Pokémon Emerald Tips

Easy egg hatching
If you have a lot of eggs you want to hatch, or you just dont want to ride back and forth for ages in the game, this is a really easy way to hatch your eggs.
First, get as many eggs in your party that you want to hatch (max 5) and find one of the sandy slopes that you can only get up using a mach bike. (you dont need a mach bike for this). A good place is the slope just under the weather station, west of fortree city. make sure you dont go anywhere like the slope in the dewford cave because you'll keep running into pokemon.
anyway, stand beneath the slope and press up. your character will walk up the slope and fall back down. this counts as 1 step. place something like a pile of coins on the top of the d-pad. this will make your character continually walk up and fall back down the slope. you can leave your DS/gamebox doing this for a while.

note; make sure you check back on it every now and then, in case one has hatched.