Pokémon FireRed Tips

Easy(sort of) way to get the Legendary Birds
When you get to Moltres(In Mt. Ember on One Island), Zapdos(In the Powerplant east of Cerulean City), and Articuno(Seafoam Islands, east of Cinnibar/west of Fuschia) MAKE SURE YOUR GAME IS SAVED RIGHT BEFORE YOU FIGHT THE BIRD. Have a Pokemon who knows Dragon Rage and Thunder Wave(Preferably Dragonair) around level 45+ and a pokemon who knows False Swipe at lvl 45+.

Make sure that you have around 20 Ultra Balls. Use Thunder Wave to paralyze the Bird, use Dragon Rage until it falls into the Red/Low Yellow zone. Then, switch out to the False Swiper (Something like Scyther or Persian) and lower it to One HP. Then, chuck Ultra balls at it non-stop.

These pokemon refuse to stay in the Balls, so keep trying. Don't resort to using your Master Ball, save that for the Legendary Dog, since it can run away. If you run out of Ultra balls, accidentaly kill it, use the Master Ball at all, or white out, just restart your game and try again. Catching them takes patience.