Pokémon FireRed Tips

Good Start Team!
For the gym leaders, it helps to start with bulbasaur, which can take down the first, second and last gyms. In Viridian forest, catch a weedle and caterpie, and evolve them into final forms. Butterfree will learn confusion, and there is a TM of thief in Mt Moon, teach it to the Beedrill, which should also know poison sting, and eventually, twineedle. Confusion is a psychic type move, taking care of Koga. Thief is dark type, therefore will be effective against Sabrina. Poison and bug-type moves are good against grass types, making poison sting or twineedle ideal for Erika. In the grass patches before Mt Moon, catch a nidoran (doesn't matter which gender) and level it up. It will learn double kick, which will defeat L.T Surge. That's all the gym leaders gone, so now you can go on to the elite four!