Pokémon FireRed Tips

How to Locate/Catch the Legendary Dogs
The List of Starters and the dogs that can be found in Kanto:
<charmander> - Suicune
<bulbasaur> - Entei
<squirtle> - Raikou
*Note only can be found per game depending on the starter, unless you trade with other players having the other dogs.

There is no easy way to find any of the legendary dogs in Fire Red.But there is certain criteria that must be completed in order for the legendary dog to be released:
1)Beaten the Elite Four for the first time only needed once.
2)Obtained the National Dex from professor Oak after catching 60 pokemon.
*Note that you do not need to catch all the unknowns to unlock the dogs it should be roaming around Kanto after completing the two tasks above.

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It is up to chance on finding the legendary dog in your game. So the simpliest way which is the least pain in the ass unless you are very impatient is to:
1)Buy about 25 Max Repels
2)Have a masterball with you or if you already used urs then Buy 15-30 timer balls(available on Island 2),Buy 15-30 ultra balls or great balls.
3)Now put a pokemon first in your party that is higher than the level of the pokemon in the grass that your in but lower than level 50 which is wht level your dog will be at when u encounter it.This is because when u use repel it repels all pokemon lower than the level of the pokemon first in your party when u used it.
4)Now find a patch of grass near a building such as the patch of grass on Route 2 below the entrance to Viridian Forest.
5)Use a repel and take 20 or so steps in the grass then leave the grass and enter the building to which u have chosen then simply go in and come out and then take another 20 steps or so in the grass and repeat by going in the building and coming out and use ur repels whenever you run out. *Note everytime you do this your legendary dog will have moved to another patch of grass. Eventually your dog will come into the patch that your walking in and there you go a battle should happen and you will be fighting the dog.

********Important Notes********
-The dog will flee as soon as you make your first move so use a pokemon with a special ability of shadow tag such as Wobbuffet or arena trap such as Diglett of Dugtrio.
-Also using a pokemon that knows Mean Look or moves such as that that will prevent the dog from fleeing. Although this is useful if you remove the pokemon that use it from battle then the dog can flee.