Pokémon Emerald FAQ/Walkthrough v2.0
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Pokémon Emerald FAQ/Walkthrough

by Courante2   Updated to v2.0 on
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(submitted by Emma D Watson...not the real Emma)

By Tom Xia (dark_gta201) and Sam Scott(swscott)

Fido Megabowels - Joe Doggety (HI MAN!)


Welcome to the world of pokemon!!! Now, some people may think your
weird for playing this game, but just ignore them. I'm writing
this guide for you so it can help you to complete Pokemon Emerald
in a matter of hours. I'm currently playing this on VBA (Visual Boy
Advance) so if it is different to the real GBA version, I'm sorry.
If you have any suggestions, queries, tips, or anything, send
your email to either dark_gta201@hotmail.com or 


1.0 Version History

2.0 Walkthrough
2.1 Littleroot Town
2.2 Oldale Town
2.3 Petalburg City
2.4 Petalburg Woods/Aqua Battle
2.5 Rustburo City/Gym Battle
2.6 Rusturf Tunnel
2.7 Old man's ship
2.8 Dewford Town/Gym Battle
2.9 Granite Cave
3.0 Slateport City/Aqua Battle
3.1 Mauville City/Gym Battle
3.2 Route 111/113
3.3 Fallarbor Town
3.4 Meteor Falls
3.5 Mt. Chimney/Magma Battle
3.6 Lavaridge Town/Gym Battle
3.7 Petalburg City/Gym Battle
3.7.1 New Mauville
3.8 Route 118/119
3.9 Weather Institute/Aqua Battle
4.0 Fortree City
4.1 Route 120
4.2 Fortree City/Gym Battle
4.3 Route 120/121
4.4 Lilycove City
4.5 Mt Pyre/Aqua Battle
4.6 Magma Hideout
4.7 Slateport City
4.8 Aqua Hideout
4.9 Mossdeep City/Gym Battle
5.0 Space Center/Magma Battle
5.1 Seafloor Cavern/Aqua Battle
5.2 Sootopolis City
5.3 Sky Pillar
5.4 Sootopolis City/Gym Battle
5.5 Sky Pillar (optional)
5.6 Victory Road
5.7 Ever Grande City/Pokemon League

6.0 Controls

7.0 Copyright Info

8.0 Stuff I need to say...

9.0 Side Quests
9.1 Catching Kyogre and Groudon
9.2 Find Steven and Beat him
9.3 The Regis
9.4 Reopened Gyms
9.5 Trick House

10.0 TM/HM List

11.0 Item List 

12.0 Special Abillities 

13.0 Gym Leaders

14.0 Status/Natures

15.0 Battle Frontier
15.1 Battle Tower
15.2 Battle Dome
15.3 Battle Palace
15.4 Battle Arena
15.5 Battle Factory
15.6 Battle Pike
15.7 Battle Pyramid

16.0 Challenges

17.0 Gameshark Codes

18.0 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

19.0 Acknolegdments...

20.0 My Final Words...(of wisdom)


1.0 Version History

21/6/05...1.0...Started FAQ

22/6/05...1.1...Finished all up to the Rustburo Gym, did some
                more of the contents, and am just about to do

24/6/05...1.2...I added some new sections. Finished some more of
                the walkthrough and also finished 8.0 and 16.0.

29/6/05...1.3...Added another section. Finished Battle Frontier
                and "Challenges" and also started "Side Quests".

1/7/05....1.4...Added yet another new section, Trick House, and
                completed it.

2/7/05....1.5...Completed a lot of the Walkthrough. This is 
                really starting to look like a FAQ/Walkthrough.
                Added two new sections called Status/Natures and
                FAQ (How could I forget FAQ?)

3/7/05....1.6...A quick  little improvement, checked emails and 
                enlisted some challengers, got some tips, etc

4/7/05....1.7...Corrected a mistake in the Version History, and
                also did a hell lot of the Walkthrough. I think
                I'll finish that first before doing anything else.
                I did the ASCII Art. It looks like a hump of rubbish

6/7/05....1.8...More walkthrough, updated the Challenges section,
                more people email me, had to answer some more 
                question, and also updated this FAQ to GameFaqs.

12/7/05...1.9...Finished the Fortree City Gym Battle section, 
                started the Gym Leader section and started and 
                completed TM/HM List section. I need some help
                on a few locations with that.

13/7/05...2.0...I checked emails, in doing so, i added a lot 
                of new things. Starting to look good. Also Regis.

2.0 Walkthrough

2.1 Litteroot Town

You will start the game in a truck. When you exit your 
mum will come up to you and tell you to go and set your clock.
Go to your PC to get a potion. Exit. Go to May/Brendan痴 house next 
door to meet your rival. Then go up into route 101. You will be stopped 
by someone and told that there is someone shouting for help.
Press A on the bag too choose your first pok駑on. 

Pok駑on	Level	Type	Moves
Treecko	5	Grass	Pound, Leer
Torchic	5	Fire 	Scratch, Growl
Mudkip	5	Water	Tackle, Growl

Then you will do battle with a Lv 2 Zigzagoon. After you 
kill it, Prof. Birch will thank you and take you to his 
lab. He will then tell you to go and have a battle with May/Brendan. 
THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL. If you click no he will just ask you again and 
again; so just say yes. So continue to your first battle on route 103.


2.2 Oldale Town

Once you arrive in Oldale Town, immediately go to the Pokemon Center 
if your pokemon are hurt.If you try to go left to 102 you'll be stopped 
by a "scientist" who's trying to copy down footprints of a rare pokemon.
(WOW!) The only option is to go up, so head towards route 103.
Continue going up, ignore the pokemon, and you should eventually 
meet May/Brendan.They'll brief you about what it takes to be a trainer,
and your first battle commences!

Name: Pk Trainer May/Brendan

Pokemon Level   Type    Moves
Treeko  5       Grass   Pound, Leer      (if you chose Mudkip)
Torchic 5       Fire    Scratch, Growl   (if you chose Treeko
Mudkip  5       Water   Tackle, Growl    (if you chose Torchic)


Congratulations!!! You have just won your first match! May/Brendan 
will tell you to go back to the lab, so do so. May/Brendan will 
also be waiting at the entrance of oldale. Now continue falling 
down ledges until you reach good old Littleroot. Head inside the lab. 
Prof.Birch will meet you there along with May/Brendan. After the talk, 
he'll give you 5 pokeballs. (Yeah!!!).Now head back to oldale. The 
"scientist" who was tracing the footsteps of a rare pokemon, just 
stands in the middle of oldale foolishly. He says he finished tracing, 
but they were just his own footprints. (OH MY GOD!!!) Now head through
Route 102, continue going left until you meet you first trainer.

Name: Youngster Calvin

Pokemon   Level  Type  Moves 
Poochyena  5     Dark   ?


Nice!!! continue onwards, through the bush, and your second trainer

Name: Bug Catcher Rick

Pokemon Level  Type   Moves
Wurmple  4     Bug     ?
Wurmple  4     Bug     ?


This is pretty annoying to write you know. Now, walk onwards, through 
more bush, and another trainer is waiting to greet you.

Name: Youngster Allen

Pokemon   Level   Type   Moves 
Zigzagoon  4     Normal    ?
Taillow    3     Flying    ?


After another easy battle, walk onwards. Oh great, another trainer.
Don't worry, this is the last one in this route.

Name: Lass Tiana

Pokemon    Level   Type    Moves
Zigzagoon   4      Normal    ?
Shroomish   4      Grass     ?


Finally!!! All trainers in this route is gone!!! Now, you can calmly walk
onwards, running away from the pokemon you encounter, and enter the 
gates of Petalburg City.


2.3 Petalburg City

Petalburg city, I must say, is way more eyecatching than Oldale.
The music here is better too. If you try to go to Route 104, 
then you'll again be stopped by a crazy maniac. He will address
you to the town's gym, which happens to be your fathers. Enter the gym,
and once you start talking to your father, a boy comes in. You dad will say
he's name is Wally, and he's says he wants a pokemon. Your father will give 
him a zigzagoon, and will tell you to accompany Wally as he's 
catching he's first pokemon. You'll be lead out of the gym and into 
Route 102. Wally will encounter a ralts (IT'S ALWAYS A RALTS) level 5, 
and after he weakens it a bit with his zigzagoon, he'll catch it. 
You'll then be automatically teleported back to the gym. Wally gives 
zigzagoon back, thanks you and leaves. Your father will tell you to 
go to Rustburo gym to obtain your first badge! He also says for you
to challenge him when you have earned 4 badges.

So, after all this, leave Petalburg by going left, and another crazy
maniac will bump into you. He's looking for good trainers. 
He sees you, but doesn't really care that much about you. (how mean!)

Once you arrive at Route 104,you'll once again notice trainers! Time
to train again! The first trainer here is...

Name: Youngster Billy

Pokemon    Level   Type     Moves   
Zigzagoon   5      Normal    ?
Seedod      5      Grass     ?


Now, step on the beach, and engage the fisherman!

Name: Fisherman Darian

Pokemon   Level    Type     Moves
Magikarp   9       Water   Splash (I bet)


360 for defeating a guy with a lv9 magikarp? What is Nintendo thinking?
Now, continue upwards to Petalburg Woods, but you'll be stopped by
a lady...

Name: Lady Cindy

Pokemon    Level  Type       Moves
Zigzagoon   7     Normal      ?


WOW!!! She's rich! Now go up to enter the dreaded, Petalburg Woods.


2.4 Petalburg Woods/Aqua Battle           

Petalburg Woods...is nothing special. Head up, keep heading up, follow
the path, and WHY HELLO THERE! A trainer!

Name: Bug Catcher Lyle

Pokemon   Level   Type  Moves
Wurmple    3      Bug     ?
Wurmple    3      Bug     ?
Wurmple    3      Bug     ?
Wurmple    3      Bug     ?

That was just TOO simple. Continue heading up. Eventually you should see a 
guy with a green suit.He's looking for a shroomish, so it seems, and then...
TEAM AQUA!!! A team aqua grunt comes up to the green suited 
guy, and askes for a something from Devon. The Devon guy hides behind you,
and the Team Aqua grunt battles you...

Name: Team Aqua Grunt

Pokemon   Level  Type   Moves
Poochyena  9      Dark    ?  


After you beat him, the Aqua guy storms off to Rustburo, and the Devon
man thanks you, gives you a great ball, and heads 
up. Follow him, but you'll encounter another trainer, and he's no
pussy cat...

Name: Bug Catcher James

Pokemon   Level   Type    Moves
Nincada    6       Bug     ?
Nincada    6       Bug     ?


Now just exit Petalburg Woods via the top entrance, and prepare to face
... more trainers *gulp*

There's a lot of trainers here you know. But know that playing the game
is way more fun than writing it. You'll meet...

Name: Rich Boy Winston

Pokemon    Level   Type    Moves
Zigzagoon   7     Normal     ?

Money: 1400

Continue right, and more trainers are awaiting your arrival...

Name: Lass Haley

Pokemon     Level     Type      Moves
Lotad        6     water/Grass   ?
Shroomish    6        Grass      ?


Now head up the bridge, and around half way you'll meet twins, and prepare
to face your first ever double battle...

Name: Twins Gina and Mia

Pokemon  Level   Type        Moves
Lotad     6    water/Grass    ?
Seedot    6      Grass        ?


MONEY CHECK: 7392!!! (if wrong, please correct via email)

Walk up the bridge, head right and talk to the fisherman. He doesn't
appear to happy...

Name: Fisherman Ivan

Pokemon   Level  Type    Moves
Magikarp   5     Water    ?
Magikarp   6     Water    ?
Magikarp   7     Water    ?


With all the trainers out of the way, go up to Rustburo City, and
your first Gym Battle.

2.5 Rustburo City/Gym Battle

Welcome to Rustburo City. Now, go to the house on the left. Inside
talk to the man. He'll give you the HM Cut! Now head back out and 
into the Pokemon center. HEAL YOUR POKEMON! If your ready, go right 
and head inside the Rustburo GYM!

The Rustburo Gym has changed a lot. Go up. Meet your first gym

Name: Youngster Josh

Pokemon Level  Type  Moves
Geodude   10   Rock   ?

Money: 160

That wasn't too bad was it? Now continue heading up and 
you'll be ambushed by two trainers.

Name: Youngster Tommy and Hiker Marc

Pokemon Level Type   Moves
Geodude  8    Rock    ?
Geodude  8    Rock    ?
Geodude  8    Rock    ?
Geodude  8    Rock    ?


Now head up to face the Rustburo Gym leader.

Name: Leader Roxanne

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Geodude   12    Rock    ?
Geodude   12    Rock    ?
Nosepass  15    Rock    ?


Nice! You have just beaten Leader Roxanne! She gives you Stone
Badge and also TM39 Rock Tomb. Now leave with satisfaction, heal
your pokemon, and make your way towards Route 116. 

This place is filled with trainers. This could get seriously annoying.
Now, there are two paths, one at the top and one at the bottom. It
doesn't matter which one you take, they both lead to the same place.
These are the trainers that you will encounter.

Name: Youngster Joey (A name from the old GSC series)

Pokemon Level   Type     Moves
Machop   9     Fighting   ?


Name: Bug Catcher Jose

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Wurmple    8     Bug    ?
Nincada    8     Bug    ?


Name: School Kid Karen

Pokemon     Level  Type   Moves
Shroomish    9     Grass   ?


Name: Hiker Devan

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Geodude   8     Rock    ?
Geodude   8     Rock    ?

Name: Lady Sarah and Rich Boy Dawson   

Pokemon    Level  Type         Moves
Lotad       8    Water/Grass     ?
Zigzagoon   8     Normal         ?
Zigzagoon   8     Normal         ? 
Poochyena   8     Dark           ?

Name: School kid Jerry and Lass Janice

Pokemon Level  Type      Moves
Ralts    9    Pyschic      ?
Marill   9     Water       ?


Ok, with all that done, head right and into the Rusturf Tunnel. You'll see
and old man outside saying about how somebody took off with his dear
Peeko. Ah heh, well walk inside the Rusturf Tunnel.


2.6 Rusturf Tunnel

Head up and up the platform. Get the pokeball. Then go to the right.
Talk to the Aqua guy. You'll notice a Wingull beside him right? That's Peeko.
The Aqua guy will move back one step. Talk to him
once again and he'll challenge you. He raised his Poochyena by two levels, 
but he still should be as simple as shooting fish in a barrel.

Name: Team Aqua Grunt

Pokemon    Level  Type  Moves
Poochyena   11    Dark    ?


After the battle, he'll give the Wingull back, runs off, and then the
old man comes in. (You might have noticed him at the entrance of 
the cave) He'll thank you, and walks off. Follow him out of the

You'll see the Devon guy. He'll ask you how did it go. Then he'll give
you another Great Ball. And for it you'll have the task of delivering it 
to Slateport. He'll lead you inside Devon and there you'll
talk to Mr. President. He'll give you another Task of going to Dewford
to send a message to Steven. Well, now we have two tasks. After he'll
give you a PokeNav. Then exit. As you exit a scientist will stop you
and give you Match Call to your PokeNav. Then call the President. Then
go to the Pokemon Center.  

Heal your pokemon at the pokemon center, Now head down and you'll see your 
rival, May/Brendan. Talk to him/her, and they'll challenge you. 

Name: Pk Trainer May/Brendan

Pokemon               level       Type        Moves
Wingull                13        Water          ?
Lotad                  13       Water/Grass     ?
Torchic/Mudkip/Treeko  15   Fire/Water/Grass    ?

(The pokemon May/Brendan have are due to what you picked as your starter)

(Lotad submitted by Ed Opoku)

So, what did you think after the battle. Easy? Hard? His Wingull was
very annoying to me... if anybody knows the other pokemon 
or anything different to a Wingull can you please email them to us? 

After that battle, go back to the cottage I mentioned earlier. Go inside
and you'll see and very humourous event where the old man is chasing
the Wingull. Talk to the old man. He'll give you a ride to Dewford
and Slateport WOOOOHOOOOO! Accept his offer, and off to sea we go!


2.7 Old man's ship

I don't know why this deserves it's own section, but eh. All you can do 
is sit back and enjoy the ride. You'll see how annoying it is trying
to surf here due to all the trainers. The ride won't take very long.
Soon you'll arrive in Dewford. 


2.8 Dewford Town/Gym Battle

Dewford Town is just a peaceful town by the ocean. There isn't anything
special or anything. Talk to the kid outside the big house and he'll 
ask you what's Hip Hop or not. Put in anything. Hope he'll like it.
It doesn't really matter though. 

Heal your pokemon and buy some potions from the mart if you have to.
After that's done head inside the Dewford Gym.

This Gym is pitch black. But don't worry since I'm here to help you.
Go up to a blue grey wall. You'll reach a fork. Head east because
west leads to a dead end. They'll you'll reach a...

Big fork with four paths. If you go the south eastern path you'll meet...

Name: Battle Girl Laura

Pokemon   Level  Type   Moves
Meditite   13  Fight/Pys  ?


Your circle of light will get bigger. Awesome. Now go directly north
and you'll be at another fork. Go the western path. Then go west. 
Here another trainer challenges you.

Name: Black Belt Takao

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Machop    13   Fight    ?


Then go back to the fork. Go the eastern path this time. You'll get
ambushed by two trainers. 

Name: Sailor Brendan and Battle Girl Lilith

Pokemon   Level  Type   Moves
Machop     13    Fight    ?
Meditite   13  Fight/Pys  ?

Your Circle of light will get even bigger. But since they are now 
blocking the path, you'll have to go back again. Go west and
go north. You'll be at the place near where you versed Black
Belt Takao. This time however, go up the western path and 
a trainer callenges you.

Name: Black Belt Cristian

Pokemon   Level  Type   Moves
Makuhita   13    Fight    ?


You should have now a relatively big circle of light. Go east and
up. Another fork. But this time you'll see that the eastern path 
leads to a trainer. Battle her.

Name: Battle Girl Jocelyn

Pokemon   Level  Type   Moves
Meditite   13  Fight/Pys  ?


Now go the western path. You'll meet the Gym Leader, Brawly. If
you had no problems getting here then you'll easily beat him. If 
your pokemon are badly injured go to the Pokemon Center and 
heal you pokemon. Now challenge him.

Name: Leader Brawly

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Machop    16    Fight    ?
Meditite  16  Fight/Pys  ?
Makuhita  19    Fight    ?

Money: 1900

Now the whole Gym is illuminated! You'll get the TM08 Bulk Up, and
of course the Knuckle Badge. Congrats! You now have two Hoenn Badges.

