Pokémon Gold Cheats

Flying Kanghaskan
As we all know, you can catch a Missingno in red/blue versions. Well, after you have reached the 4th gym of crystal/gold/silver, you can trade Pokemon with the 1st generation games. All you need to do is catch a lvl 1 Missingno using the duplication hack in the red/blue versions. Your game sprites might get messed up but that will be fixed after what you do later. Missingno has it's own type called "fly". Well, if you use the HM fly (sky attack also works) on it, it should be able to learn it. This is where you abuse the glitch. After teaching Missingno fly or any other flying moves you have, give it a rare candy. If you ever messed around with Missingno you know that after you give it a rare candy it mysteriously evolves into a Kanghaskan. Now all you have to do is to transfer the Pokemon from your old game to Crystal/Gold/Silver using two game boys and a link cable. After that, your Kanghaskan should be able to use fly and moves such as Sky Attack. Fly also works as a transport to get from one city to another. Do this at your own risk but keep in mind that this is something cool to show your friends.