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Special Box Wallpapers
Hi! As we all know, we can customize our boxes in Lanette's PC for that little personal touch. But did you know that you can get SPECIAL wallpapers?

PS: If you really can't figure it out, just send me a Message.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Special WallpaperFirst of all, you need to know your Trainer ID. Then, you need to get a password that will only work for you, which is why you need your Trainer ID. After aquiring your password, go to Rustboro City, to the house behind the Cutter's House (this is the place where you got the HM Cut). Go inside and go up the Second Floor. Once there, talk to the man who is beside his Daughter. He will ask you for a word that might make his daughter smile. Once at the entry box, type in the code you got, following it's format, including the capital letters. If done correctly, he will tell you that his Daughter smiled, and as a token of his appreciation, he tell you that he is actually a Devon Researcher and would like to give you a box wallpaper. Volia!