Now that the whole Gym is in light, make your way to the exit.
Heal your pokemon. Then we have to start doing the task of Mr.
President!!! If you head up from Dewford Town, then you'll meet
a fisherman. You'll be likely to be challenged from him, so
here goes nothing...

Name: Fisherman Ned

Pokemon    Level  Type      Moves
Tentacool   11 Poison/Water   ?


Next head left and meet another fisherman. Engage.

Name: Fisherman Elliot

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Magikarp  10   Normal    ?
Tentacool  7 Poison/Water?
Magikarp  10   Normal    ?


He'll register you on your PokeNav. Now go up the northern path and head
left. It looks like a dead end. Well, it is but if you click on the last 
tile you'll find a PokeBall. Now head back to Granite Cave.


2.9. Granite Cave

Talk to the Mountain Hiker there. He'll give you HM5 Flash. Teach it
to one of your pokemon. You'll need to use it farther on. Head west. 
Get the Escape Rope. You might need it if you get lost. Now go down 
the ladder.

You'll be in pitch darkness. This is where Flash comes in Handy. So 
use it. You'll see that your surrounded by rocks and that the only
way out is north. So go north. Follow the path and ignore the 
sand waterfall. You'll reach a fork. Head down to get the Pokeball.
Now go east and follow the path down the ladder.

Follow the path up the platform. Head east and up the platform and
click on the rock. You'll get everstone. Now head east and up the ladder.
Then up the second ladder.

You'll be back at the entrance of the cave, except this time your
on the raised cliff. Head west and south to the door. Enter. There
you'll find Steven. Talk to him. You'll hand over the letter. Then 
you'll get TM47 Steel Wing. Then you'll register him in your PokeNav.
Then he exits without even saying goodbye? How rude these trainers
can be. Follow him out and go west down the ledges. DON'T GO DOWN 
THE LADDER! Instead follow the path west and out of the cave. 


3.0 Slateport City/Aqua Battle

Well, we're not at Slateport right now, but we're going there. Talk
to Mr. Briney again. But before that heal your pokemon. He'll ask you
where do you want to go. Say Slateport. On the voyage you'll see a 
whole a lot of trainers, but you don't have to fight them yet.
You'll even pass an abandoned ship which is kind of cool. Anyway 
once you arrive on the beach...

Once you arrive on the beach you'll meet a ton of trainers which is
good for your training. Go up and talk to the girl with the pink tube.
She'll give you the Soft Sand. Now go west and talk to the sailor.
Little do you know that he is a trainer heh heh heh...

Name: Sailor Huey

Pokemon  Level  Type     Moves
Wingull   12  Water/Fly    ?
Machop    12    Fight      ?


If you go to the orange umbrella you'll see a pink thing moving. I wonder
what it is. Click on it, and yes, if you were wondering, it is a trainer.

Name: Tuber Hailey

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Marill    13    water    ?


Afterwards if you start walking around then Roxanne of the Rustburo Gym
will call. She heard from Brawly that you're moving up the ranks of 
Trainers at and incredible clip. She'd rather not think that she can't
beat you. She'll promise to shape up her Gym so that you may challenge
her again. She looks forward to that occasion.

Anyway, walk to the center of both the sailor and the little guy in the
tube, and they'll both double battle you.

Name: Sailor Edmund and Tuber Ricky 

Pokemon   Level  Type   Moves
Wingull     13  Water     ?
Zigzagoon   13  Normal    ?

You'll register Tuber Ricky. Now go North east to the Item. BUT WAIT!
Two trainers are hiding in the umbrellas. You can't reach the item...yet

Name: Tuber Lola and Tuber Chandler

Pokemon   Level  Type      Moves
Azurill    12   Normal       ?
Tentacool  12  Poison/Wat    ?
Azurill    12   Normal       ?
Tentacool  12  Poison/Wat    ?


Registed Tuber Lola. Now you can get the "POTION"! without any 
problems. Now go west inside the SeaShore House.

In here are three trainers. But you don't have to verse them yet. Talk 
to the man north. He's Mr Sea. He loves Pokemon battles and will
give you a reward if you beat all three trainers here. So do so... 
starting from the west is...

Name: Sailor Dwayne

Pokemon  Level  Type    Moves
Wingull   11   Wat/Fly    ?
Machop    11    Fight     ?
Tentacool 11  Pois/Wat    ?


Next up, the Beauty Queen...

Name: Beauty Johanna

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Goldeen   13    Water    ?


And finally...

Name: Tuber Simon

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Azurill   12   Normal    ?
Marill    12    water    ?

Money:48 (Why do tubers give you so less money?)

Now talk to Mr.Sea. He'll give you half a dozen Soda Pops. Exit. Now
as you have long awaited for, go to Slateport City! Wow, the ocean
air really takes over. Head up the long path and...TEAM AQUA!!! 
What are they doing here? You can't challenge them here, so just 
go to the Pokemon Center and heal. Go to the Pokemon Fan Club. Talk
to the girl at the top. If your pokemon love you enough, she'll give
you a Soothe Bell. If you want you can get interviewed too. Now head 
out. If you want you can nickname your pokemon at the Name Rater's
place north of here. Or you can do battle at the Battle Tent north
of the Name Rater's house. With all that done, head inside the
shipyard south of the Aquarium.

Wow, a shipyard. Go up and talk to the bald guy. He's name is Dock.
He'll ask you to find Capt. Stern and give him the Devon Goods. 
So head outside and if you run north then the Aqua guys won't 
be outside the Aquarium anymore. Guess where they are now? Yes,
that's right. There inside the Aquarium!!! Well that's just great. 

Note: You need at least 50 yen to continue. (hahahahaha)

Team Aqua are everywhere. Talk to the guy nearest you. He can't
believe that your here. He's the Team Aqua guy that you thumped
before. He'll give you TM46 to forgive him. Then he storms out
of there.

If you want you can talk to the Team Aqua guys if you want. After
your done head upstairs. You see that scientist? Yes, that's 
Capt. Stern. Walk over to him and talk to him. After some talk,
two Team Aqua guys will	come in and challenge you.

Name: Team Aqua Grunt

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Carvanha   15   Water    ?


Then the second Aqua Guy will challenge you.

Name: Team Aqua Grunt

Pokemon  Level  Type    Moves
Zubat      14   Normal    ?
Carvanha   14   Water     ?


Afterwards, Team Aqua's Leader comes in. Archie. He'll warn 
you not to mess with them again. Then the screen goes black...
and they're gone. Capt.Stern will talk to you again. You'll
give him the Devon Goods, and in return he heals your 
pokemon. (I was expecting something much better!)

As you leave the Aquarium, Scott comes in again. He'll
register you in his PokeNav and take off. Now with
Team Aqua out of the way, head north up to Route 110, but
remember to buy a Harbour Mail first.

After you pass the entrance to Cycling Road, you'll see
Prof.Birch. He'll ask you where Brendan is, but later
thinks that you two are working separately. He'll register 
you in his PokeNav, likewise, and take off north. 

You take off north too. But you won't get very far until 
you get ambushed by two PokeFans of fair skill.

Name: PokeFan Isabel and PokeFan Kaleb

Pokemon  Level  Type      Moves
Plusle    14   Elec/Nor?    ?
Minun     14   Elec/Nor?    ?
Minun     14   Elec/Nor?    ?
Plusle    14   Elec/Nor?    ?


Another register. Boy, this is getting hard to write. Anyway head north
and you'll see the Trick House. For more information on the 
Trick House go to section 9.5 Trick House. Anyway it's time again
for trainer busting! However, This Time The Trainers (TTTT) are harder.
So, at the fork, go left for Trainer Busting #2!

The first trainer is...

Name: Aroma Lady Daisy

Pokemon   Level  Type   Moves
Shroomish   14   Grass    ?
Roselia     14   Grass    ?


Now go up and use cut on the tree. You'll get ambushed by two trainers.

Name: Black Belt Rhett and Guitarist Marcos

Pokemon   Level  Type   Moves 
Makuhita   15   Fight     ?
Voltorb    15   Normal    ?


Go west and retrieve the PP UP. Now go back down and west through 
the southern path. Get the three berries. Now head back down to the
big path. If you walk across you'll be challenged by the twins.

Name: Twins Amy and Liv

Pokemon  Level  Type     Moves
Plusle    15  Elec/Nor?    ?
Minun     15  Elec/Nor?    ?


Another register. Your Match Call should be well on the way now.

Head west more. Again, a trainer will see you and battle you. 
This times it's...

Name: PokeFan Miguel

Pokemon  Level  Type    Moves
Skitty    15   Normal     ?


Yet another register. Don't worry there's only one more trainer 
this time. Talk to the Fisherman running up and down like a 
crazy maniac (like Josh Dunell) 

Name: Fisherman Andrew

Pokemon   Level  Type   Moves
Magikarp    5   Normal    ?
Tentacool   10 Pois/Wat   ?
Magikarp    15  Normal    ?


That concludes Trainer Busting #2! Now go back to the Trick 
House but don't go inside! Instead head right. There you'll see
a trainer by himself in the grass. Engage.

Name: Youngster Timmy

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Aron      15    Rock     ?
Electrike 13    Elec     ?


But as you head north, oh, what a surprise! It's May/Brendan! 
He'll check to see if you've been raising your pokemon 
efficiently. Of course, when I say checking, I mean

Name: Pk Trainer Brendan

Pokemon  Level  Type      Moves
Lombre    18   Wat/Grass    ?
Marshtomp 20   Wat/Ground   ?
Slugma    18    Fire        ?


That was easy. He'll give you the ItemFinder. Then he gets on
his bike and takes off. How come he has a bike? Hey "How Come"
That's a song. This has nothing to do with the guide but here
are the lyrics.


So i changed huh? You got a phone, pick it up, call me!

How come we dont even talk no more
And you dont even call no more
We dont barely keep in touch at all
And I dont even feel the same love when we hug no more
And I heard it through the grape vine we even beefin' now
After all the years we been down
Aint no way no how, this bullshit can't be true
We family aint a damn thing changed, unless it's you!

Verse 1 by Eminem
we were so young, so full of life in vibrant side by side wherever
you was ridin i went
So close, almost on some Bonnie and Clyde shit
When ronnie died you was right by my side with a sholder to cry on
A tissue to wipe my eyes, and a bucket to catch every tear i cried 
inside it
You even had the same type of childhood i did
Sometimes i just want to know why is it that you surcame to yours
And mine i survived it, you ran the streets, i 9 to 5'd it
We grew up, grew apart, as time went by us, then i blew up
To both yours and mine surprises
Now i feel the vibe i just cant describe it
As much as your pride tries to hide it
Your cold, you touch its just like ice
In your eyes is the look of resenment
And i can sense it, and i dont like it

How come we dont even talk no more
And you dont even call no more
We dont barely keep in touch at all
And I dont even feel the same love when we hug no more
And I heard it through the grape vine we even beefin' now
After all the years we been down
Aint no way no how, this bullshit can't be true
We family aint a damn thing changed, unless it's you!

Verse 2 by some freak
It was my dream at first to be on spittin a verse
On my own album with a deal but shit got worse
So i came out i woulda killed a nigga first
Before i let him disrespect me and check me over some worste
Some bitch that i wasnt with i would hit her then quit
But you would pull a talk with her and tell her she was the shit
I told you dont get involved in it, you was smokin the chron with 
Comin out of the bar with her stumblin half drunk
Like yall was husband and wife or somethin
But me catchin her fuckin other niggers musta hurt you pride or 
Cuz you wont fall victim at the mouth with people like you
wanted with me
When all i tried to do was show your bitch was shifty
And ever since the fans and all the shit that i produced
You actin like i aint ya man and lyin like she can't be loose
But i am really you friend, i'm jus trying to tell you the truth
But dont hate the game or the player
The one that is changing is you

How come we dont even talk no more
And you dont even call no more
We dont barely keep in touch at all
And I dont even feel the same love when we hug no more
And I heard it through the grape vine we even beefin' now
After all the years we been down
Aint no way no how, this bullshit can't be true
We family aint a damn thing changed, unless it's you!

Verse 3 by some other freak.
You're only at the top cause my homie had to stop
Now we actin like i gotta live only for the block
And homies in the hood only see be on the tube
Only gossip on the porch get to speakin on who
Fools i used to rap with all expect magic
Like my finger get to snappin and *poof* it just happen
But PROOF is just actin out the part he was thrown
Shady made it so my babys aint starvin at home
See the devil in you grin since the ghetto we been friends
Forever real intelligence thats forever till the end
I keep the hatred in your eyes and the satan in your lies
Aint wastin my times with these snakes in disguise
(how come)when you talk its with bitter and spite
And (how come) it's my fault for what you did with your life
And everytime i go to hear you and play you look away
We barely embrace, you can't even look me in my face.

How come we dont even talk no more
And you dont even call no more
We dont barely keep in touch at all
And I dont even feel the same love when we hug no more
And I heard it through the grape vine we even beefin' now
After all the years we been down
Aint no way no how, this bullshit can't be true
We family aint a damn thing changed, UNLESS IT'S YOU!


I don't know why da hell I wrote that. It's just the lyrics. 
Oh well, proceed north. You'll see two trainers facing each
other and a gap in the middle. Stand in that gap to let them
double battle you.

Name: Collector Edwin and Guitarist Joseph

Pokemon    Level  Type      Moves
Lombre      14   Wat/Grass    ?
Electrike   14    Elec        ?
Nuzleaf     14   Grass/Dark   ?  
Voltorb     14    Normal      ?

Money: 1288

A registration. Hardly a surprise. Head west and A CYCLIST?
What's a cyclist doing here? Well, apparently she fell of 
Cycling Road. Hah, how embarrasing.

Name: Triathlete Alyssa

Pokemon    Level  Type   Moves
Magnemite    15   Elec     ?


If you try to get the Item, then the guy on the left will stop you. So
now you face:

Name: Psychic Edward

Pokemon  Level  Type    Moves
Abra      15   Pyschic    ?


Now you can get the item which is an Elixer. Then if you see there is 
a patch of land not covered by grass. click it and you'll get a
PokeBall. Then head up and if you want engage the fisherman.

Name: Fisherman Dale

Pokemon    Level  Type    Moves
Tentacool   11  Wat/Pois    ?
Wailmer     14    Water     ?
Wailmer     24    Water     ?
Tentacool   11  Wat/Pois    ?


Now head up and retrieve the three berries. After that you can easily
head north into Mauville City. 


3.1 Mauville City/Gym Battle

You see that house as you first enter
Mauville? The house beside the Mart. Well go inside with the Harbour
Mail. I told you to buy it at Slateport didn't I? The girl there, in
exchange will give you the Coin Case for the casino. Now heal your
pokemon at the Pokemon Center and head right into the building. 
This is where you'll get you bike! Talk to the green guy there. 
He'll comment on your shoes. Then he'll be absolutely flabbergasted
that you came from Litteroot! So he'll give you a choice of bikes,
the Mach Bike and the Acro Bike. I say the Mach Bike, because you
don't need the Acro Bike for the story, and anyway what's the point
with all those tricks on the Acro Bike anyway. And you need the Mach
Bike to catch the "green dragon" although we're not nearly completed
the game enough to catch it. So pick the Mach Bike, but it's really
just your choice.

First lets get Rock Smash! Head to the house south of the Bike shop
and you'll meet a scientist or the "Rock Smash Guy". He'll give you
Rock Smash "well dur" and finally you can smash does little rocks
that sometimes block your path. 

There are some trainers east, but let's ignore them for now. Head west
and you'll see Wally and his uncle standing by the Gym. Talk to Wally.
Wait or sleep during the talk. Eventually Wally will challenge you to
a battle.  

Name: Pk Trainer Wally

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Ralts     16   Psychic   ?


After the battle...more talk. That is something. Scott comes again.
blahblahblahblahblah heal your pokemon at the pokemon center and enter
the Mauville City Gym. 

Head up, and go left. Stand in the middle of the two trainers for a 
double battle.

Name: Battle Girl Vivian and Guitarist Kirk

Pokemon   Level  Type     Moves
Electrike  17    Elec       ? 
Meditite   17  Fight/Psy    ?
Meditite   17  Fight/Psy    ?
Voltorb    17   Elec        ?


Step on the switch to the left. Then step on the switch a bit north 
east of where you are. Now all trainers are accessable and so is the
Gym Leader! But first, we take care of some pestering trainers.

Go up a bit and talk to that guy. He'll challenge you.

Name: Youngster Ben

Pokemon    Level  Type    Moves
Zigzagoon    17   Normal    ?
Gulpin       17     ?       ?

Now step on the switch to the right and go between the two trainers for
another double battle.

Name: Bug Maniac Angelo and Guitarist Shawn

Pokemon   Level  Type    Moves
Illumise   17    Grass     ?
Voltorb    17    Elec      ?
Magnemite  17   Elec/Steel ?
Volbeat    17    Grass     ?


I recommend to heal your pokemon, train them up few levels, then come 
back. Either way, now you can walk up north of the Gym and to the
3rd Gym Leader. Engage.

Name: Leader Wattson

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Voltorb   20    Elec     ?
Electrike 20    Elec     ?
Magneton  22  Elec/Steel ?
Manectric 24    Elec     ?


Recieved the Dynamo Badge and TM34! and a register... now with all
the traps out of the way you can calmly walk south and out of the
Gym. Heal your pokemon and prepare for...

Trainer Busting #3!!!

TTTT (this time the trainers) are "more spread out". We have two sections
to bust, Cycling Road and Route 117 (the route to Verdanturf Town)
Let's start off with the trainers in Cycling Road.

You need a bike for this busting. And if you didn't get the harbour mail
I told you to get at Slateport this would be the perfect oppurtunity 
to do it! So let's head out for some real trainer busting!

Go up, right, down. The first woman you see isn't a trainer. Damnit.
If you continue going down then you'll meet a challenger.

Name: Triathlete Abigail

Pokemon    Level  Type     Moves
Magnemite   16  Elec/Steel   ?


Cool, a register. You see that bloody slow person on a bike like he's 
just learning? (Well he's Josh Dunell.) If he sees you he'll challenge you.

Name: Triathlete Anthony

Pokemon   Level  Type     Moves
Magnemite  14  Elec/Steel   ?
Magnemite  14  Elec/Steel   ?


No register this time? Heh, well resume riding down, and you see that
cyclist who's just riding around in circles? Yep, that's a trainer 
all right.

Name: Triathlete Benjamin

Pokemon    Level  Type     Moves
Magnemite   16  Elec/Steel   ?


How predicatble, another register. Now head south and you see that
trainer that is riding on the west edge? challenge her. 

Name: Triathlete Jasmine

Pokemon    Level  Type     Moves
Magnemite   14  Elec/Steel   ?
Magnemite   14  Elec/Steel   ?
Voltorb      6    Elec       ?


