Pokémon Gold Cheats

Training Larvitar
As you may know, Larvitar can evolve into the exremely powerful Tyranitar when it reaches level 55. This may seen hard to achieve, but there is a faster way to get Larvitar powered up.

  • Catch a Larvitar in Mt. Silver
  • Take it to the Day Care in Goldenrod City

    Now, every step you take is one experience point for your Larvitar while it's in the Day Care.

    Fly to Celadon City
    Go to the top of the bike path

    Ride all the way down the extremely long path, which is downhill all the way and you get to the bottom really fast. You should end up with about 600 steps already when you reach the bottom. Keep flying back to Celadon and riding down the hill and your Larvitar will grow faster.
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