Pokémon FireRed Tips

Lots Of Items!!
Hey pokemon fans, did you Meowth isnt all that useless, besides the fact that it evolves into Persian which is a fantastic pokemon. But it also has the ability to pick up items, so catch a party full of them and go for a little explore. And with in 5 mins of walking about 2 of them will have a rare candys and the others should have berries, if you wanna try this out but you dont know where to catch meowth just go to.....I cant think of the name of the place at the moment, Misty's Gym, lets say. Go straight down to the day care center, but before you enter the house search in the little patches of grass above it, the Meowth there range from LV 12-14. So I would suggesting taking a level 16-18 if you want to catch one.

Happy To Help,