Pokémon HeartGold Version Unlockables

Battle Trainer Red
To unlock trainer red you must get all the badges and beat the pokemon league. then when you enter the place that leads to the pokemon league go left instead of strait. then go to the very top of mount silver and there will be trainer red.
UnlockableHow to unlock
blue orb (for kyogre he will tell you where to go)talk to mr.pokemon after yoy beat red (ash)
hoenn starterstalk to steven stone in pewter meuseum after beating red, then talk to him in the silph co. building
kanto starterstalk to professor oak after beating red
Rayquazaafter beating Red go to Mr. pokemon and he will give you an orb(matters wich game you have) and go to the embedded tower and there you will meet either Kyorge or Groundon(matters wich game you have) once you catch him trade and get to the poke center and trade so you have both on your team and go to mr. pokemons house and he will give you a jade orb then you go to the embedded tower and there you go.