Pokémon Emerald Glitches

ok first off you have to have to be able to go to the battle frontier. go there and then go to the battle tower once inside pick two pokemon that are eligiable to enter the contests. then pick 4 pokemon you want to clone. then go out side the building. then go back in and go to the p.c. then drop the 4 pokemon you want to clone into an empty box exit the p.c. and save. then take your pokemon back out and go to the closest battle tower lady then pick either open or lv.50 then pick your two pokemon that arent being cloned and its going to ask you to save say yes and in the middle of it saving shut off your gameboy. then turn it back on and you have your cloned pokemon in your party and in your p.c. (note if the pokemon your cloneing holds an item the item gets cloned to!!!) have fun:)