Continue riding south and a cyclist will ride from the west to the east.
He's a trainer so battle him.

Name: Triathlete Jacob

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Voltorb    6    Elec     ?
Voltorb    6    Elec     ?
Magnemite 14  Elec/Steel ?


Well done! You have just cleaned Cycling Road. As a reward, you may now
head to Slateport for the Harbour Mail, or return to Mauville via Cycling
Road. Either way, head back to Mauville and head west, for another round
of Trainer Busting #3!

Once you arrive in Route 117, the first thing you'll notive is the 
Day care Center. Put a pokemon in if you want. Anyway this place 
really needs some busting, it has millions of trainers. So first head the 
path south and the trainer will likely see you, therefore battle you.

Name: Triathlete Dylan

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Doduo     17   Normal    ?


Writing Registers is now getting boring. Whenever there's a register 
from now on I'm going to write REG ok? Good. Head up to get the three
berries. Now head back up the eastern path and go the northen path this 
time. You'll meet a Sr and a Jr.

Name: Sr and Jr Anna and Meg

Pokemon    Level  Type    Moves
Zigzagoon   15    Normal    ?
Makuhita    17    Fight     ?


REG. Now continue the path to the intersection with a trainer.

Name: Pk Breeder Isaac

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves 
Whismur   11   Normal   ?
Zigzagoon 11   Normal   ?
Aron      11    Rock    ?
Poochyena 11    Dark    ?
Makuhita  11   Fight    ?
Taillow   11    Fly     ?


REG. That was annoying. Continue west to find a girl running up and
down. You can battle her.

Name: Traithlete Maria

Pokemon  Level  Type    Moves
Doduo     17    Normal    ?


REG. Go west and at the top you'll two trainers standing side by side
and a trainer running around in the middle. It doens't matter who you 
double battle with just beat them all.

Name: Battle Girl Aisha and Triathlete Melina

Pokemon   Level  Type     Moves
Meditite   17  Fight/Pys    ?    
Doduo      17   Normal      ?


Name: Pyschic Brandi

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves 
Ralts     17    Psy     ?


Ok, with that done, use cut on the tree above. Then head west and get 
revive. Now head back east and go south. A trainer comes up to you.
Prepare for another challenge.

Name: Bug Maniac Derek

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Dustox    16    Bug     ?
Beautifly 16    Bug     ?


Only one more trainer now. It's the girl that's farthest east, spinning
around like Josh Dunell. Challenge her. 

Name: Pk Breeder Lydia

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Wingull    11   Water    ?
Marill     11   Water    ?
Roselia    11   Grass    ?
Shroomish  11   Grass    ?
Goldeen    11   Water    ?
Skitty     11   Normal   ?


REG. That concludes Trainer Busting #3! With Rock Smash, step into
Verdanturf Town and into Rusturf Tunnel.

There you'll have to face a trainer before you can do anything.

Name: Hiker Mike

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Geodude   16    Rock    ?
Geodude   16    Rock    ?
Machop    16    Fight   ?


With that head north get the item. Then use Rock Smash on the southern
rock. Then the Fighter guy will be so happy he gives you HM4 Strength!
Then Wanda and the fighter will leave back to their house. Exit. 

Now enter Wanda's House. On the right side is wally. Talk to him if you
want. Then talk to everybody else if you desire. Then exit and make your
way back to Mauville.

Once you arrive, head north up the path and as you go say "Byebye Mauville!
That was one long section on Mauville City wasn't it? Now we can forget it
and proceed to the next section: Route 111/113!


3.2 Route 111/113

These two routes take a seriously long time to do.
That's why they deserve a section of there own. Anyhoo, let's go north. 
Have a double battle with those two people there.

Name: Camper Tyron and Aroma Lady Celina

Pokemon    Level  Type    Moves
Sandshrew   19    Ground    ?
Roselia     18    Grass     ?


Now go farther north and step in where those two trainers eyes meet. 
Another double battle.

Name: Picnicker Bianca and Kindler Hayden

Pokemon   Level  Type   Moves
Shroomish   18   Grass    ?
Numel       18   Fire     ?


Then get the Elixir. You can now head up and challenge the Winstrate

Talk to the man guarding the house. He'll ask you if you want to challenge
the Winstrate Family? Say yes, and you'll be put into battle!

Name: Winstrate Victor

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Taillow   16    Fly     ?
Zigzagoon 16   Normal   ?


The man will go inside, and a woman comes out. Another challenger.

Name: Winstrate Victoria

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Roselia   17   Grass    ?


The woman goes inside, and out comes a young girl.

Name: Winstrate Vivi

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Marill    15    Water   ?
Shroomish 15    Grass   ?
Numel     15    Fire    ?


After the battle, the girl cries and calls for her Grandma. Awww.
Put grandma ain't so cuddly. She's angry that you upset her
granddaughter. Now for your final battle of the Winstrate's.

Name: Winstrate Vicky

Pokemon   Level  Type      Moves
Meditite    18  Fight/Psy    ?


Then old grandma withdraws to the comfort of her house. Go inside
and retrieve the Macho Brace from mum. That's all you get for
defeating the four trainers and a load of rubbish about their 
son who's even stronger that you and must be challenging the
Pokemon League by now. Buullll. Exit.

Now head north and use Rock Smash on one of those two rocks.
Now you can farther walk north. There should be a interviewer
named Gabby hugging the east wall. Talk to her or the camera 
dude and you'll face off against...

Name: Interviewer Gabby and Ty

Pokemon   Level  Type      Moves
Magnemite  17  Elec/Steel    ?
Whismur    17   Normal       ?


After the battle, you'll be asked to be interviewed. Well, why
not? After you put in your phrase don't miss it on TV very soon!

Now resume north and not too long a trainer battles you.

Name: Picnicker Irene

Pokemon    Level  Type  Moves
Shroomish   17   Grass    ?
Marill      17   Water    ?


As you go up another trainer challenges you.

Name: Camper Travis

Pokemon    Level  Type   Moves
Sandshrew   18   Ground    ?


If you continue heading north, you'll be stopped by a vicious 
sand storm, so to avoid it, go west. But this way has way more
trainers for you... man this is getting real annoying to write.
But I'm not give up, not like last time.

Name: Camper Larry

Pokemon  Level  Type     Moves
Nuzleaf   18  Dark/Grass   ?


Follow the brown path to the next trainer, spinning out of control
just like Josh Dunell.

Name: Picnicker Carol

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Taillow    17   Fly     ?
Lombre     17 Water/Grs ?


Go up the stairs and go west to the cave. But before that, a trainer 
will battle you.

Name: Hiker Trent

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Geodude   16    Rock    ?
Geodude   17    Rock    ?
Geodude   16    Rock    ?


REG. It's been some time since a register. Anyway now you can head up
the cave to your left.

Welcome to Fiery Path!!! This place is hot. But of course you can't feel
it. So follow the path and head out of the cave at th end. If you get lost
then you are officially a Grade A dumbass. 

Walk a bit west. Time it right and step inbetween the two trainers when
they're looking at each other. Time for Double battle or Double Battle

Name: Kindler Bryant and Aroma Lady Shayla

Pokemon   Level  Type  Moves
Numel      18    Fire    ?
Shroomish  18    Grass   ?
Slugma     18    Fire    ?
Roselia    18    Grass   ?


Head east. There you'll meet a blonde trainer. So, battle him!

Name: Cooltrainer Wilton

Pokemon    Level  Type  Moves
Electrike   17    Elec    ?
wailmer     17    Water   ?
Makuhita    17    Fight   ?


REG. Follow the brown path and you'll see a guy standing near a very odd 
tree. (Not sudowoodo) Talk to him and he'll give you Secret Power.

Now head north. Get all the berries. Now there is a trainer up on the
cliff. To get to him though you need the Mach Bike. You should have it.
If you don't then skip the next two paragraphs. (excluding the pokemon

To get to the trainer do you see the sand waterfall thingy? Build up your
speed on the Mach Bike and charge into it. The next thing you know, you're
on top of the cliff! Now follow the cliff path til you see a Black Belt
running up and down. Challenge him.

Name: Black Belt Daisuke

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Machop    19   Fight    ?


If you taught Secret Power to one of your pokemon now, then you can 
make your secret base up here. There's a lot of dents to choose from
so pick well! This place ain't that bad to tell the truth. After your
done, head back down the cliff and stop where we left off before going
up the cliff.

Head south and and enter the house. Talk to the old woman to heal your
pokemon if you like. By now the interview you did earlier should be on 
TV. Watch it for all I care.

Exit and head back north. Go west. Tons of trainer await you now. 
And because of that...IT's time for Trainer Busting #4!
TTTT are in less numbers I think, but once again we have to bust
two areas. The difficulty in the trainers has risen dramatically,
although yours should be too, so Trainer Busting #4 shouldn't be
too much of a problem.

As you head west, a trainer will stop you. This begins Trainer 
Busting #4!

Name: Cooltrainer Brooke

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Wingull    17   Water    ?
Roselia    17   Grass    ?
Numel      17   Fire     ?


REG. Now continue west. That's one section of the busting! What one
trainer? Yes, I know, but now as you head inside Route 113, the 
trainers are in bigger numbers, as we move farther on to Fallabor.

Follow the path until you see a blue guy. He's a trainer so challenge 

Name: Youngster Jaylen

Pokemon   Level  Type   Moves
Trapinch   19   Ground    ?


Now head north and do you see that lump of ground that's sticking out
a bit. Click on it and you'll recieve the Ether. Now fall down the ledge
to your right. Three trainers are waiting, but unfortunately you can't
have triple battles so you can only face two at a time.

Name: Ninja Boy Lung and Camper Lawrence

Pokemon  Level  Type       Moves
Koffin    18    Poison       ?
Baltoy    18    Pys/Grnd?    ?
Sandshrew 18    Ground       ? 
Ninjask   18    Bug          ?


Automatically, the third trainer comes up to you and challenges you.

Name: Pokemaniac Wyatt

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Aron      18    Rock    ?
Aron      18    Rock    ?


Just so you know, there is a path between the trees. Use it to get the
super repel. Then jump off the ledge. Return the blue trainer. This time
head west. Another trainer is yet waiting.

Name: Parasol Lady Madeline

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Numel      19   Fire    ?


REG. Next thing to do is to battle the twins north.

Name: Twins Tori and Tia

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Spinda    19   Normal    ?
Spinda    19   Normal    ?


Now go a bit north and east. DON'T JUMP OFF THE LEDGE! Go south and get the
Max Ether. Then head back to the twins and head farther west.

You see that house? enter it. Talk to the bald guy there. He'll give you
the Soot Sack which enables you to collect the ash found all over in this
route as you walk and get special items for it! Cool!

Exit. Do you see that lump of ground sticking out and what looks like
a body inside it? Well, that's no corpse. Although it would be cool if
it was. No, that's a trainer. Well what are you waiting for? Challenge

Name: Ninja Boy Lao

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Koffing   17   Poison    ?
Koffing   17   Poison    ?
Koffing   17   Poison    ?


REG. Now jump off the ledge and battle the blue guy.

Name: Youngster Dillon

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Aron      19    Rock    ?


Now head west and you'll see two trainers running up and down. Time it
right and let them double battle you.

Name: Picnicker Sophie and Bird Keeper Coby
Pokemon   Level  Type     Moves
Skarmory   17  Fly/Steel    ?    
Marill     17    Water      ?
Lombre     19  Water/Grs    ?
Swellow    19    Fly        ?


Well, that concludes Trainer Busting #4! If you continue heading east, 
you'll easily reach Fallabor.


3.3 Fallarbor Town

Welcome to Fallarbor Town! Heal pokemon. Done. Now you see that lady
by the PC? Talk to her. She'll introduce herself as Lanette. She then
tells you to visit her at her home at Route 114. She leaves. Well 
there's no point staying here much longer either! Leave too!

If you want you can challenge the Fallarbor Town Battle Tent. Scott 
is there, and he looks like he's hiding something from us...hmmm
I wonder.

There is also a move tutor here, but you need the Heart Scale which
we currently don't have. So, with nothing else to do, head west to
Route 114!

This place isn't so special, so I just put it along with 
Fallarbor Town. With that said, head into the house on the north.
You'll see a kid beside a huge hole in the wall. Talk to him. 
He'll give you dig. Exit.

Now engage the fisherman about 3 steps left of you.

Name: Fisherman Nolan

Pokemon   Level  Type   Moves
Barboach   19	 Water    ?


Now talk to the old man beside the Poochyena. He'll give you TM5,
Roar. Now follow the brown path bud DON'T cross the bridge. Yet.
Head east in that little path. Time it right when the Fisherman is
facing the woman and step inbetween. *gulp* a battle.

Name: Fisherman Kai and Picnicker Charlotte

Pokemon   Level  Type    Moves   
Barboach   19   Water      ?
Nuzleaf    19  Dark/Grs    ?


Now claim your Energypowder as your reward. Now cross the bridge.
Around half-way you'll see a fisherman. Well what are you waiting 
for! Battle him!

Name: Fisherman Claude

Pokemon   Level  Type   Moves
Magikarp   16   Normal    ?
Barboach   18    Water    ?
Goldeen    17    Water    ?


And as you head down, hope to god that the trainer doesn't see you.
But if she does, well...

Name: Picnicker Nancy

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Marill    18    Water    ?
Lombre    18   Wat/Grs   ?


Now do you see that house to the right? To get there, head down, avoid 
the girls and head right. Then go up and inside the house. There, can
you guess who it is? Yes it's Lanette! She's embarrased by the state of
her house (i mean who wouldn't be?) and gives you a doll in exchange
for keeping it a secret. Exit.

Now go down and challenge the girls. Man how many trainers are there in
the game?

Name: Sr and Jr Tyra and Ivy

Pokemon   Level  Type      Moves
Roselia     18   Grass       ?
Graveller   20  Rock/Grnd    ?


If you jump off the ledge and head south then you'll be confronted by
a trainer who doesn't take lightly for anyone who steps in front of 
him. (hahaha)

Name: Camper Shane

Pokemon    Level  Type   Moves
Sandshrew   18   Ground    ?
Nuzleaf     18  Dark/Grs   ?


Now head a bit west and south. You see that trainer. Yes he's a trainer.
Engage like a man or seriosly tough woman.

Name: Pokemaniac Steve

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves 
Aron      19    Rock    ?


REG. 'Bout time! Go south and click on the lone rock. Carbos found. Now
go up the stairs to your left. Rock Smash the northen rock and collect the
Protein. Now follow the path east. As you can see this place also has some
nice places for you to make your secret base. Now as you follow the path, 
trainers occasionally pop up. Not out of the ground just up on the screen.
They are just another brick in the wall. But let's break those bricks. 
So the first trainer and the first brick is...

Name: Kindler Bernie

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Slugma    18    Fire    ?
Wingull   18    Water   ?


REG. The next two bricks however are linked together. In other words it's 
a double battle. Head south for the next brick breaking.

Name: Hiker Lucas and Picnicker Angelina

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Geodude   18    Rock     ?
Lombre    18  Wat/Grs    ?
Numel     18    Fire     ?
Marill    18    Water    ?


Only one more brick awaits us atop the cliff.

Name: Hiker Lenny

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Geodude   18    Rock    ?
Machop    18    Fight   ?


Now the wall is clear and the path to Meteor Falls is unlocked.


3.4 Meteor Falls

As you enter Meteor Falls, you'll notice that it's changed a lot, 
if you played Ruby or Sapphire. Go left a bit, and you'll easily 
see Team Magma with Prof. Cozmo. As you enter, Magma will
start talking, and Aqua will enter. Magma will escape, and Archie will 
talk to you. After Aqua leaves too, you can talk to Prof.Cozmo if you like,
it doesn't really matter. Exit.

Now head back to Fallarbor and head east back to Route 111. Now head 
south and back through Fiery Path. Now head east and north and this
time challenge the Hiker.

Name: Hiker Brice

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Numel     17    Fire    ?
Machop    17   Fight    ?


Now head north where Team Magma was once blocking. Head inside
the building. Now talk to the lady there. Go up the cable car.
Exit the building. 


3.5 Mt.Chimney/Magma Battle

The first thing you see is Team Aqua's Poochyena vs Team Magma's 
Poochyena. The scene is very amusing. I'm guessing there using
tackle against each other, or even splash (haha).

If you head up and around you'll notice everyone is battling with
a Poochyena! What't so good about a Poochyena? Continue north
west, and you'll see two Magma's without a Poochyena out, not battling
Team Aqua. Instead they battle you. Step inside the middle and both
will come to you.

Name: Team Magma Grunt and Team Magma Grunt

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Numel     20    Fire     ?
Zubat     20   Normal?   ?


Head north and another Magma is guarding the sacred Meteorite.

Name: Magma Admin Tabitha

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves 
Numel     18    Fire    ?
Zubat     22  Normal?   ?
Poochyena 20    Dark    ?
Numel     22    Fire    ?


If you continue north then you'll see Team Magma's Leader near a
machine of some sort. It's very obvious what you need to do. You need 
to talk to him, and challenge him.

Name: Magma Leader Maxie

Pokemon   Level  Type  Moves
Mightyena  24    Dark    ?
Camerupt   25  Fire/Grnd ?
Zubat      24   Normal


With that done, Maxie will abort his plan for now, but then says
something about an orb...oh oh. Not more trouble. Now head south
out of Mt.Chimney and into Jagged Pass. 

Head down the two consecutive stairs and go left to meet the hiker.

Name: Hiker Eric

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Geodude   20    Rock    ?
Baltoy    20  Pys/Grnd  ?


Now continue south, jumping off the ledges if needed. Then head down
the stairs and...TEAM MAGMA GUY! What is he doing here? Talk to him
and you'll and you'll have to face him.

Name: Team Magma Grunt

Pokemon    Level  Type  Moves
Poochyena   22    Dark    ?
Numel       22    Fire    ?


Now head right and down the stairs. Get the burn heal. Then return up the
stairs and head left. Face the trainer there.

Name: Picnicker Diana

Pokemon   Level  Type  Moves
Shroomish  19   Grass    ?
Oddish     19   Grass    ?
Swablu     19   Normal   ?


REG. Now jump off the ledge south of the Magma Dude, where those two
trainers are. There let them battle you.

Name: Picnicker Autumn and Triathlete Julio

Pokemon   Level  Type  Moves
Shroomish  21   Grass    ?
Magnemite  21 Elec/Steel ?


Jump down the ledges until you see an opening. If you look closer
however a trainer is waiting there. So before we can make it to 
Lavaridge you'll have to face him.

Name: Camper Ethan

Pokemon   Level  Type    Moves
Zigzagoon  20    Normal    ?
Taillow    20    Fly       ?


