Pokémon Gold Tips

Mixed up Gym Leaders
When you get to the point in the game where you heal the Olivine City's gym leader's Ampharos, she tells you she'll battle you in her gym. Jasmine is the sixth gym leader. Her pokemon are:

Magnimite: lv 30
Steelix: lv 35
Magnimite: lv 30

Instead, go to Mahogany town and challenge the gym leader there. Price is the seventh gym leader. His pokemon are:

Seel: lv 27
Dewgong: Lv 29
Piloswine: lv 31

Notice that the seventh gym leader's pokemon are lower than the sixth gym leader's pokemon. You can battle the seventh gym leader before you battle the sixth, and you can even beat the eighth gym leader without beating the sixth.

The only catch is you can't enter the Pokemon League without beating all the gym leaders. Jasmine, logically, should have been the seventh gym leader and Price should have been the sixth.