Pokémon Emerald review
Rayquaza Returns!

The good:

-Improved Storyline
-Ability to record all 386 Pokemon
-Able to catch Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza
-Battle Animations
-Battle Frontier

The bad:

-Too similar to Ruby/Sapphire


This is the best portable Pokemon game yet. It's a little different than Ruby/Sapphire, but the storyline takes a turn after about halfway through the game. The game-play is still addicting, and one of the best things brought back from the grave is that the Pokemon animations before battle, like from Crystal, are in Emerald. Plus the newest addition to the game, the Battle Frontier, vastly improves the already towering Replay Value of the game. You'll be able to battle through 7 different challenges, but they're not the same as any regular Pokemon battles, these battles will be a test of skill, as all the Pokemon you face will have similar levels to yours, meaning that only your skill with Pokemon will matter. The game-play in the game is still as fantastic as always, the graphics are crisp, and the sounds and music are suited for the game, just like it's predecessors. If you like RPG's which never get boring...then buy it immediately and you'll have a good reliable game which will give you hours of fun...I guarantee it.

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