REG. Now head south and out of Jagged Pass. There you'll see a 
hiker running up and down. No, he isn't a trainer. Thank God! Follow the
brown path all the way to Lavaridge.


3.6 Lavaridge Town/Gym Battle

Yes we've arrived at Lavaridge! Wouldn't you agree that took too long 
to get too. Heal your pokemon. Then go up to the door near the old man
northwest. Follow the stairs. Enter the hot spring. Below the leftmost
woman is a Ice Heal. Collect it and head back out the Pokemon Center.

Now talk to the Old lady left of the old man lieing on the ground. She
has an egg and will give it to you.

When your ready, head inside the Lavaridge Town Gym of fire.

Let's get some trainers out of the way shall we? Step into the hole
left of you. You'll drop to a lower level. Go next to the hole near
you and "SURPRISE SURPRISE"! A trainer pops out.

Name: Kindler Jeff

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Slugma    22    Fire    ?
Slugma    22    Fire    ?


Now head back up through the hole. This time go north. You'll see
the Gym Leader...but you can't reach her. Darn! Step into the hole
north. Go down and at the first opening head west. There a trainer 
will pop out of the ground and challenge you!

Name: Hiker Eli

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Numel     23    Fire    ?


Then head south and another trainer will pop out of the southern 

Name: Kindler Jace

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Slugma    23    Fire    ?


Now step into the northwestern most hole. Once you finish rising
you'll automatically be challenged by two Gym Trainers hiding in the 

Name: Kindler Cole and Cooltrainer Gerald

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Numel     23    Fire     ?
Kecleon   23   Normal    ?


Now head north and step close to the northeastern hole. A trainer
will pop up.

Name: Kindler Axle

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Numel     23    Fire    ?


Now step into the northwesten hole. In this new section, the
northeastern hole contains a trainer. Battle him.

Name: Kindler Keegan

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Slugma    23    Fire    ?


Head up through the west hole. In this section you have three holes 
to choose from, one of which, is concealing a trainer. It's the one
northeastern most.

Name: Battle Girl Danielle

Pokemon   Level  Type     Moves
Meditite   23  Fight/Psy    ?


Now head through the path west of you. In here, you'll have another two
holes to choose from. Head through the center one. In the new section,
you have another to holes to choose from. Head through the southeastern
hole. There jump off the ledge and east up the whole. You have now 
reached the Gym Leader. Now battle her.

Name: Leader Flannery

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Numel     24    Fire    ?
Slugma    24    Fire    ?
Camerupt  26  Fire/Grnd ?
Torkoal   29    Fire    ?


You recieved the Heat Badge from Flannery. CONGRATS! And also you 
recieve TM50 Overheat! REG. Now head out.

Remember that you dad, Norman, said that if he'll challenge you if,
and only if, you have earned 4 badges. Well, I guess you have! So let's
travel all the way back to Petalburg.

But before you do that, as you leave the Gym, your rival comes. He 
comments on your badges and said you have earned the Go-Goggles.
After some more talk, he leaves for Petalburg to challenge your
father. Let's make it a race then shall we? 

Here are the easiest directions to Petalburg.

1 - Head through Route 111 and Route 112 and stop at Mauville.

2 - Ride through Route 117 and to Verdanturf.

3 - Head through the Rusturf Tunnel to Route 116.

4 - From Route 116, walk to Rustburo.

5 - At Rustburo, head south through Petalburg Woods and Route 104
    finally arriving at Petalburg.


3.7 Petalburg City/Gym Battle

Diu, diu, diu-diu,diu-diu, diu-diu-diu-diu,diu-diu-diu-diu,diu...
oooppps sorry, I was too caught up in the music. Anyway heal your
pokemon after that tiring journey and enter the gym. 

This Gym is not complicated at all. So if you want to get to the 
Gym Leader on your own you can. This section is dedicated to 
the trainers pokemon and stuff. But seriously, this Gym is so
easy to pass. If you can't be bothered to fight all the trainers
here than skip this section and fight the Gym Leader at your own

Accuracy Room

Name: Cooltrainer Mary

Pokemon    Level  Type   Moves
Delacatty   26   Normal    ?


Speed Room

Name: Cooltrainer Randall

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Swellow   26     Fly    ?


Recovery Room

Name: Cooltrainer George

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Slakoth   26   Normal    ?


Defense Room

Name: Cooltrainer Alexia

Pokemon     Level  Type   Moves
Wigglytuff   26   Normal   ?


Confusion Room

Name: Cooltrainer Parker

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Spinda    26   Normal?   ?


One-Hit KO Room

Name: Cooltrainer Berke

Pokemon   Level  Type   Moves
Vigoroth   26   Normal    ?


Strength Room

Name: Cooltrainer Jody

Pokemon   Level  Type   Moves
Zangoose   26   Normal    ?


Gym Leader's Room

Finally! We have reached the height of your father! Are you proud?
Proud of what you have just accomplished? Talk to your father. And
prepare to face most likely your toughest battle yet!

Name: Leader Norman

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Spinda    27   Normal    ?
Vigoroth  27   Normal    ?
Linoone   29   Normal    ?
Slaking   31   Normal    ?


Recieved the Balance Badge from Dad. Also the TM42! FACADE! Your 
father will now go through series of emotions, until a guy comes in.
You might recognise him as Wally's father. He'll drag you away from
the dad and into his house. He'll talk and give you the HM3 Surf!

Then if you want, you can go back into the Gym and talk to Dad. He
says to visit mum often, and he's going to redouble his training.
Do exactly as he says and go back to visit your mum at Litteroot.

Go back through the old path, to Oldale, and finally to Litteroot.
There, enter your house and talk to your mum. She'll first ask
you to register her in your PokeNav. Fine by me. Then talk to her
again and she'll ask if that's Dad's badge. She'll give you the
long-awaited Amulet Coin! Exit.

Now, to get to Route 118/119 You first need to get to Mauville.
So head there using these directions.

1 - Head back to Petalburg.

2 - Go through Petalburg Woods and Route 104.

3 - At Rustburo, head east to Route 116.

4 - Enter Rusturf Tunnel, follow it to Verdanturf.

5 - From Verdanturf, ride through Route 117 to Mauville.

Once you arrive in Mauville you'll see Gym Leader Wattson standing
outside the Gym, looking for something. Talk to him and he'll tell
you that Mauville City has an underground sector called New
Mauville. He wants you to go there and shut down the generator. Then
you get the Basement Key to the sector.


3.7.1 New Mauville

Note: You need to have surf to get there. This IS optional.

Head south. Surf right of the fisherman. Then travel east, under the 
bridge, and you see that little island thingy? That's New Mauville.

Use the Basement Key on the door in front to enter. Once inside, head
down and step on the switch. The door to the left will open. As you 
pass the door that just opened step on the switch to the left. The door
behind will close, but don't worry about it. Follow the path, and IGNORE
the switch you see next. It closes the door on the right. Go up and get
the Escape Rope on the switch. Then step on the switch. Head up and to
the east. You'll see another item on a crushed switch. But that isn't 
an item, that's a pokemon!

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Voltorb   25    Elec    ?

DON'T STEP ON THE SWITCH! Instead, head left through the opened door.
Then head up. You'll have a choice of two switches and two items. The
left one is a Paralze Heal, and the second one is a...

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Voltorb   25    Elec    ?

DON'T STEP ON EITHER SWITCHES! Continue heading up and go right. Then
go down. Two more switches and two more items. The right one is a 
Full Heal and the left one is a...

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Voltorb   25    Elec    ?

Now step on the switch to your right. To through the right door. There 
you'll see the generator. Step on the red switch. The generator appears
to have stopped. Go right and get the Thunderstone! Now you can just
use the Escape Rope we picked up before to get of here.

Once your back in Mauville, talk to Wattson. He gives you TM24, 
Thunderbolt! With that out of the way, head east to Route 118.


3.8 Route 118/119

Welcome to the beginning of Trainer Busting #5! TTTT are way harder,
and also we have three sections to bust, one of which doesn't have
it's own section because it's too small. Route 118, Route 123
and Route 119. TTTT are in WAY bigger numbers, so this might take
some time. Of course, it'll take way more time to write this then play
this, so consider yourself lucky.

First, let's get the double battle out of our way.

Name: Aroma Lady Rose and Youngster Deandre

Pokemon    Level  Type   Moves
Roselia     14    Grass    ?
Zigzagoon   14    Normal   ?
Roselia     14    Grass    ?
Aron        14    Rock     ?
Shroomish   14    Grass    ?
Electrike   14    Elec     ?


REG. Now head south and talk to the Fisherman there to challenge him.

Name: Fisherman Wade

Pokemon    Level  Type     Moves
Tentacool   16   Wat/Pois?   ?


Now talk to the blonde trainer northeast of where you are.

Name: Guitarist Dalton

Pokemon   Level  Type  Moves
Magnemite   15   Elec    ?
Whismur     15   Normal  ?


REG. Now surf east to the new land. Talk to the Fisherman. He says
the Good Rod is very good. Select yes and he'll give you the Good
Rod. Talk to Gabby now. Yes the interviewer. You should have the 
interviewer here near you. Talk to her and a battle starts!

Name: Interviewer Gabby and Ty

Pokemon   Level  Type     Moves
Magnemite  27  Elec/Steel   ?
Loudred    27    Normal     ?


Do you want to get interviewed again? It's your choice.
Now go down and right, to the fisherman and let him challenge you.

Name: Fisherman Barny 

Pokemon   Level  Type    Moves
Tentacool  25   Wat/Pois   ?
Carvanha   25    Water     ?


Now go up and Steven will see you. After some talk he'll take off to
the right and disappear.

Follow him. Head all the way right and vs the blondy next in the 
middle of the grass field.

Name: Bird Keeper Perry

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Wingull   26    Water    ?


Continue heading right until you reach Route 123. This section is
small so it doesn't really need it's own section. When the trainer is
running down towards the girl, step in the middle to let them
double battle you.

Name: Cooltrainer Jazmyn and Bug Catcher Davis

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Absol     27    Dark    ?
Pinsir    27    Bug     ?


Now head right, hugging the southern fence until you reach an opening.
Go through there and collect the Ultra Ball. Now continue right if
you want to challenge the twins.

Name: Twins Miu and Yuki

Pokemon    Level  Type  Moves
Beautifly   26    Bug     ?
Dustox      26    Bug     ?


Now ride back west and follow the green path up. Yes, that's a trainer.
So challenge her.

Name: Aroma Lady Violet

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Roselia   26    Grass    ?
Gloom     26    Grass    ?


Now head up and WOOOOOWWWW. Nice collections of berries there! Collect
all the berries there. Now go inside the house to your right. Inside,
there's an old man and an old woman. The TV should be flashing now 
to broadcast the interview you had previously. Talk to the old man
and he'll give you some berries. Now talk to the old woman. She'll
ask you to type in a good saying. Type in anything. She always gives
you a berry nonetheless. Exit. 

Head back west to Route 118. There, challenge the trainer that's north
west of where you are, above the sign.

Name: Bird Keeper Chester

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Taillow   25    Fly     ?
Swellow   25    Fly     ?


Well Done! You have now just busted two out of the three sections of
Trainer Busting #5! Only one more section to go!

Head left of the trainer. You'll see another on of those trees
that you can have a Secret Base in. Also, if you continue walking
left then you'll see some berry trees. Retreive the berries. Now head
right of the trainer. Another Secret Base entrance and also a Hyper 
Potion. Cool!

Bikes are utterly useless here. If you talk to the cyclist then he'll
tell you that the long grass snares Bike tyres. Nasty! So walk up
and in this part there are a ton of trainers in a circle.

As you head up, do you notice that a thing is moving along with you?
That's a trainer. So challenge him.

Name: Bug Catcher Kent

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Ninjask   25    Bug     ?


Now walk left. Another person is standing in the grass. But that
person is a trainer.

Name: Bug Maniac Donald

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Wurmple   24    Bug     ?
Beautifly 24    Bug     ?
Silcoon   24    Bug     ?


Walk northeast and battle the guy there.

Name: Bug Catcher Greg

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Volbeat   25    Bug     ?
Illumise  25    Bug     ?


Get the item in front of you. Now head all the way right and challenge 
the guy up top.

Name: Bug Maniac Brent

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Surskit   26      ?     ?


Now head right and get the item. Now head south and face off against

Name: Bug Catcher Doug

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Nincada   28    Bug     ?
Ninjask   28    Bug     ?


Don't worry there is only one more trainer in this part and he's to
the south west.

Name: Bug Maniac Taylor

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Wurmple   27    Bug     ?
Dustox    27    Bug     ?
Cascoon   27    Bug     ?


Now head up and through the long grass. You'll see a guy standing
beside the house. Talk to the guy if you want it doesn't really 
matter. If you enter the house the you'll see a hell a lot of Wingulls
plus a girl at the top. She says something about the cave of Origin.
Interesting. Follow the Brown Path up. Walk through the long grass and
collect the two berries. Also, if you have the Acro Bike, you can ride
across the platform thingys to I don't know what. I've never riden an
Acro Bike EVER in the game or in Ruby/Sapphire and I intend to keep
it that way.

Head back up through the tall grass and this time go up the stairs and
up the cliff. Another trainer...*grunt* but never mind we're almost
finished this dreaded Trainer Busting!

Name: Pk Ranger Catherine

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Gloom	  26    Grass    ?
Roselia   26    Grass    ?


REG. Walk across the bridge and up. Yet another trainer. I really
want to scream something bad. Now let's take out our anger on this

Name: Pk Ranger Jackson 

Pokemon  Level  Type    Moves
Breloom   27    Grass     ?


REG. Go up the long grass and DON'T Talk to the trainer hidden in the
grass yet. We'll have a double battle to decide who's the strongest
trainer here.

Name: Parasol Lady Rachel and Bird Keeper Phil
Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Goldeen   26    Water    ?
Swellow   26    Fly      ?


Now walk through the long grass to your right. Head up the stairs and
another double batte commences. 

Name: Kindler Dayton and Ninja Boy Takashi

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Slugma    25    Fire    ?
Ninjask   25    Bug     ?
Numel     25    Fire    ? 
Koffing   25    Poison  ?


Now go up the stairs and go down to meet another trainer.

Name: Bird Keeper Hugh 

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Wingull   25    Water    ?
Tropius   25    Grass    ?


*sigh with relief* Well, that concludes Trainer Busting #5! Head up and
enter the Weather Institue


3.9 Weather Institute/Aqua Battle

Ah, the Weather Institute. Well, first of all heal your pokemon by 
resting in the bed to your left. Now we can kick the AQUA jerks out
of here!

Walk right. The first question that pops in your head is why are the
AQUA people here? Well, we don't know yet, (except for me) so let's 
find out. Challenge the first Aqua grunt.

Name: Team Aqua Grunt

Pokemon   Level  Type   Moves
Carvanha   28    Water    ?


If you want, you can also challenge the Aqua guy to your right. 

Name: Team Aqua Grunt

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Zubat     27   Normal    ?
Poochyena 27    Dark     ?


Now head up the stairs. In this new room head down and have a double
battle with the two Aqua's.

Name: Team Aqua Grunt and Team Aqua Grunt

Pokemon   Level  Type   Moves
Poochyena  27    Dark     ?
Zubat      27   Normal    ?
Carvanha   27    Water    ?
Poochyena  27    Dark     ?


Go a bit left and down to verse the next Aqua.

Name: Team Aqua Grunt

Pokemon   Level  Type  Moves
Poochyena  26    Dark    ?
Zubat      26   Normal   ?
Carvanha   26    Water   ?


The only trainer left to defeat is of course...NOT ARCHIE! It's one
of the Admin's. 

Name: Aqua Admin Shelly

Pokemon   Level  Type  Moves
Carvanha   28   Water    ?
Mightyena  28    Dark    ?


Afterwards an Aqua comes in and says that Team Magma is heading towards
Mt.Pyre. I wonder why? Anyway, the Admin goes out and the scientist
as a reward gives you a Castform for your troubles.

Now exit the Insitute. Head across the bridge that Team Aqua was 
guarding. Go down and get the elixer. Now head up, and surprise
surprise May/Brendan comes in. And it's also battle time!

Name: Pk Trainer Brendan

Pokemon  Level  Type    Moves
Lombre    29   Wat/Grs    ?
Marshtomp 31   Wat/Grnd   ?
Slugma    29    Fire      ?


Obtained HM2 Fly! May/Brendan leaves and Scott comes in. He says
that he just went by and saw a trainer really pissed in the face.
Now head up the stairs. You see that wide tree in the middle of the 
grass? That can be used for a Secret Base.

Hug the left trees and go up. If you did it right, then two trainers
will challenge you. Don't worry we've almost arrived in Fortree City.

Name: Guitarist Fabian and Ninja Boy Yasu 

Pokemon    Level  Type  Moves
Manectric   26    Elec    ?
Ninjask	    26    Bug     ?


Don't worry, only one more trainer til Fortree. Just keep walking up
and another ninja guy will battle you.

Name: Ninja Boy Hideo

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Koffing   25   Poison    ?
Koffing   25   Poison    ?


Now get the berries to the left. Then head all the way east and not long
you'll be in Fortree City.


4.0 Fortree City

As always, the first thing you do when you enter a new town...heal you
pokemon. Stock up in the mart if you want. Anyway, there are some
Secret Base items at the southeastern tree-house. 

Also, go to the northeastern most house. Talk to the guy next to the
Wingull. After you talk to him, the Wingull takes off.

After that exit and go to the left, pass one house and stop at the 
next. Talk to the old woman there. She has a coin in one hand and wants
you to tell her which hand she has it in. 


1 - Right

2 - Right

3 - Left

She'll then give you TM10 Hidden Power. Then talk to the man there and
he can teach one of your pokemon Sleep Talk! Man, what a convenient 

If you want you can trade a Volbeat for a Plusle in the first house to
the left. Talk to the boy for the trade.

Well that's about it. The Gym here is blocked by something unseeable,
so don't try to pass through, unless you have like a Gameshark or
Codebreaker code that allows you to go through walls. Peh, if you have 
one of those codes send it to me, dark_gta201@hotmail.com and allow
me to test it.

Now continue east to...


4.1 Route 120

Follow the brown path, and you'll see a trainer. Back to the old 

Name: Parasol Lady Clarissa 

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Roselia   28   Grass    ?
Wailmer   28   Water    ?


Head up and use cut. Then follow the path and use cut again. Follow
the path and you'll reach a dead end. However, click on the last tile
and you'll get a Rare candy. Now head back out the path.

Head east. For the third time, you'll see Gabby the interviewer. How
do they travel faster than us? Talk to them and once again you'll have
a battle.


You'll have a choice of getting interviewed again. My god, how many 
times do you get interviewed? Now head south. A trainer is waiting.

