Pokémon FireRed Tips

get master ball in 5 minutes
As you know you get the master ball after beating giovanni You don't have to battle hardly any trainers in there though First you need the card key on the 5th floor Next go to the 9th floor at the bottom face a rocket and unlock some doors and there is a lady between beds and she heals you Then go up unlock a door and face a rocket then go up and left then teleport you should be on the 3rd floor (srry if ur not if ur not go there and unlock a door) turn left and unlock a door there should be a scientist near a teleport, teleport Now u should be on floor 7 go left to face gary and get lapras (not very good) gary has A lv. 40 starter, pidgeot, alakazam,garados,arcanine and some others. On floor 7 still, teleport you should be on 11th floor face a rocket open door and fight! ( heal if needed)