Pokémon Emerald Tips

Battling Steven
After defeating the Elite 4, go to Meteor Falls and there will be a new door will be opened somewhere. Inside is Steven. Here are his Pokemon, their Levels and moves:

Skarmory: Level 77 (Toxic, Aerial Ace, Spikes, Steel Wing)
Claydol: Level 75 (Reflect, Light Screen, Ancient Power, Earthquake)
Aggron: Level 76 (Thunder, Earthquake, Solarbeam, Dragon Claw)
Armaldo: Level 76 (Water Pulse, Ancientpower, Aerial Ace, Slash)
Cradily: Level 76 (Giga Drain, Ancientpower, Ingrain, Confuse Ray)
Metagross: Level 78 (Earthquake, Psychic, Meteor Mash, Shadow Ball)

Note: As his Pokemon are really strong, it is highly recommended to fight him only when your Pokemon are at least Level 70.