Pokémon Emerald Tips

List of TMs available from the Gym Leaders
Here is the list of all 8 of the TMs you can get from Gym Leaders:

Gym 1 Roxanne - TM39 Rock Tomb
Gym 2 Brawly - TM08 Bulk Up
Gym 3 Wattson - TM34 Shock Wave
Gym 4 Flannery - TM50 Overheat
Gym 5 Norman - TM42 Facade
Gym 6 Winona - TM40 Aerial Ace
Gym 7 Tate & Liza - TM04 Calm Mind
Gym 8 Juan - TM03 Water Pulse

Remember you can only get these TMs once, even if you defeat a Gym leader in a rematch.