Pokémon FireRed Tips

pokemon Fire Red ultimate team
Start with Charmander at the ch. Catch alot of pokemon. when you get to cerulean city catch a Abra at the grass patch by nuggut bridge. Trade Abra for Mr. Mime at the house after you get out of Digglets Cave. Then go to Celedon City and go in the back way of the big house. Go up the stairs until you get Eevee. Buy a thunderstone at the big mart on floor four and evolve Eevee into Jolteon. Use the TM Lt. Surge gave you to teach Jolteon shockwave. Your team should have Charizard by now so teach him fly. The other Pokemon you need are as follows: Charizard, Mr. Mime, Jolteon, Lapras (which you get at Saffron City), Hitmonlee (Saffron), and lastly Articuno (which you can catch at SeaFoam Island). Level them up. Charizard should know Flamethrower and Fly to take out steel, ice,fighting.Jolteon's shockwave can take out water. Lapras and Articuno's icebeam can handle the dragon types that Lance has at the pokemon league. Mr. Mime can handle poison types and certain ghost type like gastly and his evolutions. Hitmonlee can handle normal and dark types and rock types. There yoe perfect Pokemon team.