Pokémon FireRed Tips

easy training and easy money...
easy training requires a pokemon lvl 48+ with wing attack or a flying move .. eg chairizard..
& a vs seeker

ok step 1
go to one island were the hot springs are ( inside a cave) out side that cave there are 3 single trainer and a team use vs seeker ... and use wing attack to all ur foe's( all fighting)
then if u want to recharge vs seeker go up to spring and heal (givving u pp) and 100 steps

repaeat... also have an amulet coins for more cash..:}

one of the island ( 5-7) i think:P

the tokapi island.. any way up the top there is a rich resort were they are easy to beat.... plus give u alot of money;)

just run round island to recharge vs seeker use amulet coin to double ur cash:) have fun