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Heart's In The Right Place


I've been a long time fan of the pokemon series, dating back many years to when I started my adventure through Kanto in Yellow with my trusty partner Pikachu following me. The series has had its ups and downs for me over the releases, such as the disappointment of the third gen and Diamond reigniting my interest. Coming into Heart Gold I had somewhat mixed expectations. Gen IV was certainly a step up but Game Freak's last attempt at a remake failed to impress me, so the lingering question over whether or not they would get this nostalgia trip right.

Before I get too far I will point out that...


Better then Pokemon Platinum version. Probably the best Pokemon game ever made.

The good:

There's a lot more to the story and a lot more Legendary Pokemon to catch in HeartGold version then there was in Platinum version. Not to mention that your not only in the Johto Region. But you are also in the Kanto region. How great is that! It's more like a remake of red, blue, Gold,and Silver versions.

The graphics in this game are also a lot better then that of Pokemon Platinum Version. This game has above all proven to be the best Pokemon Game ever made when you compare it to Red, Blue, Pikachu, Gold, Silver, Fire red, Leaf Green, Ruby, Saphire, Emerald, or even Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

Anyone who is a real big fan and I mean just straight out loves Pokemon will love and enjoy this game.

The bad:

It's too much fields of nothingness and the fact that they threw traveling pokemon at you too soon. Also another thing is that ice path in Johto is bit to hard and would take a little too much time to figure out.

Also Team Rocket. Their a bit too weak. I personally think that team Rocket should a bit tougher. The rival is also very enoying because he is always appearing in the worst places and he dosen't even battle you in all the places he appears at. What is the whole point of your rival appear in those places if he's not even going to fight you or even call you names. I always thought that was stupid when he would just pop up out of no ware and not do anything but talk about how he's gonna be the best trainer in the would or how he can't beat you or the Champion.


They really did a good job in putting most of the older Pokemon (like Ho-oh and lugia) in the game. It sucks because they put Mewtwo in the game but not Mew. It would have bin a lot better if they had tried to at least put Mew in.

Another thing that is cool about this game is that your leading Pokemon is following you around and in most of the other Pokemon versions neither the Pokemon can't follow you around or only Pikachu is allowed to follow you around.

Just because I feel like I should, I'll name some Legendary Pokemon in HeartGold and SoleSilver: There's Lugia,Ho-oh, Dailga, Giratina, M...

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