Pokémon FireRed Tips

Get Through Lost Cave
Follow these instructions closely because Lost Cave will take you to the beggining if you take 1 wrong turn.
Go right, then down to get a Lax Incense. Once at the entrance, go right, then
up, down, up. Then you get a Sea Incense.
Go right, up, down.
Psychic Laura
Natu, Lv.48 (x2); Xatu, Lv.49
Money: 980
From here, go down, right, right for a Max Revive.
From Laura's room, go down, right, left. Then go down, then right. Heal and go
up. Selphy's here, and she must think you're going to rape her or something...
she challenges you straight away.
Lady Selphy
Persian, Lv.49 (x2)
Money: 9800
She'll take you back to her house and reward you with the front door in your
face, that ungrateful wench. Oh well. Run back through Lost Cave and go back to
Selphy's room and steal her Silk Scarf.