Pokémon Emerald Tips

Great, but not best poke trio
I use this cheat every time I start a new game, first of all, start with a torchic. Use this pokemon only until you get to where you can catch a wingull. Train your torchic to lvl. 16. Then teach it double kick and peck for later. Use double kick to take out Roxanne. Meanwhile, remember to train your wingull. When you get to Dewford, catch a sableye. Your pratically untouchable. Also cach a nincada and always keep an open space for it to evolve inot shedinja. You must also have a free pokeball at all times. Use your wingull and sableye to beat Brawly. When you get to Wattson, your nincada needs to be a shedinja and you cant be touched. Except his voltorb with roll out. Use combusken for that. If shedinja gets confused, switch it out. You can deposit ninjask. After you beat Wattson, use the TM he gave you on wingull, sounds crazy, but it works. Then use wingull/pelliper on Flannery. You no longer need shedinja. Remember to battle every trainer on the way. You can use shockwave and fly to take out Wynona. On Norman use Combusken/Blaziken. Only train Blakiken, pelliper, and sableye for the rest of the game. Make sure your sableye has shadowball and you can take Tate and Liza. Use your masterball on rayquaza. despite common belief, sableye learns mean look so use your masterball on rayquaza. Mean look makes it to where pokemon can't escape for when ypu try to atch one of the latis. Anyways, use pelliper one last time to beat Juan with shock wave. For the elite four, you have a move for every type.
Here's what they should know:
Blaziken-Blazekick, Doublekick, Mirrormove, Earthquake
Sableye-Meanlook, Shadowball, Faintattack, Detect
Pelliper-Fly, Surf, Shockwave, Protect
Rayquaza-Outrage, Fly, Rest, Extremespeed