Pokémon HeartGold Version Unlockables

PokeWalker Courses
The chart below shows all of the known PokeWalker Courses, as well as the number of Watts required to unlock each course:

*Watts can be obtained by playing PokeWalker Minigames, battling wild Pokemon on the PokeWalker, or simply by walking around while a Pokemon is present on the PokeWalker
UnlockableHow to unlock
Refreshing FieldUnlocked immediately
Noisy ForestUnlocked immediately
Rugged PathEarn 50 Watts
Pretty SeasideEarn 150 Watts
Residential AreaEarn 500 Watts
Dark CaveEarn 1,000 Watts
Blue LakeEarn 2,000 Watts
Town EdgeEarn 3,000 Watts
Hoenn FieldEarn 5,000 Watts
Warm BeachEarn 7,500 Watts
Volcano RouteEarn 10,000 Watts
Tree HouseEarn 15,000 Watts
Scary CaveEarn 20,000 Watts
Sinnoh FieldEarn 30,000 Watts
Cold MountainpathEarn 40,000 Watts
Big ForestEarn 40,000 Watts
White LakeEarn 50,000 Watts
Rough SeaEarn 65,000 Watts
Resort AreaEarn 80,000 Watts
Yellow ForestComplete the download-able Pikachu-colored Pichu Wi-Fi event
Quiet CaveEarn 100,000 Watts
Beyond the SeaComplete an international trade over the GTS
Edge of the Night's SkyTrade Nintendo Zone Jirachi over to Heart Gold/Soul Silver
Champ PathEvent
Amity FieldEvent
Winner's PathMystery Gift