Name: Bird Keeper Robert

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Swablu    29   Normal?   ?


REG. Now cross the bridge. Around three quaters the way there you'll
see Steven standing alone. If you try to get past him you'll notice
you can't, just like one of those barriers near the Fortree Gym!
Talk to Steven. Watch what he says, then he says are your pokemon
ready for battle? Select yes, and Steven used the "Devon Scope". 
An invisible "POKEMON" became completey visible. The startled 
pokemon attacked!

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Kecleon   30   Normal  Screech, Faint Attack, Fury Swipes, Psybeam

After the battle, Steven will give you the Devon Scope. Next more
talk, and suddenly a bird comes down and swallows Steven whole!
Oh my God! But let's worry about him, now that we have the Devon
Scope we can take the Fortree Gym Challenge!


4.2 Fortree City/Gym Battle

This time...heal your pokemon. Then head down the ladder to the 
Fortree City Gym. Now click when you can't go on and you'll get the
option where you can use the Devon Scope. Select yes, and another 
Kecleon comes out!

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Kecleon   30   Normal  Screech, Faint Attack, Fury Swipes, Psybeam

And sometimes the Kecleon flees too. Oh well, head inside the Gym now.

You see those things to your left? From now on, we call those "Wings" 
ok? Go left and push the wing left. Walk farther west and push the wing
left. Then engage the trainer below you.

Name: Bird Keeper Humberto

Pokemon   Level  Type     Moves
Skarmory   30  Steel/Fly    ?


Hug the wall to your left and go north, pushing the wing along the way.
Now the only to go is right, so do so. Not to soon those two trainers you
see will double battle you.

Name: Bird Keeper Jared and Picnicker Ashley

Pokemon  Level  Type    Moves
Doduo     27   Normal?    ?
Swablu    27    Fly?      ?
Skarmory  27  Steel/Fly   ?
Swablu    27    Fly?      ?
Swablu    27    Fly?      ?
Tropius   27  Grass/Fly   ?


Now head right and up. Now we have to pass two wings to get to the next
trainers. No problem at all. First push the first wing to the right via
the north end. Then head up. You'll notice that you can't continue up.
What to do? Push the wing left. Then go back to the first wing and push
it down. Then again push the first wing rigt via the north end and this 
time when you head up you'll notice your through. But after that, two
more trainers await you.

Name: Camper Flint and Bird Keeper Edwardo

Pokemon  Level  Type    Moves
Swellow   29    Fly       ?
Doduo     29   Normal?    ?
Xatu      29   Pys/Fly    ?
Pelipper  29   Wat/Fly    ?


Head left. If you look up then you'll see three wings to pass. Not to 
worry. First head left. You see that lone trainer there? Let's get him
out of our way.

Name: Bird Keeper Darius

Pokemon  Level  Type    Moves
Tropius   30  Grass/Fly   ?


Hug the wall to the left. Push the left-most wing to the right. Then head
back down and push the right-most wing up. Continue walking upwards, pushing
the wing up when you have to. Then go left and down, pushing the left-most 
wing down. Then push the right wing once to the right, and then up. The 
passageway to the right will be opened! and with it, the Gym Leader...
Winona...to the right. Talk to her and challenge her.

Name: Leader Winona

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Swablu    29    Fly     ?
Tropius   29  Grs/Fly   ?
Pelipper  30  Wat/Fly   ?
Skarmory  31  Steel/Fly ?
Altaria   33  Drag/Fly  ?


You have just earned your 6th Gym Badge! Not much more now. Just two more
until you have the full collection. Also recieved TM40! And also, as always,
REG. Now jump off the ledge south of you and leave the Gym!

After you leave and head a bit up you'll receive a call from good old
Scott.	His words aren't of primary importance, so just watch what
he says, and afterwards proceed to the Pokemon Center, and heal.

Go east back to Route 120.


4.3 Route 120/121

Well, this does seem familiar. Head back to where Steven was and the 
bridge. Cross it and head down. It should be raining, and there 
should also be a trainer waiting for you.

Name: Bird Keeper Colin

Pokemon  Level  Type    Moves
Wingull   28   Wat/Fly    ?
Natu      29   Psy/Fly    ?


Continue walking south, and when you get to the bottom head east. There
a few more trainers will be waiting to greet you. If you notice carefully
then you'll see that there are four trainers, and there are two pairs
facing each other. You have to beat one pair at least to pass, to 
here goes nothing...

Name: Cooltrainer Leonel and Parasol Lady Angelica

Pokemon    Level  Type   Moves
Manectric   30    Elec     ?
Castform    30   Normal    ?


and the second pair...

Name: Ninja Boy Riley and Battle Girl Callie

Pokemon   Level  Type     Moves
Nincada    28    Bug        ?
Meditite   28  Pys/Fight    ?
Koffing    28   Poison      ?
Makuhita   28    Fight      ?


Continue east and get the Revive. Next head right and very likely a 
trainer will come towards you for a battle.

Name: Cooltrainer Jennifer

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Sableye   30    Ghost    ?


Use cut on the tree to the right. Head up and get the berries. Then head
back down and into a tall grass section. Here, you can face the trainer
to the right.

Name: Pk Ranger Jenna

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Lotad     28  Wat/Grs    ?
Lombre    28  Wat/Grs    ?
Nuzleaf   28  Drk/Grs    ?


After that battle, follow the path west and down. But you won't keep
heading down, you'll stop mid-way. SOMETHING'S BLOCKING YOU! Use the
Devon Scope, and out comes another Kecleon!

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Kecleon   30   Normal  Screech, Faint Attack, Fury Swipes, Psybeam

Go down and to the right. Another trainer pops up.

Name: Pk Ranger Lorenzo

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Seedot    28    Grass    ?
Nuzleaf   28  Drk/Grs    ?
Lombre    28  Wat/Grs    ?


Head back up and go right. Down...left...down. Fork. Go left for a
nugget. Go right to continue. Follow the path and jump off the ledge.
Then jump off the ledge to the right and go down and across another
bridge. By now you should have sunshine again. Follow the path down,
and you'll see another trainer.

Name: Bug Maniac Jeffery

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Surskit   27    Water?   ?
Surskit   27    Water?   ?
Surskit   27    Water?   ?


REG. Oh, and somebody PLEASE tell me what Surskit's type is. I think 
it's water, but there must be something else, since my Machoke's 
Karate Chop is not very effective. I don't know why yet, so if anybody
knows what type Surskit please email me. You'll recieve credit.

With that said, head down and no, that isn't a trainer. Thank God!
Collect the berries to the left and go up the stairs. Get more berries
northwest of you, but with it, comes a trainer.

Name: Ninja Boy Keigo

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Koffing   28   Poison   ?
Ninjask   28    Bug     ?


Get the berries and walk up the long grass. Wow, it started raining
again. But the biggest astonishment, is that your stading next to a
gigantic stone! Remember this place for later, when your catching the
Regis. The only thing we have to do here though, is to engage the hiker
to a battle.

Name: Ruin Maniac Chip

Pokemon  Level  Type    Moves
Baltoy    27  Psy/Grnd    ?
Sandshrew 27   Ground     ?
Sandslash 27   Ground     ?


Now head back down the stairs. Follow the brown path right. You'll be
in Route 121!

Time it right and enter in between the two trainers when they're both
looking at you.

Name: Hex Maniac Tammy and Bug Maniac Cale

Pokemon   Level  Type   Moves
Duskull    29    Ghost    ?
Dustox     29    Bug      ?
Beautifly  29    Bug      ?
Shuppet    29    Ghost    ?


Done. Proceed. A green haired trainer awaits you ahead.

Name: Beauty Jessica

Pokemon  Level  Type     Moves
Kecleon   29   Normal      ?
Seviper   29   Poison      ?


REG. Go forward, and Team Aqua is there!But don't worry, you won't have
to fight them...yet. They go down and out of sight. Follow them. You'll
soon realize that they have dissapeared in thin air. The way south leads
to Mt.Pyre. Ignore it for now. 
Let's go to Lilycove first shall we? Good. Go the bottom
left path and get the zinc. Then go north and you'll see what appears to
be twins. You'll see soon enough that they're not...

Name: Sr. and Jr. Kate and Joy

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Slaking   32   Normal    ?
Spinda    32   Normal    ?

Money: ?

Above them, as you can see, is the Safari Zone. Go inside if you wish,
I don't care. Anyways when your done cathcing your pokemon come outside 
and run right. Follow the bottom path to another pair of trainers.

Name: Pkmn Breeder Myles and Pkmn Breeder Pat 

Pokemon   Level  Type   Moves
Makuhita   25    Fight    ?
Poochyena  25    Dark     ?
Wingull    25  Water/Fly  ?
Shroomish  25    Grass    ?
Tropius    25  Grass/Fly  ?
Electrike  25   Electric  ?


Go up then left. challenge the old man there.

Name: Gentlemen Walter

Pokemon    Level  Type     Moves
Manectric   29   Electric    ?


REG. Go down and get the Carbos. Follow the path back up, head right, and
another trainer greets you with a welcome.

Name: Pokefan Vanessa 

Pokemon  Level  Type    Moves
Pikachu   30  Electric    ?


Follow the path and you see those two trainers? This can be hard, but try to
get inbetween them when they're both looking at each other. 

Name: Cooltrainer Marcel and Cooltrainer Cristin

Pokemon    Level  Type    Moves
Manectric   29  Electric    ?
Loudred     29   Normal     ?
Shiftry     29  Dark/Grs    ?
Vigoroth    29   Normal     ?


REG. Go down and get the berries then ride east to Lilycove City!


4.4 Lilycove City

We have a lot to do in this city, first is always to heal your pokemon.
Next, let's go get your Pokemon Case shall we? Go down and into the building.
Talk to the reception girl and she'll give you the POkemon Case. Do some
contests if you wish.

After you've done that exit, then follow the path down. Continue to follow
the path and you'll see a Max Repel.

Good, now follow the path back up, and, in case you haven't noticed, the
city is swarming with Team Aqua. Not nice. Anyway, head uupstairs and talk
to your rival. He'll challenge you to a pokemon battle.

Name: Pokemon Trainer Brendan/May

Pokemon  Level  Type     Moves
Tropius   31  Grass/Fly    ?
Slugma    32    Fire       ?
Ludicolo  32  Grass/Wrt    ?
Marshtomp 34  Water/Grnd   ?


That was a bother. If you want you could reheal your pokemon. Brendan was
standing at the entrance of the Lilycove Department Store. This place is huge.
I recommend you buy some stuff there.

Once your done shopping go left and into the art museum. Have a look around,
than talk to the guy north-east and is blocking the stairs. Answer yes and
he'll talk about some stuff. After he's done talking exit.

Right of the department store is a move-deleter. If you want moves deleted 
he's your man! Delete some moves if you want, I don't really care.

Wow. That's really everything of importance. Now head back to the place I 
said to ignore earlier. South leads to Mt.Pyre.


4.5 Mt.Pyre/Aqua Battle

Surf down, go left or right (depending on where you surfed down) and enter
the mouth of Mt.Pyre.

You'll soon realize this place is covered with Shuppet. You have two paths
to take, one up and one left. Go left if you want to face Team Aqua. Go up 
for some experience.

The next few paragraphs are dedicated to the path going up. If you want 
to skip this bit and proceed to facing Team Aqua then use this code:


Wow...the trainers here are in great numbers. And you know what that means
don't you? Yes, it's Trainer Busting #6! TTTT are in...um...I don't know.
Let's just see shall we?

First trainer to begin Trainer Busting #6 is...

Name: Pokemaniac Mark and Hex Maniac Leah 

Pokemon  Level  Type    Moves
Rhyhorn   31    Rock      ?
Spoink    31   Pyschic    ?


Follow the path down and meet your next challenge!

Name: Black Belt Zander

Pokemon   Level  Type  Moves
Hariyama   31   Fight    ?

Money:992!!! (what a disgrace)

Go down and left and meet the love couple.

Name: Young Couple Dez and Luke

Pokemon   Level  Type    Moves
Delcatty   31   Normal     ?
Manectric  31  Electric    ?


Next head up and the woman near the stairs isn't a trainer. Phew. Go up the
stairs. You'll immediately see two trainers. Step inbetween them. Prepare
for another double battle!

Name: Psychic Kayla and Pokemon Breeder Gabrielle

Pokemon    Level  Type     Moves
Wobbuffet   26   Psychic?    ?
Skitty      26   Normal      ?
Zigzagoon   26   Normal      ?
Natu        26   Psychic     ?
Poochyena   26    Dark       ?
Kadabra     26   Psychic     ?


REG. Head left and battle the next trainer.

Name: Psychic William

Pokemon  Level  Type    Moves
Ralts     26   Psychic    ?
Ralts     26   Psychic    ?
Kirlia    26   Psychic    ?


Go down and get the Super Repel. Then head up the stairs. Go right and 
battle with the trainer there.

Name: Hex Maniac Tasha

Pokemon  Level  Type    Moves
Shuppet   32   Psychic    ?


Head up the stairs. Go right and meet the next trainer.

Name: Black Belt Atsushi

Pokemon   Level  Type   Moves
Hariyama   32    Fight    ?


Head up the stairs. There are two more trainers here, so let's beat the 
hell out of them!

Name: Hex Maniac Valerie

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Sableye   32   Ghost    ?


REG. And now face the last trainer of the top route, but not the end
of Trainer Busting #6, he's name is...

Name: Psychic Cedric

Pokemon    Level  Type     Moves
Wobbuffet   32   Psychic?    ?


Go down the narrow stairs and go left. Pick up the TM30 along the way. Now
fall down that hole. Go right and pick up the Lax Incense. Continue right
and fall down the BOTTOM hole. Once you fall down you'll notice you fell 
on the opposite side of the wall, which allows you to pick up the Sea 
Incence to the left. Fall down the hole, then fall down the next hole, and
your back where you started, at the first floor. I recommend you to heal your
pokemon now, and return for Team Aqua.


Go left at the bottom floor. You'll be outside. Go right and up the stairs.
Go left and DOWN the stairs. Get the TM48. Then go up the stairs. Continue
riding up, getting the items along the way (Note: The south-west and north
west red tombstones conceal items) Proceed up and you'll be in a completely
different screen engulfed in white fog.

Prepare for the final section of Trainer Busting #6. Go forward and battle 
the first member or Team Aqua.

Name: Team Aqua Grunt

Pokemon   Level  Type   Moves
Carvanha   32    Water    ?



Name: Team Aqua Grunt
Pokemon  Level  Type    Moves
Zubat     32   Normal?    ?


Double battle time with...

Name: Team Aqua Grunt and Team Aqua Grunt

Pokemon    Level  Type  Moves
Poochyena   30    Dark    ?
Wailmer     30    Water   ?


Head up, and you'll see Archie, Team Aqua's leader with an old man and woman
However, he won't battle you...just yet. The old woman will give you the Magma
Emblem. For now, fly to Mauville and go up.

Make sure you have a pokemon that knows Rock Smash. Go up the familiar path
and there SHOULD be Gabby and Ty. They're now quite strong. 

Name: Interviewer Gabby and Ty

Pokemon  Level  Type      Moves
Loudred   33   Normal       ?
Magneton  33  Elec/Steel    ?


Get interviewed again. Go left and up and onto the base of Mt. Chimney. Go
back up the cable car. Go down to Jagged Pass. As your jumping down the 
ledges the Magam Emblem will cause the boulder...the same boulder, in face
that one of Team Magma members was at before. The boulder will reveal its
entrance. Step inside.


4.6 Magma Hideout

...to be continued


4.7 Slateport City

...to be continued


4.8 Aqua Hideout

...to be continued


4.9 Mossdeep City/Gym Battle

...to be continued


5.0 Space Center/Magma Battle

...to be continued


5.1 Seafloor Cavern/Aqua Battle

...to be continued


5.2 Sootopolis City

Apon arrival to Sootopolis, the best scene is taking place. 
Groudon vs Kyogre. This is probably the best image in the game. 
Surf east for the pokemon center. Then surf west. Talk to Steven. 
He will lead you to the Cave of Origin! (no, you don't catch Groudon 
or Kyogre here.) This Cave of Origin is way different from Ruby or 
Sapphire. Deep inside is Wallace (what's he doing here?) and he'll tell
you an old legend where a green beast from the sky came down
and calmed the war between Groudon and Kyogre. He asks you where 
Rayquaza is. Pick Sky Pillar. He will immediately leave for the 
Sky Pillar. Don't waste any time!Head towards the Sky Pillar. 

Go to route 131, then hug the wall on the north. Eventaully you should 
reach an opening. Now you see that big building thingy?That's sky pillar. 
I wonder what kind of danger awaits us...


5.3 Sky Pillar

The Sky Pillar is just a cave at the start. Go through it.
Once outside again, youll see Wallace. He'll open the Sky Pillar
doors for you to go through...and leave. It's all up to you now! If you played 
Ruby and Sapphire before, then you would know how bloody ****ing impossible 
it was to go throught it. Now, you can breathe a sigh of relief. 
NO HOLES THIS TIME. Calmly make your way up Sky Pillar. Ignore the
pokemon, they're nothing. ONce you reach Rayquaza press A. He'll fly off! 


5.4 Sootopolis City/Gym Battle

...to be continued


5.5 Sky Pillar (optional)

Now, back to old Sky Pillar. Welcome to hell. Now, you NEED a Mach 
Bike for this, although you should already have it.
(what the hell is so good about Acro Bike?) If 
you remember old Ruby and Sapphire, how annoying the Sky Pillar was? 
Welcome back. Now, I can't really tell you 
how to do it. This is simply skill. Hopefully, you can make your way 
to the top, without taking 
too long! Rayquaza is waiting...
Pokemon   Level   Type      Moves
Rayquaza   70  Dragon/Fly   Fly, Rest, Extreemspeed, Outrage


This fight might take a while. Try to use ice pokemon for this beast. 
An easy way to catch him, (well,I should never say easy,) is to hurt 
him a bit, and pray to god that he uses Rest and not ****ing 
Outrage!!! Once he's asleep, just keep using Ice moves on him until 
he's red. Becareful not to kill him! Then just keep throwing ultra balls
 at him, until you, after a long time, catch him.

(suggestions wanted)


5.6 Victory Road

...to be continued


5.7 Ever Grande City/Pokemon  League

This is it! The big one! The Pokemon League! Run towards the building
on the other side of Ever Grande. Enter it.

I recommend you buy some Hyper Potions and Full Restores before you
challenge the pokemon league. Stock up, heal your pokemon and talk to
one of the two guys blocking the way to the challenge. They'll let you
continue. SAVE! Now, step inside the door. 

