Pokémon FireRed Glitches

glitch city 2
everyone knows about saffron's glitch city.what about fuchsia's?well,first go to the safari zone.pay the 500 gold.then when your there,go back.he will say, "do you want to leave early?"say no.do the same thing again.you can now save in the safari zone.save.now turn it off then on again.go back where it said "do you want to leave early?" now it will say "welcome to the safari zone!do you want to enter?"say no.you will leave instead of going back.now walk around till PA says your time is up.go outside.it may be glitch city,it may not.if not,walk around again till PA says the same thing.walk outside.voila!glitch city! (IMPORTANT!if you travel to far,you will get stuck in invisible walls.)