. I wouldn't really kill for Pokemon. That's why I gave it a three. I've been debating about why they can't put in event Pokemon in the game for years. So me complaining about Mew is nothing new if you know me. Plus If it was an exact remake of the original, They wouldn't of put in Pokemon like Giratina, Latias, or Kyogre. So dude your the idiot for not catching that. Don't you tell me what I can and cannot buy. The only reason why I said that about the turn base fighting is because the staff of neoseeker asked me too alright. But dude what your really not getting here is that Gold and Silver where on the GBC (Game Boy Color if your that stupid). So yeah they did make a few changes just to suit it for the DS. But in Story likewise your right it is like the originals. But I got to thank you for correcting me on the fact that you are in Kanto in the originals. I really didn't get into Gold and Silver. Like when I got to the Elite Four I just stoped playing. It was Saphire and Ruby that got me interested in Pokemon. In fact why am I telling you all this. For all I know you could be some stupid Twelve year old who thinks you know it all and has to be bad and confront the writer of the review because he made some mistakes and giving his personal opinions about the game. And I will say it again I DID NOT GET INTO THE ORIGINAL GOLD AND SILVER!!!!! But I have played them.
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xenxio Mar 29, 10
i like this article. to tell you the truth when i was little i loved gold and silver, it was my most favorite versions. the only down sie is is that i was so young i couldnt fully explot all of the game you know? but now im glad they made a remake, its like a 2nd chance. last time i got silver for the gbc. now im going with ho-oh on this one =). but i do have 1 question, when you say your leading pokemon is following you does that mean the first one in your party follows you or just your starter? because i got the pikachu colored pichu event from game stop and i would love to have spiky ear pich to follow me because you can get spiky ear pich when you have pikachu colored pichu with you in heart gold or soul silver. i got the pichu on my pokemon platium so i need to trade it over to heart gold. uhh well i guess all of that isnt really a big deal but yeah i would like to know thx =)
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Spaf289 Apr 3, 10
The leader of you team follows you around. Which could be any Pokemon. Well least your not like that other guy who had nothing but complaints about my review. I do admit there were a few things wrong with it.
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car_matt24 Jul 12, 10
pokemon battle today plase 6on 6
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Spaf289 Jul 24, 10
What are you talking about
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