Follow the path up into another door. This room contains Sidney, the 
"Dark" master. Talk to him, and the battle begins...

Name: Elite Four Sidney

Pokemon    Level   Type       Moves 
Mightyena   46     Dark         ?
Absol       49     Dark         ?
Shiftry     48   Dark/Grass     ?
Cacturne    46   Dark/Grass     ?
Crawdaunt   48   Dark/Water     ?

Well, that wasn't too hard was it? Continue forth, and next you'll
meet the "Ghost" master...

Name: Elite Four Phoebe

Pokemon   Level   Type    Moves
Dusclops   48    Ghost      ?
Dusclops   51    Ghost      ?
Banette    49    Ghost      ?
Sableye    50    Ghost/Dark ?
Banette    49    Ghost      ?


In my opinion, that was the hardest battle in the Elite Four. Maybe
it's just the pokemon I have...oh well. Continue to the next Elite
Four room. Now, this time your up against the "Ice" master, and this 
was my second toughest fight against the Elite Four. Beward of Hail
and Sheer Cold.

Name: Elite Four Glacia

Pokemon   Level   Type      Moves
Sealeo     50    Ice/water   ?
Glalie     50     Ice        ?
Sealeo     52    Ice/Water   ?
Glalie     52     Ice        ?
Walrein    53    Ice/Water   ?


Next up, is the Dragon Master. He looks like an old sailor to me.
His pokemons tough, but I didn't really have any trouble with this
guy. Hopefully, you'll defeat him without any real trouble too.

Name: Elite Four Drake

Pokemon   Level   Type      Moves
Shelgon    52    Dragon       ?
Kingdra    53  Dragon/Water   ?
Altaria    54  Dragon/Fly     ?
Flygon     53 Dragon/Ground   ?
Salamence  55  Dragon/Fly     ?


Without Drake, the champion is all that remains. The champion is
waiting, through a big long hall, in a beautiful room covered in
blue. The champion is...

Name: Champion WALLACE!!! (i didn't know he was champion, i thought
                           steven was)

Pokemon    Level   Type         Moves
Wailord     57     Water          ?
Tentacruel  55   Water/Poison     ?
Whiscash    56   Water/Ground     ?
Milotic     58     Water          ?
Ludicolo    56   Water/Grass      ?
Gyarados    56     Water          ?


CONGRATULATIONS!!! YOu have just beaten the all powerful Pokemon League.
Endure the long talk...(blahblahblahblah) wait for May/Brendan to come 
in then you FIGHT THEM! just joking *laugh* Wallace will lead you inside
the final room in the Pokemon League, save your records, enjoy the credits
*hahahaha* and next thing you know, your in your room... 

Well, now that you have basically finished the game, you can either
restart with a whole new started, or continue and finish all the 
side quests.


6.0 Controls

I seriously don't understand why I need to pit this section in. I mean
if you have the game then why don't just read the manual? Why do 
you need to look at my guide for the Controls?

On Foot

D-pad - Move

A - Action Button

B - Cancel

B + Hold down D-pad - Run (need running shoes) 

Start - Bring up start menu

Select - Switch stuff, bring up item (needs register)

On Mach Bike

D-pad - Go fast

On Acro Bike

D-pad - Move

B + D-pad - Wheelie

B hold - Bunny Hop

B + +Control Pad - Jump


7.0 Copyright Info
This FAQ/Walkthrough is Copyright 2005 Tom/Sam. This work can not 
be posted on any other website unless it has permission from us 
first. You can email me us at dark_gta201@hotmail.com or Sam on
swscott@mgs.vic.edu.au. If we find this on another site without our 
permission before hand then we have rights to sue you and take 
legal action.

These are the only websites allowed to post my guide...






and maybe a couple of others but I forgot

If you find this FAQ on any but the above five report immediately.
I will check if it is one of the websites I forgot or one of those
websites that can't host this FAQ/Walkthrough.

CheatCC.com DEFINETELY can't host this and neither can IGN.com
(although it could if it asked) 


8.0 Stuff I need to say...

Well, I don't normally create guides. I've tried a lot of times, but
this is the first time that I'm actually continueing, unlike 
the others, which I give up on after I just get too pissed. Now, 
Sam and I both go to Melbourne Grammar School in Australia, we
both have like a million games on our VBA, and we both love games.
I'm only writing this FAQ right now because I have really nothing
better to do...
Also, after this guide is finished, I'll be started on my new
FAQ, either on GTA San Andreas or on Megaman Battle Network 5, 
depending on if swscott wants to write another one.

Adding to that, I can't really be bothered to write one for either of those
games. However, I will DEFINITELY write a FAQ/Walkthrough for the long
anticipated Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. Check it out soon.

If you have any suggestions on battles, other ways past 
stuff, queries please email them to us. 
(I especially need help on pokemon moves.)


9.0 Side Quests

Well, this is probably the most common side quest, but now you have
to catch EVERY single pokemon in the game. That is a side quest if 
you think about. You get rewards for it.
About the prices that you get for finishing the Pokedex, 
as far as I know you just get a Diploma from the Game Freak staff at the 
hotel in Lilycove city. And of course you can show off to your friends.

(submitted by Renato)

9.1 Catching Kyogre and Groudon.

After you beat the Elite Four go to the Weather Institute. Go upstairs
and talk to the man there. He'll say something like intense heat 
at Route ... It's random. Head over there. A lot of Sunshine will appear.
can you guess who your going to catch...yes it's Groudon! Enter the cave
near there. Follow the path to meet Groudon. Don't screw up catching
him you only have one chance! Do the same for Kyogre. Head to the 
Weather Institute, go upstairs, talk to the guy, go to Route...
and enter the cave for to reach Kyogre. The only thing is you have
to dive and follow the path to the cave. 


9.2 Find Steven and Beat him.

After the Elite 4 if you call Wallace then he'll say stuff about Steven,
that he's an excellent trainer but is a bit odd since he loves to find
stones that much. Wallace says that he must be looking in a cave somewhere
but then he says Meteorite. That was just too much of a givaway. Do
you know where Steven is...yes it's the Meteor Falls!

You must have a pokemon that knows surf and waterfall. With that said,
enter the cave. 

Go west a bit and surf up the waterfall. Then enter the door to the next
area. There, follow the path and go down the ladder. Once that's
done, follow the path and up the stairs on the platform. Climb up
the stairs on that platform. Then enter the door to the next area.
Here, you'll reach a fork. Go east cause west leads to a dead end. 
Continue heading north til you see Steven. Talk to him, and 
prepare to face your hardest match yet!

Name: Pk Trainer Steven

Pokemon   Level   Type         Moves
Skarmory   77    Steel/Fly       ?
Aggron     76   Steel/Rock       ?
Cradily    76      Grass/Rock    ?
Armaldo    76      Bug/Rock      ?
Claydol    75      Ground/Psy    ?
Metagross  78     Steel/Psy      ?

(submitted by i_m_the_man and Renato)

Also a good strategy to beat Steven is to have a good fire and water type
pokemon (at least at LV 65), he relies too much on the steel and rock type
so a fire blast or a surf will work. In my team I had a LV 65 Blaziken with
Blaze Kick and a Lv 60 Azumarill with Surf.........just the 2 of them was enough
to beat the crap out of him.

(submitted by Renato)


9.3 The Regis

The Regis, although are extremely rare are weak. They are weak. I 
seriously wouldn't recommend using the Regis and only catching them
to complete you Pokedex.  
First you must have caught both Wailord (evolve Wailmer) and 
Relicanth (Catch with dive outside Sootopolis). Then you must put
Wailord in your first slot, and relicanth in the final slot of your
party. Fly to Pacifidalog, and walk down as low as you can and surf 
to the west. Let the current take you and you will be standing next 
to a fisherman (If you haven't already, you will fight him). Go up 
as high as you can and surf to the west. You will land on an island with four 
battles. Regardless just go up to the top and surf again. You will land
in clear  water. Surf south and let the current take you away. Now is the
most difficult bit. You will land on an island. WALK DOWN ONE SQAURE AND
SURF. If you have done this correctly you will land in a space you can dive. 
Dive, Go right down so you are  in front of the braille, you must be on the 
square in front of the braille for this to work! Now undive and you will be
in the sealed chamber. Go up to the top braille and use dig. a door will open.
Go up and read the middle of the three braille sqaures.
It will say something about a door opening in the distance.

Fly to mauville and go up into the desert. Go to the right and the down
until you see a boulder which now has an entrance to it. Go in and go 
up and read the braille. Then walk 2 steps left and 2 steps down.
Use rock smash and the door should open. You will fight regirock (lvl 40)

Fly to lilycove and walk west as far as you can, you should be at 
a lake now. Go up into the next bit for another boulder with an entrance.
Read the  braille. Then go into the middle and use flash. You will
fight registeel (lvl 40).

Fly to Dewford and surf north until you reach a group of islands. 
Keep going up off the main route and find another boulder with an entrance.
Read the braille. Do one lap of the room sticking to the walls right
back to the braille. You will fight regice (lvl 40).


9.4 Reopened Gyms

To make gyms reopened you need to have beaten the Pokemon League. This is
all of luck. After I defeated the Pokemon League god knows how many times,
I looked into my Match Call and there it was, a square pokeball thing 
beside Tate and Liza's name. I don't know what caused this. Sam had
Flannery's name first he told me, so it must be random.

NOTE: This section is currently incomplete. This section is currently 
      needing help. Please email us if you know about any reopened 
      Gyms for these trainers:


Gym #1

Name: Roxanne

Pokemon  Level  Type         Moves
Golem     32    Rock           ?
Kabuto    35   Rock/Ground     ?
Onix      35    Rock           ?
Nosepass  37   Rock/Ground     ?

(submitted by Jeremy)

Gym #2

Name: Brawly

Pokemon   Level  Type     Moves
Machamp    33    Fight      ?
Meditite   33  Fight/Psy    ?
Hitmontop  35    Fight      ?
Hariyama   37    Fight      ?

(submitted by Miguel)

Gym #4

Name: Flannery

Pokemon   Level  Type       Moves
Magcargo   38   Fire/Rock?    ?
Ponyta     36    Fire         ?
Camerupt   38  Fire/Grnd?     ?
Torkoal    40    Fire         ?

(submitted by Miguel)

Gym #6

Name: Winona

Pokemon  Level  Type        Moves
Dratini   40   Dragon/Fly     ?
Tropius   38   Grass/Fly      ?
Altaria    ?   Dragon/Fly     ?
Pelipper  41   Water/Fly      ?

(submitted by Miguel)

Gym #7

Name: Tate and Liza

Pokemon   Level  Type     Moves  
Slowpoke   48  Water/Pys   ?
Claydol    49  Ground/Pys  ?
Solrock    50  Rock/Pys    ?
Xatu       49  Pyschic     ?
Lunatone   50  Rock/Pys    ?

Gym #8

Name: Juan

Pokemon   Level  Type     Moves
Poliwag     46    WTR	    ?
Whiscash    46  WTR, GRD    ?
Walrein     48  WTR, ICE    ?
Crawdaunt   48  WTR, DRK    ?
Kingdra     51  WTR, DRG    ?

(submitted by Semore) 

9.5 Trick House

The Trick House is located at Route 110. As you first enter the Trick
House, as you step inside a message will come up saying your being watched.
Press A on the northerneast side of the table, where that flash happened.
A Man will appear. The Trick Master. He'll talk, and talk, and talk, and 
finally teleport to the back of the room. Enter the scroll and let you
challenge commence!

Trick House Challenge #1

Head right. A trainer is waiting. Challenge her.

Name: Lass Sally

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Oddish    16    Grass   ?


Use cut on the tree above. Then use cut on the tree NORTH of you. The one
left leads to a dead end. Use cut again on the tree on the west side.
There you'll reach a fork, left or right. Go LEFT. Use cut then use
Cut on the tree SOUTH of you. You'll see the scroll and a trainer 
guarding it. She is...

Name: Lass Robin

Pokemon   Level  Type   Moves
Skitty     14   Normal   ?
Shroomish  14    Grass   ?
Marill     14    Water   ?

Click on the scroll. You'll memorise a secret password. Now if you want 
and item head north from there and use cut two times for the Orange Mail.
Then head back to the fork I mentioned earlier and this time head right. 
Use cut and step two steps forward for a trainer to challenge you.

Name: Youngster Eddie

Pokemon    Level  Type   Moves
Zigzagoon   14   Normal    ?
Zigzagoon   16   Normal    ?

Afterwards use cut on the tree north of you and use the secret password on
the door. The secret password "TRICK MASTER is fabulous" The lock click 
opened!!! Step inside. Talk to the Trick Master. You almost equal to him in
one, two, three, four, five, six places! You'll receive the Rare Candy off
from him. Then he'll teleport out of there. Head out through the left door
and follow the path to the entrance of the Trick House. Reenter.

Trick House Challenge #2

This time after the message comes up saying you're being watched go over
to the right side of the room and press A on the plant. There the Trick
Master will again appear and teleport behind the room. Time for
challenge time!

Go up and head right for the Wave Mail. Then head back down and right 
and a trainer will greet you.

Name: School Kid Paul

Pokemon Level  Type   Moves
Numel    15    Fire    ?
Oddish   15    Grass   ?
Wingull  15    Water   ?


Next head up and step on the switch. Nothing happens? Wrong. Head back to
the entrance and head up the left path. The floor covered up the hole you
see that? Go up the newly created path and head down for a Harbor Mail.
Then go up and left and stand on the switch again. This time you'll see 
the floor rising over the hole. Go through it and step on yet another 
switch. Don't verse the trainer yet! Head back to the entrance and walk 
on the path that was has just risen... the one that's a bit northeast.
Walk through it and a trainer is there to comfront you...

Name: School Kid Georgia

Pokemon    Level  Type   Moves
Shroomish   16    Grass   ?
Beautifly   16    Bug     ?


Now follow the path and step on the switch. Backtrack to the trainer that
I told you not to verse. This time, let him Challenge you.

Name: School Kid Ted

Pokemon  Level  Type    Moves
Ralts     17   Pyschic    ?


Go down and click on the scroll. Again you'll get the secret password. 
Then just make your way to the exit it ain't that hard. Click on the 
door and the password is "TRICK MASTER is smart" Go through the door
and talk to the Trick Master. Your almost equal to him in greatness by
one, two, three, four, five places! And your reward... a Timer Ball.
Then just head out of the Trick House using the same path, and go out,
heal your pokemon, and reenter.

Trick House Challenge #3

Note: You must have Rock Smash for this Challenge.

This time the Trick Master is hiding behind the drawer on the right 
side of the room. After the same long talk go behind the scroll for 
yet another simple challenge.

Here use Rock Smash on either one of the boulders. continue going
right until a trainer meets you eye.

Name: Camper Justin

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Kecleon   24   Normal   ?


Now hug the wall on the very right of the room and go up. When you see a
switch step on it. Then go left, down until you see two switches. Step on
the one that's southernmost. Then go over to the scroll and memorise the
secret password. Now it's time for some Trainer busting! 

Go right until you see a mountain hiker. Follow the path and challenge him.
His pokemon are...

Name: Hiker Alan
Pokemon  Level  Type     Moves
Geodude   22    Rock       ?
Nosepass  22    Rock       ?
Graveller 22  Rock/Ground  ?


Then step on the switch in front of you. Go down and up to the last trainer

Name: Picnicker Martha

Pokemon  Level  Type    Moves
Skitty    23   Normal    ?
Swablu    23   Dragon?   ?


That wasn't too hard was it? Go up to get the Shadow Mail and go left 
to get the Wood Mail. Then follow the path right to the big grey door.
Press A, and the Secret Password: "TRICK MASTER is coveted" The same 
process, talk to him,your almost equal to greatness with him one, two,
three, four places! Then you get the Hard Stone. Not a very good reward
I must say. With that out of the way follow the usual house back out
and in the Trick House. 

Trick House Challenge #4

Note: You need the HM Strength for this challenge.

What? No flash this time? Oh well. Click on the leftmost window.
The Trick Master will appear and blahblahblahblah he teleports out of there.
Now enter the scroll.

Head up the little passageway and follow the path to two boulders. 
So which one? Push the bottom one one space to the right. 
Then go carefully up to meet a trainer.

Name: Battle Girl Cora

Pokemon   Level  Type   Moves
Meditite   27     ?      ?


Now go down to collect Mech Mail. Now go back down to the two boulders
and this time head south. Follow the path and DON'T MOVE THE FIRST 
BOULDER YOU SEE!!! Move the second one one down. Then go right and
click on the scroll. Easy. Now move the boulder I told you not to move
before one up. Then follow the new path all the way to a trainer.

Name: Black Belt Yuji

Pokemon   Level  Type     Moves
Makuhita   26   Fighting    ?
Machoke    26   Fighting    ?


Now head back up the path and go up. You'll see door but how to reach 
it? Well, go up the little passageway and push the boulder all the way
down. Then walk right to meet the final trainer of Challenge #4.

Name: Battle Girl Paula

Pokemon  Level  Type       Moves
Breloom   27  water/Grass    ?


After the battle, push the boulder ahead of you one space up and two
spaces right. Then push the southenmost boulder of the upside down
trianlge formation one space to the right. Now you can access the door.
The secret password? "TRICK MASTER is cool" Then head up the door and 
once again find yourself in the same familiar room. Talk to him,
your almost his equal in greatness by one, two, three places! Then 
you'll get the Smoke Ball. Is it just my opinion but doen's the 
rewards seem to be getting worse? Now just head out of the house again
and reenter, as always.

Trick House Challenge #5

Note: You need to be smart for this one. (haha)

No flash again? God save us all. He's hidden himself in the left plant.
Then just sleep during his talk and go behind the scroll for the 5th 

It's quiz time with me dark_gta201! In this quiz show however, I give
both the questions and the answers. All you need to do is listen and 
watch carefully!

Go up and...

Name: Mechadoll 1

Question: One of these pokemon is not found on Route 110. Which one is 


Answer: Taillow


Question: One of these Pokemon does not use Leech Life. Which one is it?


Answer: Dustox


Question: One of these pokemon is not of the Water Type. Which one is it?


Answer: Azurill

Now follow the path to the second Mechadoll...

Name: Mechadoll 2

Question: Which of these Pokemon did Team Aqua use in Petalburg Forest?


Answer: Poochyena


Question: Which one of these Pokemon was chasing Prof.Birch?


Answer: Zigzagoon


Which of these Pokemon did Wally borrow from your father.


Answer: Zigzagoon

Now, follow the path and ignore the guy north of you. Instead head down. 
But before too long another...

Name: MECHADOLL 3!!!

Question: Sell one great ball and buy one potion. How much money remains?


Answer: Nothing


Question: Do one Repel and Soda Pop cost more than one Super Potion?

