Pokémon FireRed Tips

Infinite Nuggets
In Cerulean City,defeat the 5 trainers on the Nugget Bridge.BEFORE talking to the fellow who gives you the nugget and then fights,go back to the pokemon center,deposit all your pokemon in the PC,withdraw the weakest pokemon you have(possibly a level 2 or 3 pokemon).Keep only that pokemon in your party and go and talk to the man at the top of Nugget Bridge.He will give you a nugget,and then fight you with a level 15 Ekans.Since your pokemon is only level 2 or 3,it will wipe the floor with you.After you white out and heal,go and talk to him again.He will give u one more nugget and fight you again.Repeat as many times as required.He will stop giving you nuggets once you withdraw your high level pokemon and defeat him.Hope I Helped!