Pokémon FireRed Tips

the islands 1-3
first of all when u beat Blaine you will see Bill he will have a boat next 2 him. go on it and it will take you 2 island 1. surf south of the harbour and u will reach an island it has loads of items on so use your itemfinder! surf bak up and go into the poke centre. u will meet celio he will ask u 2 find stuff for him! surf west of the main land and then surf up to an island. Defeat the trainers and walk up into a cave sort of thing. Battle Moltres the legendary fire bird. Other legendary birds located at Seafoam islands and power plant. Hop back down and travel 2 island 2. travel north to the womens house who has an ultimate move!! Travel to island 3 and defeat a few biker goons. then rescue lostelle in Berry forest. Once you have beaten the elite 4 visit prof oak and have captured 60 pokemon he will give u national dex. Travel back to island one and go to the cave again and find the ruby. travel back towards island one and give celio ruby! he will give u rainbow pass this lets u access islands 4-7.