They will cost more
They will cost less
Same Price

Answer: They will cost less


Question: Which costs more? Three Harbour Mails or one Burn Heal?

Burn Heal
Harbour Mail
Same Price

Answer: Burn Heal

Burn Heal it is! Follow the path down and yet another "Mechadoll" is 

Name: Mechadoll 4

Question: In Seashore House, were there more men or women?


Answer: Male!


Question: In Lavaridge Town, were there more elderly men or elderly 

Elderly men
Elderly women
Same Number

Answer: Elderly men


Question: In the Trainer's School, how many Girl students were there?


Answer: 1 (all the boys fight for that one girl)

Now go down and click on the scroll. Then go up to the guy I said to 
ignore and this time let him question you. For he is...

Name: Mechadoll 5

Question: In Fortree city, how many tree houses are there?


Answer: 6  


Question: In Slateport's Pokemon Fan Club, how many pokemon were 


Answer: 3


Question: On the Cycling Road, how many Triathletes were there?


Answer: 8

FINALLY!!! You have no idea how hard that was for me to right. Go
through the door. Secret Password "TRICK MASTER is a genuis" Then
same routine, blahblahblah, your almost equal to him in greatness
by one, two places!!! Obtained TM12. Get out of there and reenter.

Trick House Challenge #6

No flash. Oh well we're used to it. He's hiding behind the right half
of the bookshelf thing that's right next to the drawer. He'll appear,
the same nonsence, disappear, which will allow you to enter the scroll.
So do so.

Is this place Gym #6? Because it looks just like it. Hmmmm... first go
up to the thingy and push it from the right. Then go up to
the northern most "Wing" That's what we're going to call them. As you 
touch it move left. Now go down. The northern path should be clear. 
So go up. You'll see the scroll...but you can't get it yet. Damn. 
So let's think of a way to get it. Go  to the northerneast most Wing
that's just near you. Push it from the left. Then continue right and 
push that wing from the left too. Then go down and the trainer will
see you... about time we had a trainer too.

Name: Pk Ranger Sophia

Pokemon  Level  Type    Moves
Swablu    38    Flying    ?
Roselia   38    Grass     ?


Money's good don't you think? Now go north and through the new path.
Then go down and push the Wing down. Then go back north up the path 
and through the new opening. There you'll meet...

Name: Pk Trainer Sebastian

Pokemon   Level  Type   Moves
Cacturne   39  Poison?    ?


Mmmmmmmm money. Here's my own little song. (it has nothing to do with
                                            the Trick House_

Money in the Honey du-du-du-du-du-du

Honey in the Tummy du-du-du-du-du-du


Yes I know that's crap but I don't care. Anyways back to the Trick
House Challenge. Now go down and click on the scroll. Go back up,
down, and push the Wing up so that the passage can be opened.
Then go through the passage. You'll reach a fork. Both going down,
but one going left and one going right. Since you came up from left
let's go right.

Oooohhhhhh, nice Puzzle. Trying to be more like Golden Sun heh?
(Have you played Golden Sun? Seriously how can they make those games
so complicated?)

Push the wing that's sticking out down. Then go up and right. Push 
that wing down. Then push the following Wing Left. Then go through
the newly created passage. (That was too easy compared to Golden Sun)

Go down if you want for Glitter Mail. I just don't know what the point
is getting mail. Next go up and battle a trainer...

Name: Bird Keeper Benny

Pokemon  Level  Type     Moves
Swellow   36   Flying      ?
Pelipper  36  Flying/Water ?
Xatu      36  Flying/Pys   ?


With that out of the way, go up and push the Wing up. Then go right and
push the Wing up. How much more easy can this game be?

Click on the door. The password? "TRICK MASTER is my life" NOT! Go 
through the door. The same process all over again. You're almost
his equal in greatness! Now you recieve the Magnet. Use the same
path to get out of his house and back in. Don't worry, soon you'll
never have to step inside this house again.

Trick House Challenge #7

Trick Master is hiding behind the right window. Try not to
fall asleep during his talk, and YES he teleports out of there.
Without him, go through the scroll.

Now this is just looking like Gym #7. Trick House Challenge #7
is just like Gym #7. Hey that sounds cool. I copyright it! Go up 
and right and step on the switch. Prepare for your first Trick 
House Challenge double battle! (Hey, that sounds cool too. I 
copyright it!)

Name: Psychic Joshua and Hex Maniac Patricia

Pokemon  Level   Type   Moves
Kadabra   41   Psychic    ?
Banette   41   Ghost      ?
Solrock   41   Rock/Psy   ?
Lunatone  41   Rock/Psy   ?


Next continue up the path and head left until you see the blue
switch. Step on it twice. The go back right and head up til
you see a purple switch. Once you step on it go left then 
step on it again and go left. Then step on the Green switch
twice just like you did to the purple switch. Ignore the first
transporter device since that leads to the door to the Trick 
Master. So head to the place with the two transportation devices.
If you want a Tropic Mail step on the right one and back.
After that's done lets all step on the left one.


Name: Pyschic Mariela and Gentleman Everett 

Pokemon   Level  Type   Moves
Chimecho   41     ?       ?
Wobbuffet  41    Dark?    ?


HA!!! I got you ambushed. Ha ha ha ha eh...sorry about that. 
Whenever your ready go back through the teleportion device 
and head south for the scroll. 

Now go back up to the place with three transporting devices. Go
to the lone one on the right. Then go up the path to the next one.
There face...

Name: Psychic Alvaro

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Banette   41   Ghost     ?
Kadabra   41  Pyscich    ?


Then if you want you can face...

Name: Psychic Alexis

Pokemon  Level  Type    Moves
Kirlia    41   Pyschic    ?
Xatu      41 Flying/Pys   ?

Then head right to the door. The password is "TRICK MASTER is huggable."
Yeah right he is. (sarcastic) Go over the same routine, your his
equal in greatness! He gives you PP Max (which ain't that bad) Now head
out and in the Trick House for the Final Trick House Challenge. Then
you'll never have to put a foot in it again! YEAH!

Trick House Challenge #8

WOW!!! We're finally up to it. Trick House Challenge #8. You should be
proud of yourself you know. Anyway, if you try to go through the 
southwestern most cushion thingy you'll notice you can't. Ahhhhh. What
have we here. Hmmmmm... THE TRICK MASTER!!! Endure his speech for the 
last time, and head up through the scroll. Head up through the right 
edge and then go right. You'll meet...

Name: Cooltrainer Keira

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Lairon    45    Rock   ?
Manectric 45  Electric ?


Now go down, and go right and go up through the second tile on the left.
Then go left, down, left, down and go left to meet...

Name: Cooltrainer Vincent

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Sableye   44    Ghost   ?
Sharpedo  44 water/Dark ?
Medicham  44 Fight/Pys  ?


Now go up and collect the Bead Mail. Now go back down to the first section.
Go to the farthest tile on the right in that particular section then go up,
left and down to get to the scroll. Now go back to the second section. Go
to the three tiles on the southwestern side. Go up from the center tile and
go right and down. Then go up from the western tile and meet your last trainer
of the Trick House.

Name: Cooltrainer Leroy

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Mawile    46     ?      ?
Starmie   46   Water    ?


Afterwards, go right to the door. The final password is "TRICK MASTER
I Love" Now your above him in Greatness, and you'll be given a 
choice of a Red Tent or a Blue Tent. It's your choice. Now leave the
house and never set foot into it again!!!


10.0 TM/HM List

This is a list of TM/HM's. Do you know how annoying it is writing this?

TM01 - Focus Punch

Location - Route 115

Desc - A big punch, similar to Brick Break.

TM02 - Dragon Claw

Location - Meteor Falls

Desc - A claw attack. Pretty powerful. 

TM03 - Water Pulse

Location - 8th Gym Leader

Desc - A water attack that may cause confusion.

TM04 - Calm Mind

Locatoin - 7th Gym Leader

Desc - Something to increase the Specials.

TM05 - Roar

Location - Old guy in Route 116

Desc - A big roar that scares away the pokemon.

TM06 - Toxic

Location - Fiery Path

Desc - A move that poisons the opponent.

TM07 - Hail

Locatoin - Shaol Cave

Desc - A move to start hail. Any pokemon that's isn't an ice type will
       get hurt each turn.

TM08 - Bulk Up

Location - 2nd Gym Leader

Desc - A move to raise Attack and Defense.

TM09 - Bullet Seed

Location - Route 104

Desc - Well, I seriously don't know what this does. I think it shoots
       seeds at the opponent or something.

TM10 - Hidden Power

Location - Woman in Fortree City

Desc - A hidden power unleashed.

TM11 - Sunny Day

Location - Route 120

Desc - A TM version of the Special Abillity Drought. Creates a sunny 

TM12 - Taunt

Location - Route 110

Desc - Taunts the foe.

TM13 - Ice Beam

Location - Game corner prize.

Desc - An ice beam that can freeze the foe.

TM14 - Blizzard

Location - Lilycove Department Store.

Desc - A blizzard attack. Very strong. May freeze the foe.

TM15 - Hyper Beam

Location - Lilycove Department Store.

Desc - Probably the most powerful attack a dragon can have. Can also be
       used by ordinary pokemon.

TM16 - Light Screen

Location - Lilycove Department Store.

Desc - A move that raises Special Defense.

TM17 - Protect

Location - Lilycove Department Store.

Desc - A move that protects you from an enemy attack. May fail in

TM18 - Rain Dance

Location - Lilycove Department Store.

Desc - A move that creates rain. TM version of special abillity 

TM19 - Giga Drain

Location - Route 122.

Desc - A Grass move that lets you absorb the health from the opponent.

TM20 - Safeguard

Location - Lilycove Department Store.  

Desc - No idea what it does.

TM21 - Frustration

Location - Guy in Pacifidlog Town.

Desc - An attack that increases if the user hates you more.

TM22 - Solarbeam

Location - Safari Zone.

Desc - The most powerful grass attack. Needs one turn to charge.

TM23 - Iron Tail

Location - Meteor Falls.

Desc - A good Steel? attack. 

TM24 - Thunderbolt

Location - Wattson after a shutting down the generator.

Desc - One of the most powerful electric attacks.

TM25 - Thunder

Location - Lilycove Department Store.

Desc - The most powerful electric attack.

TM26 - Earthquake

Location - Sea Cavern

Desc - Probably the strongest Ground attack.

TM27 - Return

Location - Guy in Pacifidlog Town.

Desc - An attack that increases if the user likes you more.

TM28 - Dig

Location - Kid in the Fossil House.

Desc - A very useful move, like fly except ground type, can escape from

TM29 - Psychic

Location - Game Corner.

Desc - The most powerful Pyschic attack.

TM30 - Shadow Ball

Location - ?

Desc - A pretty strong attack. Looks cool when used.

TM31 - Brick Break

Location - Guy in Sootopolis City.

Desc - A very strong attack if used wisely.

TM32 - Double Team

Location - Game Corner.

Desc - A move that increases evasiness.

TM33 - Reflect

Location - Lilycove Department Store.

Desc - A move that increased defense.

TM34 - Shock Wave

Location - 3rd Gym Leader.

Desc - An ok electric type attack.

TM35 - Flamethrower

Location - Game Corner.

Desc - One of the strongest fire type attacks.

TM36 - Sludge Bomb

Location - Dewford Town.

Desc - The strongest poison type attack. May cause poisoning.

TM37 - Sandstorm

Location - The desert.

Desc - Creates a sandstorm which, excluding Ground type pokemon, hurts
       every pokemon on the field.

TM38 - Fire Blast

Location - Lilycove Department Store.

Desc - One of the strongest fire attacks.

TM39 - Rock Tomb

Location - 1st Gym Leader.

Desc - Not a very strong rock type attack.

TM40 - Aerial Ace

Location - 6th Gym Leader.

Desc - A flying type attack that never misses. (unless the opponent is

TM41 - Torment

Location - Slateport City.

Desc - Can't use same move twice in a row. (submitted by TONS of people)

TM42 - Facade

Location - 5th Gym Leader.

Desc - An attack that increases if your status has changed.

TM43 - Secret Power

Location - Guy in Route 111.

Desc - An attack that depends on it's surroundings, and also make secret
       bases out of this.

TM44 - Rest

Location - Lilycove City.

Desc - A move that heals the user completely, but at a price...falls asleep.

TM45 - Attract

Location - Verdanturf Town.

Desc - A move that attracts the opponent into falling in love. It can only
       be used if the opponent if of opposite gender.

TM46 - Theif

Location - Aqua guy in Slateport Museum.

Desc - An attack that may also steal the item the opponent is holding.

TM47 - Steel Wing

Location - Steven in Granite Cave.

Desc - A very strong steel type attack.

TM48 - Skill Swap

Location - Mt. Pyre.

Desc - Swap skills.

TM49 - Snatch

Location - S.S.Tidal.

Desc - Sort of like Thief.

TM50 - Overheat

Location - 4th Gym Leader.

Desc - One of the most powerful fire type attacks.

HM01 - Cut

Location - Guy in Rustburo.

Desc - A strong cut that cuts down trees.

HM02 - Fly

Location - ?

Desc - Flys on the first turn, attacks on the second. Fly anywhere.

HM03 - Surf

Location - Wally's father after beating your dad.

Desc - A powerful water attack. Surf everywhere.

HM04 - Strength

Location - ?

Desc - A powerful attack. Move stones.

HM05 - Flash

Location - Mountain Hiker in Granite Cave.  

Desc - Blinds the foe. Lower accuracy foe. Lights dark areas.

HM06 - Rock Smash

Location - Rock Smash Guy in Mauville.

Desc - Not a very strong attack. Break rocks.

HM07 - Waterfall

Location - ?

Desc - An ok water type attack. Climb waterfalls.

HM08 - Dive

Location - Steven after Space Center battle.

Desc - Dive on the first turn, attack on the second. Dive in particular


11.0 Item List

...to be continued


12.0 Special Abillities

...to be continued


13.0 Gym Leaders

This section is specifically on Gym Leaders. If your having trouble on
a Gym Leader, then this is the place where you can get help. Here are
a list of Gym Leaders.

1 - Leader Roxanne

2 - Leader Brawly

3 - Leader Wattson

4 - Leader Flannery

5 - Leader Norman

6 - Leader Winona

7 - Leaders Tate and Liza

8 - Leader Juan

In their own descriptions I will write their name, a description, how
you can conquer him/her with what starter, what pokemon and money.

1 - Leader Roxanne

Desc - Roxanne, from what I heard, was once a student in the Rustburo
       school. She's good for warm-up, and isn't that hard. Since she
       uses rock pokemon, it'll be a good idea to have a Water/Grass/
       Fighting type pokemon.

Mudkip - If you chose Mudkip, and you lost the battle, then you are 
         truly a dumbass.

Treeko - Same as Mudkip, although probably won't be as easy.

Torchic - If you chose Torchic, then this battle could be a problem.
          The best way to win is to evolve Torchic at Lv16 (default)
          and learn Double Kick. Then it'll be a lot easier. If you 
          don't like training your pokemon, then I recommend for you
          to catch a Wingull with Water Gun and train it up to around

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Geodude   12    Rock    ?
Geodude   12    Rock    ?
Nosepass  15    Rock    ?



2 - Leader Brawly

Desc - Brawly is a fighting guy, and a big girl magnet from what I 
       heard. He isn't that hard for all three starters, but to 
       really do damage to his pokemon you should have some
       Psychic Pokemon.

Mudkip - If you chose Mudkip then I highly recommend to evolve it, 
         although Brawly's pokemon won't damage it severly, you'll
         have a better chance of defeating him. I also highly 
         recommend to catch a Ralts or Abra that knows Confusion.

Treeko - Same as Mudkip.

Torchic - Same as Mudkip/Treeko.

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Machop    16    Fight    ?
Meditite  16  Fight/Pys  ?
Makuhita  19    Fight    ?

Money: 1900


3 - Leader Wattson

Desc - He's an old Leader. He's not very hard at all, especially if 
       you chose Mudkip, who won't be affected by his attacks at all.
       He uses electric type pokemon, so I would say Ground pokemon.

Mudkip - As long as you evolve good old Mudkip, then you wouldn't have
         a problem beating this guy. Mud Shot does nicely.

Treeko - Grass is effective against Electric, so it shouldn't be hard.
         To gaurantee victory catch a Geodude, evolve to Graveller 
         with Magnitude. 

Torchic - Still not too much of a problem, except you should have
          a Graveller with Magnitude to ensure victory.

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Voltorb   20    Elec     ?
Electrike 20    Elec     ?
Magneton  22  Elec/Steel ?
Manectric 24    Elec     ?



4 - Leader Flannery

Desc - She's not too bad looking, and her Grandpa was an Elite Four. 
       What do you except? This battle is the first one that COULD
       cause a problem, especially with Treeko. To counter Fire, you
       can have Water/Rock/Ground pokemon.

Mudkip - If you can't win with a Mudkip, which you should have evolved
         by now, a Water/Ground pokemon, then you should just return
         the game to wherever you got it from. I'm serious.

Treeko - Ahhhh, a problem. If you took my advice in Gym #3 and have
         a Graveller, then you shouldn't have a a big deal. Just don't 
         use Treeko.

Torchic - If your confident of your skills and Torchic's powers, then
          you can engage with Torchic head on. However, I wouldn't. 
          Use a Graveller, or even a Wingull can do nicely.

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Numel     24    Fire    ?
Slugma    24    Fire    ?
Camerupt  26  Fire/Grnd ?
Torkoal   29    Fire    ?



5 - Leader Norman

Desc - Yes, he's your dad. He can be a big problem, but if you've 
       been raising your pokemon properly, then not too much problem.
       I best recommend a Fighting type pokemon.

Mudkip - It won't be very effective. I say catch a Machop, evolve it to
         a Machoke with Karate Chop, and use it to beat him.

Treeko - Same as Mudkip.

Torchic - Same as Mudkip/Treeko.

Pokemon  Level  Type   Moves
Spinda    27   Normal    ?
Vigoroth  27   Normal    ?
Linoone   29   Normal    ?
Slaking   31   Normal    ?



6 - Leader Winona

Desc - A master at Flying type. Not much is known about her. She ain't
       one of looks, nor is she one of skill. Grass type won't be a 
       very good choice for this battle and nor will Fighting.
       Rock would be a great type for this battle.

Mudkip - It won't be good, won't be bad. Again, a Graveller would be

Treeko - Bad, bad choice. Graveller.

Torchic - If you have evolved it, then you should know that it is now
          part Fighting type, which, against a Flying type, is not
          too effective. Again, Graveller would be the perfect choice.

