Pokémon HeartGold Version Tips

Creating PokeBalls using Apricorns
Like in the original Gold/Silver versions, Apricorns can be used to create special varieties of PokeBalls. In order to create these PokeBalls you'll need to pay a visit to Kurt, a PokeBall smithy, who can be found inside of his home in Azalea Town. Hand Kurt one Apricorn and he'll make you a Ball, determined by the color of Apricorn you gave him.

It takes a day for Kurt to complete your Ball, so come back after 24 hours have passed.

*In order for Kurt to offer to make PokeBalls for you, you must first have chased off Team Rocket from their base beneath Slowpoke Well.

Listed below are the different types of Balls Kurt will make, and the required Apricorn for each:

Black Apricorn: Heavy Balls
Blue Apricorn: Lure Balls
Green Apricorn: Friend Balls
Pink Apricorn: Love Balls
Red Apricorn: Level Balls
White Apricorn: Fast Balls
Yellow Apricorn: Moon Balls