Pokémon FireRed Tips

If you have 2 gbas, you can start the game, get the starter, and then trade it over to another game, and then restart and pick another starter, and again until you have all of them.

If you don't, here's a tip.

Charmander is actually the best starter, because then your rival's starter will be Squirtle, right? Water is weak to electric, which you can find in Viridian Forest, therefore garunteeing your victory faster then the other 2 starters. You see, the gyms arent a problem. Level Charmander up till he learns Metal Claw, and then evolve him. Now you can face Brock. Pikachui can take care of Misty, and catch an oddish or a bellsprout and level it up to ensure your 3rd badge. Your starter can easily take Erika, and I think Poison is weak to Pyschic, so catch a Drowzee or Hypno in Vermillion and Koga is gone!! As for Sabrina, just pull out a normal or some other Pokemon, it really doesnt matter. And then, in Cinnabar, you can take Blaine on with a water pokemon you might have caught or if you turned your Eevee into a Vaporeon. Then your water Pokemon can take on the Viridian City gym. And that's the fastest way through, as Pikachu destroys both Pidgeot and Squirtle, so the rest is easy!