Pokemon  Level  Type  Moves
Swablu    29    Fly     ?
Tropius   29  Grs/Fly   ?
Pelipper  30  Wat/Fly   ?
Skarmory  31  Steel/Fly ?
Altaria   33  Drag/Fly  ?



7 - Leaders Tate and Liza

...to be continued


8 - Leader Juan

...to be continued 


14.0 Status/Natures


Status. If your pokemon has something wrong with his/her status then
it could change the tables. Here is a list of Status and how they effect
your pokemon.


Desc - Marked as PRZ. Electric pokemon are experts at paralz, and also
       some dragons. Watch out for this. It decreases your speed a lot
       and sometimes, around a 50% chance you won't be able to attack.


Desc - Marked as PSN. The most dangerous Status change. It eats your
       health in battle and also outside of battle. Very dangerous.
       Carry an antidote with you or Full Heal at all times.


Desc - Marked as BRN. Also very dangerous. It decreases your attack
       a lot, and eats away your health during battle.


Desc - Marked as SLP. It can be dangerous and effective, and some 
       moves you need to be asleep to do, (eg. Snore, Sleep Talk)
       Not so dangerous. After around 2-5 turns, you'll awake and
       no one will talk anything about sleep again.


Desc - Marked as FRZ. Same as Sleep, except you can't use any moves
       during it, although some people say you can use Flame Wheel.
       Can anyone confirm it for me? If anyone knows for sure, please
       email me at dark_gta201@hotmail.com

Those status' are marked. However you can also have ingame status
changes, ones that go away after a battle, or simply by switching
pokemon. They are...


Desc - Probably the most annoying status. I hate pokemon that has
       Confuse Ray. For one reason only, my pokemon hurt themselves
       and also whenever I use Confuse Ray on an opponent they ALWAYS
       attack, and the confusion goes away in like 1 turn!
       Confusion is very dangerous. Sometimes when your pokemon attack,
       they attack themselves instead, causing damage. It goes away
       in a couple of turns.


       THEMSELVES UP! This curse is used by Ghost pokemon, and inflicts 
       a curse on you, for a terrible price...they lose half of their 
       whole HP. The curse however, will cause damage to you every turn.
       You can take it away easily by winning the battle, or simply 
       switching pokemon.


Desc - This can only be used if the pokemon your using it on is a different
       gender. This attracts the pokemon into falling in love. Therefore,
       sometimes your pokemon will be "immobolized by love".
Leech Seed

Desc - Only used by Grass or poison types. This plants seeds in your pokemon
       and every turn takes away some of your health, and gives it to the
       opponent. I also hate pokemon with this move.


...to be continued


15.0 Battle Frontier

Well...so Scott finally welcomed you to go to battle frontier. This 
place is possibly the best place for pokemon battles. You can never
really get bored of this place, there's just too many stuff to do.
First, head north, past the building and stuff. Then head east, until
you reach the Pokemon Center. Heal your pokemon. Head up a bit and 
continue heading east. Go past the flowers and head directly south.
You'll see an old laady. she'll say something about an odd tree south.
So head south. You'll see an indeed a very odd tree. (Does this refresh
your memory of G/S/C?) If you have played the G/S/C series then you'll
know what this thing is. If you didn't...well we're going to find out.
Use Wailmer Pail on the tree...and the tree will attack you!!!

Pokemon    Level  Type   Moves
Sudowoodo   40    Rock   flail, Low Kick, Rock Slide, Block

Catch it. DONT SCREW UP! You only have one chance to catch it.
With that tree out of the way, you can now surf from where the
tree blocked, and surf to Artistan Cave, where the only pokemon
is Smeargle, and a hell a lot of powerups.

Once you finish exploring that cave, we can now focus on what Battle
Fronties offers...

But first we have to talk to Scott. He's small house is located just north
east of the Battle Dome. Talk to him. He'll tell you about Symbols
and Battle Points and more. He'll give you 4 Battle Points. With 
that out of the way let's resume focusing on what Battle Frontier

15.1 Battle Tower

If you don't know where this tower is look at your Trainer Card. This 
place was originally in Crystal Version, then extended to Ruby/Sapphire,
and once again it makes an appearance in Emerald. In here, you can
have a choice of Single Battle Room, Double Battle Room, Multi Battle
Room and the Link Multi Battle Room. If you aren't connected to other
gameboys then you can only pick the Single Battle Rooms. Talk to the girl
all the way to the left. She'll ask you if you want to take the Single
Battle Room challenge. There, you'll have an option to pick Challenge
or Info. I'll write down the info here for you anyway, (so lazy) so
choose Challenge. Here's what she'll say if you pick Info.

"The Battle Tower's Single Battle rooms are facilities for conducting
Single Battles with three Pokemon. There are many single battle rooms
in the Battle Tower for team battles. In each of the Single Battle Rooms,
seven Trainers await your challenge. If you manage to defeat all seven, you
will earn Battle Points. If you want to interrupt your challenge, please 
save the game. If you don't save before interrupting, you will be 

Also, there's a guy on the left that asks you questions. Answer them for
him and he'll take of abruptly. Hmm, what a weird fellow. 


15.2 Battle Dome

Battle Dome is the northwestern most building in the Battle Frontier.
This place is really special. It's like a tournament, with a tournament
tree and everything. Beat trainers, advance through the tournament
tree, and become the new champion of the Battle Dome! Here are the

"The Single Battle Tournament is exactly as the name suggests--a 
tournament of Single Battles. All participating Trainers must enter
three Pokemon each. In each battle, one of the three pokemon must be
held in reserve. The other two Pokemon can battle one at a time. Choose
the two battling Pokemon after examining the opponent's trio. You win
the tournament by defeating four trainers. Battle Points are awarded to
the tournament winner. If you want to interrupt your challenge, please 
save the game. If you don't save before interrupting, you will be 

The Dome Ace Tucker appears when you beat the Battle Dome four times. 
He has a very strong pokemon team, and can be difficult to defeat.
He's team is...

Name: Dome Ace Tucker

Pokemon    Level   Type        Moves
Swampert    50   Water/Ground   ?
Salamence   50    Dragon        ?
Charizard   50   Fire/Flying    ?

After you beat him, you'll recieve the Battle Dome - Tactics Symbol 
as well as 13 Battle Points!


15.3 Battle Palace

The Battle Palace rests at the southeastern most corner. The building
is surrounded by flowers. You know, I never really thought about this, 
but doesn't this place just look like a very small castle. It doesn't 
look anything like a Palace to me. Hmmm... anyway head inside and
the instructions are follow.

"In the Battle Palace there are several auditoriums for Single Battles 
that are named Single Battle Halls. The Single Battles are conducted in
the usual way, except with one crucial rule that must be obeyed. Trainers
are permitted only to switch their Pokemon in and out. Trainers are
otherwise forbidden to command their pokemon. The Pokemon are to behave
accoding to their nature and battle on their own. You must put your trust
in your Pokemon and watch over them. If you achieve the honor of beating
seven trainers in succession, we will present you with Battle Points. If
you want to interrupt your challenge, you must save the game. If you don't 
save before interrupting, you will be disqualified.


15.4 Battle Arena

The Battle Arena is situated at the "Center Right Island". Just check you
Trainer's Card to be sure. Doesn't this place look like a DOJO place or
something? Somewhere where you learn karate. (Hayyyaaaa) Sorry about that.
The instructions are...

"In the Battle Arena, we undertake the Set KO Tourney. All participants
enter with a team of three Pokemon. The three pokemon must be lined up
in the order in which they are to appear. During battle, the Pokemon will
appear one at a time in the preset order. Once a Pokemon enters battle it 
must remain out until the match is decided. If a match remains undecided
in three turns, it goes to judging. If you wish to interrupt your challenge
please save the game. If you don't save, you will not be able to continue 
with your challenge. If you pull off the feat of beating seven trainers 
in succession, we will present you with Battle Points."

If you beat the arena four times then the Arean Tycoon will appear as your
seventh trainer. She's strong, but not as strong as you.

Name: Arena Tycoon Greta

Pokemon   Level  Type  Moves
Heracross  50     Bug    ?
Umbreon    50     Dark   ?
Shedinja   50     Bug    ?



15.5 Battle Factory

Is it just me or does it seem that Nintendo is running out of names for
the Battle Frontier. They all start with "Battle" I mean come on, show
some creativity! The Battle Factory is the yellow building, the western
most building in the Battle Frontier. Talk to the scientist (yes scientist)
and here are the instructions.

"Tha Battle Swap Single Tournament is a Single Battle competition using only
rental pokemon. First, you'll be loaned three Pokemon specifically for this 
event. Using the supplied rental Pokemon, you must conduct a Single Battle.
If you win, you are permitted to trade one of your rental Pokemon. 
Repeat this cycle of battling and trading--if you win seven times in a row,
you will earn Battle Points. If you want to interrupt your challenge, please
save the game. If you don't save, you will be disqualified from your 


15.6 Battle Pike

Now the Battle Pike. This place tests you luck and logic in my opinion.
Oh, what am I talking about? Head over to the "Center left Island" for
the challenge. Your entering...a Seviper? Nice Graphics there. The Music
here is very amusing. Lalalala--lalalalala---... Hmmmm... Woops! what am
I writing? The instuctions, yes the instructions, are...

"Here we conduct an event we call the Battle Choice. The Battle Choice 
rules are very simple... Choose one of three paths and make your way
to the goal room at the end of the Battle Pike. It's that simple. However,
what happens on the chosen path depends entirely on the luck of the
challenger...If you reach the goal, you will be rewarded with Battle
Points. If you want to interrupt your challenge, please have a word 
with our staff in the big rooms on the way. If you don't save before 
interrupting, you will be disqualified. 


15.7 Battle Pyramid

Ah, so now we reach the hardest of them all. That's just my opinion, 
but this challenge is hard. The Battle Pyramid is located at the
eastern most corner. Talk to the Mountain Hiker? Hmmm.. the

"The Battle Quest is a battling event in which you must explore the
Pyramid and try to reach the top. In the Pyramid are seven floors of
mazes, all of them filled with not only skilled Trainers but also wild
Pokemon. You must enter with three Pokemon, none of them holding an item.
On your ascent, you will be provided with a Battle Bag for items. If you
fail in your challenge, any item placed in the Battle Bag disappears. If 
you want to interrupt your challenge, you must select "Rest" and save the
game. If you don't save before interrupting, you will be disqualified.

After you beat the Pyramid three times, the Pyramid King appears at
the summit of the Pyramid. Step up to him, and you'll face the
legendary Pyramid King Brandon.

Name: Pyramid King Brandon

Pokemon   Level  Type   Moves
Regirock   50    Rock    ?
Registeel  50    Steel   ?
Regice     50    Ice     ?


16.0 Challenges

This is like our own little tournament thing. The rules are simple. 
complete the challenge and then email me saying you have. You will 
recieve credit and also have your name in this guide. You can also 
email me some challenges just to make it more fun. Once you complete
a challenge you will recieve one "Challenge Point" If anyone beats
the person in the challenge they will recieve two "Challenge Points"
etc. Once this guide is finished I'll tally all the "Challenge Points"
and I'll know who the top three challengers are. Those three challengers
wil recieve huge credit in the guide, and stars will be placed on their
names. Of course, I'll be competing to... as well as Sam. Since we are
the only challenges so far, we are the defending Champions.

NOTE: Only sixteen people are allowed to enter the challenge. We have no
more vacancy for any challenges. Too Late now!
DON'T LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and just so you know, if you've already submitted some challenges
you can keep on submitting if you've completed another challenge. And
also some people PLEASE submit some of their own challenges. I'm making
it so that whoever submits a challenge gets 1 bonus point.

Challenge Ladder:

Position  Name   Points

   1      Tom       6  
   2      Sam       6
   3      Renato    3
   4      Mike      6
   5      (???)     2
   6      Tom2      4
   7      Chris     1
   8      Sephiroth 10
   9      Jacob S   1
   10     Andy      5
   11     Billy     6
   12     Jeff      4
   13     Jason     4
   14     Cloud     6
   15     Marijan   2
   16     Lip Li    3


1 - 
2 - 
3 - 

Challenge #1

Catch 200+ pokemon.

I have achieved this. I currently stand at 221 Pokemon caught. That's one
point to me.

Challenge #2

Beat the whole game in less than 10 hours!!!

I have not achieved this. I beat the Elite 4 when my time was around
24 hours!!! So, I do not recieve a point for that.

Challenge #3

Defend your title as Battle Dome champion 20 times!!!

I have achieved this. I've beaten it around 25 times. So yes,
I get another point for that. 

Challenge #4

Find both fossils.

I have achieved this. So has Swscott. It isn't that hard, you can 
either trade or get the other one at the Fossil Guy's place. 
That was an easy one point.

Challenge #5

Catch more than 300+ Pokemon!

This is something that probably I will never achieve. But it's 
something that you may achieve, so go for it!

Challenge #6

Have more than 500,000 coins at the slots.

No, I am not good at gambling, nor am I rich 
so I have not achieved this challenge. You maybe could.

Challenge #7

Find and defeat Steven.

This challenge isn't that hard. I have achieved it. If you don't
know where to find Steven then look at my Side Quest section
(currently incomplete) I get a point.

Challenge #8

Have more than 500,000 yen.

I ain't rich, so I have not achieved this challenge. I wonder who
can! Please email me with a description of how annoying it was
collecting all the money.

Challenge #9

Beat the Pokemon League 10 times!

Another easy task. I have achieved this and you should easily too.

Challenge #10

Have 1 painting in the Art musuem excibit. 

I am not on Master Rank yet, so I have not achieved this. It seems
a bit impossible anyway. But if your good at contests, go for it.

Challenge #11

Have all three starters!

Actually I've achieved this. I'm playing this on VBA Link which I can
just trade with my other file.

Challenge #12

Catch Mew and Mewtwo

I've heard that this was possible, but I have no ****ing idea how
to catch it. If anyone completes this challenge please also tell
me where to catch mew, and how to get there.

Challenge #13

Catch Ho-oh and Lugia

I've also heard this was possible. But I just want to know how
the **** you catch them. It would make such a good team.

Challenge #14

Beat all the brains in the Battle Frontier once.

That is a hard challenge. I've currently beaten two brains, and they
were hard to beat! 

Challenge #15

Get all Gold Symbols in the Battle Frontier.

This is even harder than that of Challenge 14! If anyone accomplishes
it though, please email us. 

Challenge #16

Evolve starter before fighting May/Brendan.

I think this is pretty easy, but sadly, i haven't completed it. I can't
be bothered to train so much before fighting May/Brendan

(submitted by Tom2)

Challenge #17

Hmm... I'm thinking a new challenge would be in your
PokeNav, have a list of 100, maybe 200 pokemon listed
as "having a ribbon".
I, unfortunately, don't have this, but I saw a number
so I thought... ;-)

(submitted by Billy)


17.0 Gameshark Codes

First Gameshark Codes. These are all submitted by other people so they
are the ones that receive credit.

19C67C656689 - to get mew
Once you've battled Mew, you can warp back to Mauville City with this code:

(submitted by Gta Hu)

There are 9 codes for this game.
NOTE: Some codes may effect existing item quantities in your bag. To 
correct this simply play the game without codes and toss or sell the 
extra items.

Infinite Money 

No Random Battles 

Battle: 1 Hit Kills 

Battle: R = More EXP 

Have All Pokeballs 

Have All TMs/HMs 

Pokedex Complete 

Low Game Time 

8DEB234A 4C8DC5EC Faraway Island (Mew)
E124B2B1 A46B45AB Faraway Island 2
4A99A22B 58284D2D Birth Island (Deoxys)
842CB8A9 7F8B0149 Navel Rock (Lugia and Ho-oh)

(submitted by Sephiroth)

18.0 FAQ

This section hosts questions that are asked by readers. PLEASE
ASK me a question that hasn't been covered already in the guide.
It really is frustrating to know that the reader is so damn
lazy that he won't even read the guide first and just emailing 
me to answer a question that was probably mentioned in the guide
above 3.6 billion times! (my favourite number)

Q. Do you know how to track down latias/latios easily and quickly?

A. Well, to be honest, there is no real easy way to catch Latias
   or Latios. What I do is use the Master Ball from the Aqua Hideout
   and don't use it until you see Latias/Latios. I DON'T USE IT ON 
   RAYQUAZA! But if you did use the Master Ball, then I suggest 
   having a pokemon with "Mean Look" so Latias/Latios won't flee,
   or having one of those pokemon like Trapinch which it's special
   abbility is to stop running away. If you encounter Latias/Latios
   for the first time, then you may let it escape. From then on 
   just check your pokedex to see where Latias/Latios is so then 
   you can track it down.

Q. what do you do when you hav caught groudon and kyorge? is it possible to
   make a egg of celebi? how many times can you vs the gym leaders? what
   is the exact pokemon you need to unlock mirage island? are there any
   pokemon that can learn blast burn?

A. Level them up when you have caught them. No it isn't possible to make
   an egg of celebi. You can vs the each Gym Leaders twice. You need
   a special pokemon for unlock Mirage Island and no pokemon can learn
   Blast Burn.


19.0 Acknoledgements

Me -                 for making this FAQ            

swscott -            for helping me and writing bits of this FAQ too

Matt Gallagher -     for telling us how to catch Groudon and Kyogre,
                     and letting me using his 
                     charger during class, when I'm writing this...

Joe Doggety -        for being and old friend 

ROMReactor.net -     i downloaded the game from this site

GAMEFaqs.com -       for accepting this guide

i_m_the_man -        for telling me some types of pokemon 

Renato -             for submitting some tips, some types, challenger

lord_osyrus -        for submitting a GOOD question

Mike -               being a challenger

??? -                being a challenger

Tom2 -               being a challenger and submitting a new challenge

Miguel -             for submitting some info about reopened gyms

Ed opoku -           for submitting info on what pokemon May/Brendan have

tigger93 -           for submitting a better ASCII Art 

Sephiroth -          for submitting some Gameshark Codes and challenger

Jeremy -             for submitting Roxannes stats as reopened gyms

Semore -             for submitting Juans stats as reopened gyms

Jacob S -            being a challenger

Gta Hu -             for submitting Gameshark codes

A LOT OF PEOPLE -    for saying that ROMReactor.com isn't right

Bily -               being a challenger and submitting a challenge

Jeff -               being a challenger

Jason -              being a challenger

A LOT OF PEOPLE -    for saying stuff about my TM part

Marijan -            being a challenger

Lip Li -             being a challenger

20.0 My Final Words... (of wisdom)

To Joe - Your site (you know which one) doesn't work anymore. I downloaded 
Emerald on your site, bit it didn't work! It just appears all white.
If anyone else has the same problem, please email me immediately. Thankyou.

And one more thing to add, just so everybody knows, Josh Dunell is a retard.