Pokémon Gold Tips

Catch the 3 legendary dogs
Okay, to catch the 3 legendary dogs, you have to have found (but not caught or defeated) at least one of them first. Then go to your Pokedex to find out where they are. WARNING!!! DO NOT FLY!
If you use fly there is a 99.3% chance that they will have ran to the other side of the map by the time you have landed. Also, Raikou is VERY tricky when it comes to chasing him. What he does is runs towards you, then when you get to that area, he is already back to where he started, or has jumped half way across the map. Entai is slowest and will still in an area until you get there IF you are about 30 seconds from that area. And Suicuine is almost impossible unless you use fly to a city that you can get from one side of the map to the other in about 25 minutes. REMEMBER! Don't FLY!!!

Good Luck!

From: Brad Purcell